The Morphe 39S - it really is such as gem!

If you follow us on Instagram and have seen our feed recently, you will know that have suddenly loved playing with purples and pinks, and the Morphe 39S 'Such a gem' palette is the reason why. We have wanted to sit down and write this post for a while but wanted to properly play with this first and create a few looks, to show you this beauty's full potential, and I am finally getting a chance to sit and talk about it today. The palette has 32 gorgeous shades, with an extra 7 'toppers' in the middle row, which have a very unique formula that I have never seen Morphe create before. Like all Morphe palettes I have ever experienced, the shades perform SO well, and I adore that this palette has something fun and something neutral for the less adventourous days. This palette costs £35, so is on the nice borderline between cheap and expensive, and to me makes the perfect, not so expensive purple palette, with all shades a purple/pink toned palette would ever need. Also on Morphe, though I am sure you all know this, using the code 'JSTAR' gets you 10% off. Many influencers have codes but I always use this one since Jeffree donates the revenue from this to charity, which is a nice touch.  

As always with a palette post, we have swatched each row individually so that you can see how they perform. These swatches are all from one dip and haven't been manipulated to look good - they really are just that great!

Row one from left to right: 'Makin bank', 'Poss boss', 'Boujee', 'Dazzle 'em', 'Pearlfection', 'Super swanky', 'Flaunt it' and 'Plums up'. 

Row two from left to right: 'Mauvelous', 'Pink prize', 'Amethyst awe', 'Treasure trove', 'Ritzy rose', 'Decadent AF', 'Berry good' and 'That's tempting'

Now for the sexiest row of shadows you probably ever will see...the toppers. 
Row three from left to right: 'Take the crown', 'Oh Yasss', 'Total goals', 'Catch the light', 'Bling thing', 'Here for it' and 'Strike a pose'.
 Row four from left to right: 'Laven dare', 'Purple Majesty', 'It's Violit', 'Make it reign', 'You fancy', 'Fame game', 'Extra oomph' and 'Wine not?'
Row five from left to right: 'Peri-twinkle', 'Loaded lilac', 'Grape minds', 'Shiny object', 'Pure luxe' (this also makes a stunning highlighter!), 'Show off', 'Garnet glam' and 'Rocks on'.

My ONLY critiques about this colour story is row four, where 'You fancy' and 'Extra oomph' look virtually the same; I feel as though one of them could easily have been replaced with a lighter blending out shade, but that is just me being picky to be honest. Also I wish we had a matte black in here, but for the smoky look below I just used 'Rocks on', though this has some glitter to it. It ended up working fine but a matte black it pretty much a must in all palettes for me. It isn't a huge problem as I have so many in my collection for day to day if I need one, but when showing you looks where I use just one palette it is a bit awkward. 

Given that this is a purple palette, they perform so well. Apparently purple eyeshadows are very hard to formulate (although don't ask me, I've never tried!) and they can often be patchy to apply, which I can't say I have experienced with this. Below are some pictures of some looks that we have created with this palette, so you can see how they perform on the eyes too. I know that swatches can sometimes be amazing and then as soon as you touch a brush to a shadow your hopes and dreams fade away, so hopefully the below pictures will show you how lovely they are on the eye too. If you follow us on Instagram, you will have seen these before, but we love the pictures so why not show you again aye? 

Look by Emily 

Look by Natasha

Look by Natasha - A more neutral smoky eye to show you that she is the type of palette who can do both. The glitter in the crease here is the Lottie London eye foil in 'feels' in case you're wondering. 

Do you like the look this palette? What's your favourite palette at the moment? We'd love to hear about it in the comments! 

Thanks for reading! We hope you are all safe and well :) 

Natasha and Emily