Plastic free beauty/lifestyle changes - small ways you can help to save the turtles!!

Despite what some conspiracy theorists and barbaric presidents may suggest, global warming is a real thing, and it is our responsibility to do what ever we can to make a change. I will admit that I am of course not perfect, but if all 66.44 million people of the Great British population installed small changes to their lifestyles, that is bound to be a positive thing, right? For the last few months I have been really trying my hardest to ditch old, unnecessary habits, and I wanted to share some of my favourite new routines with you today. 

Using a face cloth and a cleanser/face wash: 
Good for your skin and the turtles (by which I mean the planet, but if I say turtles I will hopefully pull on your heart strings more and get you to make a change, ha)! 

Did you know that a non-biodegradable face wipe takes 100 years to decompose? (Well, I got this off the Daily Mail website which I wouldn't say is the most reliable source, but either way they aren't good!). Face wipes can also be bad for the skin, as they just remove the top layer of makeup, leaving all the grit still in your pores! As a wise woman formally known as Caroline Hirons once said, wipes are for flights fannies and festivals only, and as long as you remember those three F's forever your skin will thank you!! I personally have never been a wipe person anyway, and preferred to opt for micellar water and cotton pads, but between me and Emily the amount of face pads we got through was actually sickening and entirely unnecessary. If you've read this blog for a while you'll know how much I used to be obsessed with micellar, but I have now started to use a face wash EVERY time I remove makeup, rather than just occasionally.

I have written a review on the Magnitone London total wipeout face cloths before, which were kindly sent to us by FuelPR, and I love them so much that I am giving them a second mention here. These are similar to the makeup eraser, and will remove your makeup without the use of any product (I know, sounds delirious, but trust me, it works!!). I do personally use these with a wash/cleanser (current fave here) just for the sake of my skin, but it isn't entirely necessary to do so. Other holy grail items similar to this have been popping up left right and centre recently, such as the face halo, and I am sure they all do as good of a job. In fact, Primark now even sell a three pack of cloths identical to the magnitone/makeup eraser ones for a fraction of the price (like £2.50 if I remember rightly??) so there is always an option to make changes without breaking the bank. You can also get some decent packs on Amazon of similar items, as well as reusable cottons pads if micellar water is still your thing. I know that some may argue that these kinds of products may be more expensive than the typical single use ones, but over time they will definitely save you some dollar! You can even use a 29p flannel from body care, as it will do exactly the same job! No excuse in my opinion loves. 

Stop with the sheet masks:

I used to be so obsessed with sheet masks, to the point where I couldn't go to town without leaving with at least one new one to try! But after watching a video about plastic free beauty from Mikhlia McDaid, also known as MissBudgetBeauty, (can be found here - very informative and have helped me a lot with making new choices!), I realised how much these single use items were unnecessary, despite being really convenient. I know this sounds obvious, but instead use a face mask from a pot - most of these have at least 10 uses in them and then the pots can be recycled afterwards! This option is SO much better for the environment and will overall probably be more cost effective, giving exactly the same results most of the time. My current faves are the Jake Jamie x Revolution masks, which are so fun but equally good on the skin. 

To mimic the simple effect of a sheet mask, you could opt for a gel mask like the one pictured. I originally bought this from Primark for my jaw surgery, (wouldn't recommend for this use - it was far too tight!) but now use on top of serums and creams to act like a sheet mask. It has the same effect again, but is nicer to the planet. Win win. 

Another Mikhlia McDaid suggestion is the jade roller - again, I bought this to reduce jaw surgery swelling, but it can also be used as a replacement for eye patches to reduce puffiness. The marble rollers are so lovely and cooling, and reduce puffiness real quick. You can pay quite a lot for these, but I have linked the one that I bought from eBay for under £3. It will take a little longer to arrive as it is international, but will do exactly the same job as an expensive one. Don't go spending £20+ guys and gals. 

Reusable sanitary towels:

I was originally introduced to these by Louise Pentland's video and I have to say that they are the best discovery I have EVER made!! Let's do some maths - if the average woman uses 15 pads per cycle (right?), and has 12 cycles a year, that is 180 pads a year. Multiply this by the length on menstruation (approx 35-40 years right?) and that comes to around 7,200 sanitary towels/tampons in one woman's life! Given that a single pad takes 500-800 years to decompose, this can't be good for the planet.

I bought this pack off Amazon, and yes, they are more expensive than conventional products, but these will last years and will be more cost effective overall. Once one pad is done with it can be rolled up and popped back together, and placed in the zipped up bag until the end of the cycle when all of them can be washed together. This is so easy and such an amazing way to manage your period, whilst saving the planet at the same time. There are so many useful videos about these on the internet, including those by Hannah Witton. I am also happy to answer and Q's if you have any, just contact us on one of the socials on the right banner or comment on here. :)

Chilly's bottles: 

If you know me personally you will know that you'll never see me without this strapped to me somehow, haha! I don't even use glasses at home now, and drink everything I ever consume out of my chilly. I will admit that these are pricey, but are genuinely the best option in terms of a bottle that will keep your drink warm/cold for the longest time. I once kept mine in the car in summer with the sun directly shining on it, and it was still ice cold. In terms of being environmentally friendly, of course any reusable bottle will do, but if you do want a decent quality one that won't leak and that will last you forever, pick up a chilly. They're fab!

If you've got this far, thank you! I hope I've been able to inform you in some way and that this has made you think about your old habits. Like I said, no one will ever be perfect and of course single use plastic is sometimes necessary, but making little changes here and there will have a big impact if we all start having a go at it!

Do you do any of these? Do you have any other suggestions? Please let us know!

Natasha x