The biggest makeup launch of the century | Jeffree x Shane Conspiracy Collection Swatched

If you haven't heard of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics x Shane Dawson collaboration then you've been living under a rock, as this launch has sent the makeup world spiraling like never before. Following on from Shane and Andrew's series on the makeup world, Shane has released his own collection with Jeffree Star Cosmetics with products that suit his personality perfectly, from palettes to liquid lipsticks. 

This collection launched on Friday 1st November at 5pm over here in the UK, and was available on BeautyBay and Morphe, but not for long. On Morphe, the Conspiracy palette sold out within minutes, and both websites crashed for several hours following the launch. We were lucky enough to be able to pick up the Conspiracy palette (£48), 'Are you filming?' velour liquid lipstick (£16) and 'Shane Glossin' ' THE GLOSS (£16) from BeautyBay, though this took us both using four different devices to see which loaded first. It was a journey, but we couldn't physically be more excited to own this. In fact, as I am typing, Emily is sat in the bathroom having a play with the palette for this first time and I can't tell you how jealous I am. This arrived yesterday, but we had to take pictures first for the blog so have had to refrain. It was tough I can tell you.

The Conspiracy Palette: £48

This palette contains matte, metallic and foil eyeshadow shades and is the most unique palettes I've ever laid eyes on. I have read some reviews saying that the shade range is strange and awkward to use, however, to me it is perfection. The top row will be my daily neutral colours, exactly what JSC was missing, whilst the middle can be for when I want to be creative and the bottom is perfect for autumn and winter. It has everything I could ever want and adds to the JSC family perfectly. 

From left to right: 'Ranch', 'My Pills', 'Tanacon', 'Diet root beer', 'Just a theory', 'Spiralling' 
I actually just recited all of those without looking and I haven't even used the palette yet. That just shows how obsessed I'm going to be haha.  

Given that it is just a brown shade, I am OBSESSED with 'diet root beer'. It is just the perfect amount of warm toned brown for me and complements 'tanacon' so well. I also already know that 'just a theory' is going to be my new daily shade for university or work, as it is just such a gorgeous neutral. 

From left to right: 'Conspiracy', 'Pig-ment', 'Food videos' (or food vibes as every review I've seen keeps calling it haha), 'trisha', 'cheese dust', 'flaming hot' 

This row reminds me a lot of the HUDA neons but has the best of all of those palettes in one row. I can definitely see myself reaching for these A LOT in spring/summer.

From left to right: 'What's the tea?', 'Diet Cola', 'Not a fact', 'Sleep paralysis, 'Illumina-tea', 'My rides here' (have you ever in your whole entire lives seen a better black? I think not)

My favourite row! Literally, cover me in 'sleep paralysis' and have done with it. These tones are so gorgeous and are absolutely gorgeous for winter. My makeup on new years is going to be fineeeee, let me tell you. 

The most gorgeous Christmas red ever. This has the iconic JSC liquid lip formula and for us was the one liquid lip from the line that we just needed. I know I can trust Jeffree's formula of liquid lips and we were missing a trusty red in our collection. To be honest, the other shades didn't quite look like our cup of tea (although I am eyeing up 'Jeffree, what the fuck' for the restock), but this is absolutely stunning for all skin tones and will not leave my sight throughout Christmas. Such a gorgeous seasonal colour, that would also look amazing in summer. 

This was the last piece of the collection that we picked up, as it will be something I will get a lot of use out of. On it's own on the more 'no makeup makeup days', or over the top of liquid lipsticks, this is a stunning gloss to have in your collection. Also, how stunning is the packaging? Just incredible. 

We already have a gloss from JSC in diamond juice so just knew that we loved this formula, so had to pick this one up. 

If you didn't manage to get any of this collection, don't worry, Jeffree has confirmed that this is not limited edition and will be restocked at the start of 2020. I can highly recommend picking up some bits when it does restock, as why wouldn't you want this in your collection? 

Did you manage to pick any of this up? What are your thoughts on the collection? Let us know, 

Natasha and Emily xx