Stacey Marie x BPerfect carnival XL pro palette | Review & 3 Looks

Just lately I have been loving playing with some brighter colours within makeup. There is just something about taking time to sit with a palette and get creative that I really enjoy, and find oddly therapeutic. With that in mind, when I saw that Stacey Marie was releasing a new palette with BPerfect I knew straight away that I had to try it out, having heard so many good reviews and seeing some amazing looks being done with the her original carnival palette. When this arrived I therefore got creative straight away, and created just a few looks from the many possibilities that this palette has to offer.

Look one - pink half cut crease:

At first glance the pink shades were screaming my name, so I created this pink cut crease which I think is a great way to incorporate some colour in a more wearable way. In this look I'm wearing the shades 'influence', 'makeup', 'persuasion', 'temptation' and a touch of 'orchid' in the inner corner. These shades complement each other so well in my opinion, and I think Stacey has done a great job when it comes to shade placement as all the complementary shades are all placed together. 

Look two - colourful half cut crease:

I of course had to create some sort of rainbow look with the palette, and I also tried to make this as wearable as possible as I am still new to wearing bright eyeshadows. For this look I used the shades 'keen' (a gorgeous yellow if you ask me!), 'infurno', 'lit', 'mood', 'ecstasy', and then used the highlighter shade 'fairplay' for the eyelid. I am so impressed with how all of these colours blend together so seamlessly; it is by far the best colourful palette I have ever come across. 

Look three - pastel:

This was Natasha's take on a colourful eye look, and I just love how she used a different colour on her lid compared to her crease. In this she used the shades, 'funki', 'foolish', 'lit', 'keen', 'peppermint', and 'fairplay' on the inner corner, helping to create this gorgeous pastel blend that you can see below. I think this has to be my favourite so far, and I will definitely be copying this some time soon!

Retailing at £42, this palette contains 40 colourful eyeshadow shades and 3 highlighters, making each shade just over £1 each. Just to compare that to her original carnival palette, that retailed at £40 and has 17 eyeshadow shades and 2 highlighters, making each shade roughly £2.10 each. Therefore this palette was quite clearly already a winner for me as it is much better value for money. It's also worth mentioning that I have noticed that quite a few shades in the original palette are replicated in the second one (just to name a few, shades 'funki', 'pink me' and 'lit' are replicated), so again if you are wondering which to buy, I would really recommend paying that extra £2 to get so many more shades. 

After playing with just a few shades from this palette, I am totally obsessed and I know already that this will become a firm favourite of mine. The shades are some of the most pigmented I have ever tried, and they all blend like a dream. Just looking at the colours inspires me so much to get creative and have fun, and any palette that does that for me is of course a winner. We will definitely be posting some more looks with the palette over on our Instagram in the next few weeks if you fancy seeing what else this palette has to offer (instagram is @twicethetalkblog), and if anyone has any cool ideas for what looks we could do with this we would love to hear! 

Which of the 3 looks is your favourite? Please let us know down in the comments!

Natasha & Emily x