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Revolution are throwing collabs at us like it is no tomorrow, and it is hard to keep up with all their gorgeous new releases. It is absolutely no secret that we are hardcore revolution fans, and in my opinion they undoubtedly have the BEST eyeshadow palettes in the drugstore. The soph extra spice palette (review here) is high up there on my best eye shadow palette list, and every new collaboration makes me really excited. Therefore, when the new Carmi make magic palette was released we had to pick one up, especially since every one online was talking about the gorgeous cream to powder texture of a few of the shades which is pretty new to the brand. 

We bought this pretty soon after the release but were yet to do this post as we like to have a good play with things before sharing our opinions. After a good few weeks of playing though, here we are telling you what we think. Spoiler, we love it! 

Firstly, lets talk about the colour range. Just recently I have been trying to venture away from what I would normally do and play more with my eyes, something you will see through our Instagram. Therefore, this palette is perfect - it has some gorgeous colours to play with but also has neutrals, such as the golds and oranges, that can be used if we fancied something more toned down. It is pretty versatile and great if you are looking to experiment with makeup on a budget, without having extremely bright colours that some may see as being unwearable. The palette has 11 shimmers and 9 mattes, meaning that you get 20 shadows for just £10, which is an absolute bargain. 

Swatches of row one: left to right is the shades 'Coz of u', 'Bite me', 'Money maker', 'Under my spell', 'Make magic' and 'You got this'. 

Can we talk about how gorgeous 'You got this' is?! I have never seen such a beautiful duochrome shimmer from the drugstore before! All of the shades are a gorgeous texture, with 'You got this', 'money maker' and 'under my spell' really standing out to me as amazing, pigmented foils. 

Row two of swatches: from left to right is 'flames', 'confidence', 'desire', 'self made', 'bless', 'U do U' and 'dark side'. 

What was lovely to see with the second row was that the mattes were as pigmented as the shimmers, something that a lot of drugstore palettes can lack. Also, how gorgeous is 'self made'? Since swatching I definitely think that is one I need to use more, I feel that I have neglected it but it is a thing of beauty.

Third row of swatches: from left to right is 'overcome', 'integrity', 'love yourself', 'free hugs', 'honesty', 'addicted' and 'camo'.  

'Honesty' is, in all honesty (hehe) the most gorgeous inner corner shade. It is super brightening and goes with everything! 'Addicted' has also been well loved (you could say I am addicted to it ;) ) as it is gorgeous in the crease as I have a light skin tone.

Overall, if you haven't already guessed, we love this palette and are so impressed with how it performs. It definitely exceeded expectations and has taken it's honourable place on the best drugstore palettes list. However, though unrelated to Carmi, can we just talk about the new Roxi palettes? I haven't bought any of them yet but if I do I think I will get the colour burst to play with as it looks the most different to other revolution collaborations. In all honesty, the first thing I thought of when I saw the Ride or Die was that it was REALLY similar to extra spice, and the packaging of the highlight and contour palette is literally the same...We are still undecided on this particular collaboration as we don't think it is unique enough, but let us know if you have tried any of them and what you think.

Back to Carmi, you can buy the 'make magic' palette here on Revolution Beauty, here on Superdrug, and here on BeautyBay.

Have you tried this palette? What are your thoughts? Let us know,

Natasha & Emily x