Alex Steinherr skin care comes to Primark

Just recently, with revising for exams and not wearing an inch of makeup unless absolutely necessary (so basically, never), I have fallen down a skincare rabbit hole, and have been loving exploring new products. Therefore, when browsing the skin and makeup selection in the new Birmingham Primark, I could not resist picking up some of the new Alex Steinherr skin products to try.  Not only are these really affordable, with I believe nothing costing over five pounds (however, do correct me if I am wrong), but they are also cruelty free, vegan friendly and have amazing ingredients which all sound really interesting to my nerdy brain.

We picked up the Pollution Solution City Mask (three pounds), the Pollution Solution Daily Skin Starter (five pounds) and the Sleep Spa Sleeping Face Mask (five pounds), all of which are beautiful and feel a lot more expensive than their small price tag warrants. Apologies that we can't link anything, as Primark doesn't have an online shop, but the store list of stockists is here so you can grab some in store if you're lucky enough to have one of these near you.

Sleep Spa Sleeping Face Mask (five pounds for 50ml):
The Sleep Spa collection contains mixtures of scientific and natural ingredients, such as peptides to restore the skin, hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate, as well as willow herb and chamomile, which are anti irritants that soothe and calm the skin. This product claims to "help tired skin to recover during the night, restoring optimal hydration level", which sounds VERY exciting. 

When I was in the store deciding which products to go for I overheard another customer tell her friend that she had tried this and that when she woke up, she felt like she had amazing skin, so that definitely confirmed my purchase decision. I am persuaded very easily, something that is starting to become a major problem, it seems. 

I have her to thank though, as low and behold, she was indeed, correct; after using this I can confirm that the product's claims are true. I felt as though I had woken with a new layer of skin after wearing this over night, and it left my tired "exam skin" (if you're a student you'll understand what we mean by "exam skin" and "exam hair", if not, lucky you) feeling fresh. Love love love.

Pollution Solution Daily Skin Starter (five pounds for 34ml):
The Pollution Solution range also has scientific and natural ingredients, this time ranging from lactic acid, adding glow, and peach flower, which is an anti pollution antioxidant. The Daily Skin Starter is a moisturising primer which protects from pollution and smooths skin texture for makeup application. The product does recommend wearing an SPF too though, as lactic acid may increase sun exposure, which is something to bear in mind if you're conscious of this. 

This primer has a gorgeous texture which melts into the skin and leaves you feeling amazingly hydrated, being perfect for under makeup (especially for people with dry skin like moi). Again, I cannot believe this is only £5. Cheap as chips it is. 

Pollution Solution Clay Mask (three pounds for one use, 50ml in step one and 5g in step 2):

Being part of the same range, this contains similar ingredients to the primer above. This mask is an interesting one, as you get two sachets in the box, one liquid and one powder, which you mix together with the spatula provided to make the mask. It's like skin care science!

Although you only get one sachet of each there is definitely enough for two uses, and me an Emily managed to share the mixed together mask between both of us, however I can imagine this could be quite tricky to save if you didn't have a twin sister there to finish it for you. Haha. Though the mask gave me an amazing finish to my skin and was fun to create, it was quite messy and I do think that the contents could have been split into two sachets to get two uses, as there is too much for one use in one packet. For £3 though, it was a fantastic experience! 

Overall, big thumbs up to the Alex Steinherr range in Primark! It is so amazing to see them branching out with their makeup and skin care as they can do so at an affordable price. Also did you know Lottie London had moved to Primark? Interesting... 

Have you tried any of these? Do you like the sound of them? Let us know x

Natasha & Emily x