The biggest makeup launch of the century | Jeffree x Shane Conspiracy Collection Swatched

If you haven't heard of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics x Shane Dawson collaboration then you've been living under a rock, as this launch has sent the makeup world spiraling like never before. Following on from Shane and Andrew's series on the makeup world, Shane has released his own collection with Jeffree Star Cosmetics with products that suit his personality perfectly, from palettes to liquid lipsticks. 

This collection launched on Friday 1st November at 5pm over here in the UK, and was available on BeautyBay and Morphe, but not for long. On Morphe, the Conspiracy palette sold out within minutes, and both websites crashed for several hours following the launch. We were lucky enough to be able to pick up the Conspiracy palette (£48), 'Are you filming?' velour liquid lipstick (£16) and 'Shane Glossin' ' THE GLOSS (£16) from BeautyBay, though this took us both using four different devices to see which loaded first. It was a journey, but we couldn't physically be more excited to own this. In fact, as I am typing, Emily is sat in the bathroom having a play with the palette for this first time and I can't tell you how jealous I am. This arrived yesterday, but we had to take pictures first for the blog so have had to refrain. It was tough I can tell you.

The Conspiracy Palette: £48

This palette contains matte, metallic and foil eyeshadow shades and is the most unique palettes I've ever laid eyes on. I have read some reviews saying that the shade range is strange and awkward to use, however, to me it is perfection. The top row will be my daily neutral colours, exactly what JSC was missing, whilst the middle can be for when I want to be creative and the bottom is perfect for autumn and winter. It has everything I could ever want and adds to the JSC family perfectly. 

From left to right: 'Ranch', 'My Pills', 'Tanacon', 'Diet root beer', 'Just a theory', 'Spiralling' 
I actually just recited all of those without looking and I haven't even used the palette yet. That just shows how obsessed I'm going to be haha.  

Given that it is just a brown shade, I am OBSESSED with 'diet root beer'. It is just the perfect amount of warm toned brown for me and complements 'tanacon' so well. I also already know that 'just a theory' is going to be my new daily shade for university or work, as it is just such a gorgeous neutral. 

From left to right: 'Conspiracy', 'Pig-ment', 'Food videos' (or food vibes as every review I've seen keeps calling it haha), 'trisha', 'cheese dust', 'flaming hot' 

This row reminds me a lot of the HUDA neons but has the best of all of those palettes in one row. I can definitely see myself reaching for these A LOT in spring/summer.

From left to right: 'What's the tea?', 'Diet Cola', 'Not a fact', 'Sleep paralysis, 'Illumina-tea', 'My rides here' (have you ever in your whole entire lives seen a better black? I think not)

My favourite row! Literally, cover me in 'sleep paralysis' and have done with it. These tones are so gorgeous and are absolutely gorgeous for winter. My makeup on new years is going to be fineeeee, let me tell you. 

The most gorgeous Christmas red ever. This has the iconic JSC liquid lip formula and for us was the one liquid lip from the line that we just needed. I know I can trust Jeffree's formula of liquid lips and we were missing a trusty red in our collection. To be honest, the other shades didn't quite look like our cup of tea (although I am eyeing up 'Jeffree, what the fuck' for the restock), but this is absolutely stunning for all skin tones and will not leave my sight throughout Christmas. Such a gorgeous seasonal colour, that would also look amazing in summer. 

This was the last piece of the collection that we picked up, as it will be something I will get a lot of use out of. On it's own on the more 'no makeup makeup days', or over the top of liquid lipsticks, this is a stunning gloss to have in your collection. Also, how stunning is the packaging? Just incredible. 

We already have a gloss from JSC in diamond juice so just knew that we loved this formula, so had to pick this one up. 

If you didn't manage to get any of this collection, don't worry, Jeffree has confirmed that this is not limited edition and will be restocked at the start of 2020. I can highly recommend picking up some bits when it does restock, as why wouldn't you want this in your collection? 

Did you manage to pick any of this up? What are your thoughts on the collection? Let us know, 

Natasha and Emily xx

Week One Post Double Jaw Surgery - my recovery so far

Not the typical post to read on a beauty blog on a Saturday night, but today marks the 1 week post op period for my double jaw surgery. I can no longer compare myself to a bulldog or say "stick a f*****g lamp on my head and I will look like an angler fish, ha!" but instead am swollen like spongebob square pants and feel so skinny I might waste a way (an exaggeration of course, given that I am still classed as an overweight individual despite losing 10ibs in a week lol). I am hoping that with this post I am able to shed light and help some people also going through this, as well as being able to use our blog as a form of catharsis and a platform to vent, since I haven't actually been able to talk clearly all week and my fam are no doubt sick of my mumbling. 

To give this a bit of background, I had braces fixed in 2014 with a 'quad helix', a metal device that they place on the roof of your mouth in attempt to widen the jaw. Well, that clearly wasn't successful, hence where we are today. I had a Type III Malocclusion of the jaw, meaning that my bottom jaw protruded more than my top leaving me with an open underbite. Not only did this give me confidence issues (if you can tell by my sardonic humour), but also problems with my jaw functionality such as difficulty chewing and eating (though I sure still managed to eat more than the average person, lol), as well as issues with breathing and occasional head aches from the tension. Also, leaving something like this untreated can mean that the point in which the teeth do join (only one place on each side), can wear down meaning that your teeth can crack and degrade with age. Not something I wanted to risk! So, jaw surgery it was. During the operation my surgeon moved my top jaw 9mm forward and up slightly, whilst moving my bottom jaw backwards by between 3-4mm. 

The night before surgery we took some before pictures so we could compare my face before and after surgery. As you can see, my nose was crooked, jaw protruded and my cheeks were very flat, something that the surgeon said he struggled with during surgery. I looked like one of the witches off hocus pocus. 

The night before I also made sure to eat as much as possible (a habit of mine anyway I guess), because I knew that I would be consuming only liquid, pureed food from then on. We all went out as a family and I had a pizza, which I have been dreaming of all week. 

Saturday 12th October 2019: warning, the pictures get rough from this point on wards haha
This was surgery day! I had to get to the hospital for 7:30AM where I was taken to the ward and met with various people such as the nurses, my surgeon, and the anaesthetist. Up until this point I had been looking forward to surgery and not too nervous, but these few hours before it began to kick in and I was quite tearful from the anticipation. Shout out to my Mum and Emily though, as they were with me and managed to calm me down. I was eventually taken down at 11AM and walked down to theatre (which felt like miles away from the ward), and it was all over with before I knew it! I was apparently in theatre for 4 hours with 2.5 hours in recovery, where I remember hearing my surgeon and the recovery nurses arguing over who would tell my parents the news that it all went well like I couldn't hear haha. I think I was more awake than they thought. 

After being in the recovery room for all that time, I was eventually taken back the ward where my Mum and Sisters were waiting for me, and I could not stop crying. We eventually figured that the morphine turned me loopy, as every time it was administered I instantly started breathing extremely heavily and crying non stop. It is safe to say I stopped using that as soon as I could. I was surprisingly quite awake after coming out, and was able to talk (though it was tiring and definitely not clear, so a white board was handy!), which I didn't expect at all. In terms of pain, I wouldn't say I really experienced any at this point as my whole face was numb and I was dosed up, but my jaw just felt very heavy, like I had bricks on my face.

At 10pm visiting hours ended so my family left and I was alone (and I won't lie, terrified to do this by myself, albeit just for the night). I am so lucky in that my family are SO supportive, and were with me the whole time that they were able to be, so 10AM-10PM. Anyway, sleeping is pretty rough. I didn't really sleep more than about 3 disrupted hours the whole time I was in hospital; with the nurses checking on me and giving me medication etc, it is pretty difficult. I just remember lying awake what seemed to be all night, not knowing what to do with myself. I was also hooked up to an IV which was plugged in, so every time I needed the toilet (a lot, given that I was on a drip as I couldn't really consume liquids yet), I needed a nurse to help me. I remember one of the ladies saying "oh great, I have to unplug you", which made me feel like such an inconvenience - I should have pee'd the bed in rebellion. That same nurse was also reluctant to change my ice packs, which is really important after jaw surgery, but I asked her anyway. I am complaining, but everyone else was brilliant.  Anyway, the morning soon came around and my family were there to save me. 

Sunday 13th October: 
Today was the day that I expected to go home, but after seeing my surgeon in the morning he suggested that I stayed another night as I was really weak. The surgeon also wanted to see me on Monday morning so there didn't seem to be much point in taking me home to go back again. I now see that this was completely logical, but at the time I was so disappointed as all I wanted to do was go back home to my family. I remember crying a lot over it, just at the point when the nurses brought in liquid medications for me as my IV had been taken out. I had to take these using a syringe, and it is safe to say they tasted horrendous. I had paracetamol, ibuprofen, an antibiotic and a laxative to get down me and on an empty stomach they weren't nice. I was discharged with all of these and had to take the antibiotic until day 5, though as soon I was at home and in control I started to take solid forms of all the others since I was lucky enough to be able to open my mouth just enough to do so. This was a saving grace! I could not have taken those liquid painkillers for much longer (yes, I am a drama queen it seems). 
God bless milly jane. You all need to get yourself a twinny x

This was the day I ate (well, sort of) for the first time since surgery too. I remember Emily feeding it me using a syringe whilst I was half asleep with it all down my PJ top. It is impossible to eat without getting covered in what ever you're trying to consume after jaw surgery, let that be said. You can't feel you mouth, lips or chin so have no idea what is going on. I will also add that I drooled a lot after surgery, which was quite irritating, and this is still happening on day 7. Make sure you've got plenty (great pun haha!!) of kitchen roll in. One sheet is not plenty let me assure you. 
Living proof that you will get your soup EVERYWHERE haha. 

My other sister, niece and nephew came to visit me on the Sunday too and the poor kiddies looked so scared at the sight of my swelling. I tried to reassure them the best I could though whether they understood me or not is debatable haha. 

Monday 14th October:
I came home!! The surgeon saw me in the morning and I had x-rays and my bands changed. This hurt a lot, as I couldn't really open my mouth and him pulling my lips about pulled the stitches. Never the less, if it meant I could come home I was willing to let him do anything he needed to. 

Coming home just made me feel so much more positive. I was still weak, tired, in pain and really swollen but could recover from the comfort of my own home. Result! All I managed to eat this day was a little bit of soup again, half a protein shake and a yogurt, but this was better than what I was eating in the hospital. 

Days 4-7:
I will group these days together because this post is pretty hefty already, I'm tired, and these days have sort of merged together for me. A significant point in my recovery was day 5, Wednesday, as I was able to fit a baby spoon in my mouth to eat milky weetabix! I was so ravenous I could barely see (shout out to Gavin and Stacey), and so having this made me super happy. I also managed spaghetti hoops with cheese, though I had to cut the spaghetti up of course as I couldn't, and still can't, chew. Though I had to have tiny portions and swallow them whole, it was progress and things were looking up. I also managed to clean my teeth with a baby toothbrush on day 6, which was such a relief after using just mouthwash for days. 
Look at those whopper bruises!

I am now on day 7 and am feeling much more positive, though I still have a way to go. I can already see progress as my swelling has reduced a lot, and I managed some ready meal lasagne! I of course can't chew it, but it is sloppy enough to just swallow and let my stomach acid do the work. My nose has been very bloody today though, but my surgeon said not to worry as he broke my nasal mucosa during surgery and this needs to heal. I was fortunate enough not to have had my nerve severed though, something 1 in 5 suffer from. I still have a long way to go but am feeling more like myself by the day, which is such a relief. 

This was taken today. As you can see, swelling has reduced a lot :). 
My lips are so greasy as I am smothering them in vaseline as they are SO dry. Make sure you have plenty of lip balm in. 

I highly doubt anyone has read this far, and if you have you're probably a jaw surgery patient. If you have any questions at all, please ask me, as I want to help everyone. I can't tell you how much talking to other patients has helped me through this, as the surgeons don't really prepare you well at all. Praise the lord for social media! (If you're having surgery, or are considering it, join this facebook group! It is such a great community of jaw surgery patients who will help with anything. Helped me a lot!!)

Thank you to all my family and friends for the support, you're all amazing! Although I do wish you'd stop making me laugh, it hurts!

All the best,
Natasha xxx

Stacey Marie x BPerfect carnival XL pro palette | Review & 3 Looks

Just lately I have been loving playing with some brighter colours within makeup. There is just something about taking time to sit with a palette and get creative that I really enjoy, and find oddly therapeutic. With that in mind, when I saw that Stacey Marie was releasing a new palette with BPerfect I knew straight away that I had to try it out, having heard so many good reviews and seeing some amazing looks being done with the her original carnival palette. When this arrived I therefore got creative straight away, and created just a few looks from the many possibilities that this palette has to offer.

Look one - pink half cut crease:

At first glance the pink shades were screaming my name, so I created this pink cut crease which I think is a great way to incorporate some colour in a more wearable way. In this look I'm wearing the shades 'influence', 'makeup', 'persuasion', 'temptation' and a touch of 'orchid' in the inner corner. These shades complement each other so well in my opinion, and I think Stacey has done a great job when it comes to shade placement as all the complementary shades are all placed together. 

Look two - colourful half cut crease:

I of course had to create some sort of rainbow look with the palette, and I also tried to make this as wearable as possible as I am still new to wearing bright eyeshadows. For this look I used the shades 'keen' (a gorgeous yellow if you ask me!), 'infurno', 'lit', 'mood', 'ecstasy', and then used the highlighter shade 'fairplay' for the eyelid. I am so impressed with how all of these colours blend together so seamlessly; it is by far the best colourful palette I have ever come across. 

Look three - pastel:

This was Natasha's take on a colourful eye look, and I just love how she used a different colour on her lid compared to her crease. In this she used the shades, 'funki', 'foolish', 'lit', 'keen', 'peppermint', and 'fairplay' on the inner corner, helping to create this gorgeous pastel blend that you can see below. I think this has to be my favourite so far, and I will definitely be copying this some time soon!

Retailing at £42, this palette contains 40 colourful eyeshadow shades and 3 highlighters, making each shade just over £1 each. Just to compare that to her original carnival palette, that retailed at £40 and has 17 eyeshadow shades and 2 highlighters, making each shade roughly £2.10 each. Therefore this palette was quite clearly already a winner for me as it is much better value for money. It's also worth mentioning that I have noticed that quite a few shades in the original palette are replicated in the second one (just to name a few, shades 'funki', 'pink me' and 'lit' are replicated), so again if you are wondering which to buy, I would really recommend paying that extra £2 to get so many more shades. 

After playing with just a few shades from this palette, I am totally obsessed and I know already that this will become a firm favourite of mine. The shades are some of the most pigmented I have ever tried, and they all blend like a dream. Just looking at the colours inspires me so much to get creative and have fun, and any palette that does that for me is of course a winner. We will definitely be posting some more looks with the palette over on our Instagram in the next few weeks if you fancy seeing what else this palette has to offer (instagram is @twicethetalkblog), and if anyone has any cool ideas for what looks we could do with this we would love to hear! 

Which of the 3 looks is your favourite? Please let us know down in the comments!

Natasha & Emily x 

Carmi Mua x Revolution Make Magic Palette review and swatches | Twice the talk

Revolution are throwing collabs at us like it is no tomorrow, and it is hard to keep up with all their gorgeous new releases. It is absolutely no secret that we are hardcore revolution fans, and in my opinion they undoubtedly have the BEST eyeshadow palettes in the drugstore. The soph extra spice palette (review here) is high up there on my best eye shadow palette list, and every new collaboration makes me really excited. Therefore, when the new Carmi make magic palette was released we had to pick one up, especially since every one online was talking about the gorgeous cream to powder texture of a few of the shades which is pretty new to the brand. 

We bought this pretty soon after the release but were yet to do this post as we like to have a good play with things before sharing our opinions. After a good few weeks of playing though, here we are telling you what we think. Spoiler, we love it! 

Firstly, lets talk about the colour range. Just recently I have been trying to venture away from what I would normally do and play more with my eyes, something you will see through our Instagram. Therefore, this palette is perfect - it has some gorgeous colours to play with but also has neutrals, such as the golds and oranges, that can be used if we fancied something more toned down. It is pretty versatile and great if you are looking to experiment with makeup on a budget, without having extremely bright colours that some may see as being unwearable. The palette has 11 shimmers and 9 mattes, meaning that you get 20 shadows for just £10, which is an absolute bargain. 

Swatches of row one: left to right is the shades 'Coz of u', 'Bite me', 'Money maker', 'Under my spell', 'Make magic' and 'You got this'. 

Can we talk about how gorgeous 'You got this' is?! I have never seen such a beautiful duochrome shimmer from the drugstore before! All of the shades are a gorgeous texture, with 'You got this', 'money maker' and 'under my spell' really standing out to me as amazing, pigmented foils. 

Row two of swatches: from left to right is 'flames', 'confidence', 'desire', 'self made', 'bless', 'U do U' and 'dark side'. 

What was lovely to see with the second row was that the mattes were as pigmented as the shimmers, something that a lot of drugstore palettes can lack. Also, how gorgeous is 'self made'? Since swatching I definitely think that is one I need to use more, I feel that I have neglected it but it is a thing of beauty.

Third row of swatches: from left to right is 'overcome', 'integrity', 'love yourself', 'free hugs', 'honesty', 'addicted' and 'camo'.  

'Honesty' is, in all honesty (hehe) the most gorgeous inner corner shade. It is super brightening and goes with everything! 'Addicted' has also been well loved (you could say I am addicted to it ;) ) as it is gorgeous in the crease as I have a light skin tone.

Overall, if you haven't already guessed, we love this palette and are so impressed with how it performs. It definitely exceeded expectations and has taken it's honourable place on the best drugstore palettes list. However, though unrelated to Carmi, can we just talk about the new Roxi palettes? I haven't bought any of them yet but if I do I think I will get the colour burst to play with as it looks the most different to other revolution collaborations. In all honesty, the first thing I thought of when I saw the Ride or Die was that it was REALLY similar to extra spice, and the packaging of the highlight and contour palette is literally the same...We are still undecided on this particular collaboration as we don't think it is unique enough, but let us know if you have tried any of them and what you think.

Back to Carmi, you can buy the 'make magic' palette here on Revolution Beauty, here on Superdrug, and here on BeautyBay.

Have you tried this palette? What are your thoughts? Let us know,

Natasha & Emily x 

Alex Steinherr skin care comes to Primark

Just recently, with revising for exams and not wearing an inch of makeup unless absolutely necessary (so basically, never), I have fallen down a skincare rabbit hole, and have been loving exploring new products. Therefore, when browsing the skin and makeup selection in the new Birmingham Primark, I could not resist picking up some of the new Alex Steinherr skin products to try.  Not only are these really affordable, with I believe nothing costing over five pounds (however, do correct me if I am wrong), but they are also cruelty free, vegan friendly and have amazing ingredients which all sound really interesting to my nerdy brain.

We picked up the Pollution Solution City Mask (three pounds), the Pollution Solution Daily Skin Starter (five pounds) and the Sleep Spa Sleeping Face Mask (five pounds), all of which are beautiful and feel a lot more expensive than their small price tag warrants. Apologies that we can't link anything, as Primark doesn't have an online shop, but the store list of stockists is here so you can grab some in store if you're lucky enough to have one of these near you.

Sleep Spa Sleeping Face Mask (five pounds for 50ml):
The Sleep Spa collection contains mixtures of scientific and natural ingredients, such as peptides to restore the skin, hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate, as well as willow herb and chamomile, which are anti irritants that soothe and calm the skin. This product claims to "help tired skin to recover during the night, restoring optimal hydration level", which sounds VERY exciting. 

When I was in the store deciding which products to go for I overheard another customer tell her friend that she had tried this and that when she woke up, she felt like she had amazing skin, so that definitely confirmed my purchase decision. I am persuaded very easily, something that is starting to become a major problem, it seems. 

I have her to thank though, as low and behold, she was indeed, correct; after using this I can confirm that the product's claims are true. I felt as though I had woken with a new layer of skin after wearing this over night, and it left my tired "exam skin" (if you're a student you'll understand what we mean by "exam skin" and "exam hair", if not, lucky you) feeling fresh. Love love love.

Pollution Solution Daily Skin Starter (five pounds for 34ml):
The Pollution Solution range also has scientific and natural ingredients, this time ranging from lactic acid, adding glow, and peach flower, which is an anti pollution antioxidant. The Daily Skin Starter is a moisturising primer which protects from pollution and smooths skin texture for makeup application. The product does recommend wearing an SPF too though, as lactic acid may increase sun exposure, which is something to bear in mind if you're conscious of this. 

This primer has a gorgeous texture which melts into the skin and leaves you feeling amazingly hydrated, being perfect for under makeup (especially for people with dry skin like moi). Again, I cannot believe this is only £5. Cheap as chips it is. 

Pollution Solution Clay Mask (three pounds for one use, 50ml in step one and 5g in step 2):

Being part of the same range, this contains similar ingredients to the primer above. This mask is an interesting one, as you get two sachets in the box, one liquid and one powder, which you mix together with the spatula provided to make the mask. It's like skin care science!

Although you only get one sachet of each there is definitely enough for two uses, and me an Emily managed to share the mixed together mask between both of us, however I can imagine this could be quite tricky to save if you didn't have a twin sister there to finish it for you. Haha. Though the mask gave me an amazing finish to my skin and was fun to create, it was quite messy and I do think that the contents could have been split into two sachets to get two uses, as there is too much for one use in one packet. For £3 though, it was a fantastic experience! 

Overall, big thumbs up to the Alex Steinherr range in Primark! It is so amazing to see them branching out with their makeup and skin care as they can do so at an affordable price. Also did you know Lottie London had moved to Primark? Interesting... 

Have you tried any of these? Do you like the sound of them? Let us know x

Natasha & Emily x 

Avene Hydrance Rehydrating Routine | The ONLY thing to clear my dry skin

It's a known fact that we both have the extremely dry, sensitive skin, especially in winter, which has always been really hard for us to tackle (one of the numerous things I bet Emily wishes she didn't have to share with me, haha). I've tried all the tips and tricks, even drinking enough to share around my whole village, and, although it helps, it has never before got rid of my dryness completely. 

This year for our birthday, our lovely Mum bought us both an Avene Hydrance Rehydrating Routine set, probably praying to goodness that it worked to stop my incessant moaning. The set comes with a micellar water, serum, and cream, which claim to rehydrate your routine, targeting visible signs of skin dehydration, smoothing lines and softening skin. In their words, the products are said to contain an ingredient called Cohederm, derived from thermal spings, which forms water reservoirs in dehydrated skin for long lasting moisturisation, which sounds very interesting if you ask me. 

Since implementing this into my routine, I wanted to let you know my thoughts as I have seen a difference, and not just in a personal sense of me feeling like Caroline Hirons every night ;) 

Avene Hydrance Micellar Lotion 
I use Micellar water every day to remove my makeup, so was excited about this one. This promises to remove makeup and leave skin feeling fresh and soothed, and, having used this a few times, I can agree. I will however say that I don't think that this is any better than my Garnier Micellar which I use everyday, especially the oil-infused one that I have now moved on to. It is still a great micellar, but I don't think it is any better than the everyday brand, and is a little bougie when I can get a product that performs the same from a lower cost brand. 

Avene Hydrance Intense Serum 
I'm pretty low maintenance with my skin, normally just using a micellar water or cleanser (but lets face it, usually micellar as I'm laaaaazy), along with a toner and a cream, so have never really ventured into the world of serums before. The kit recommends to use this before cream to leave skin plump and soft, so I have been doing just that. Although I can't give a definite answer as to whether this alone has resulted in the changes to my skin, as I have used it in combination with the cream, I can say that I have definitely spotted a difference. The serum is really nice and light to apply, and as a result my skin looks a lot more glowy and hydrated than it used too, which I have been loving. 10/10 would recommend. 

Avene hydrating cream. 
Again, I haven't used this independently of the serum so cannot comment on it's personal performance, but, together with the serum, it makes the dream team. This cream states to reinforce the skin's natural moisture barrier, making skin supple and comfortable. I love the thickness of this moisturiser too, as it definitely feels as though it is pumping a lot of moisture back in, so much so that I would describe my skin as normal now. 

Though the micellar water was a little average, the serum and cream have been a game changer for me, just further confirming that my mother is indeed a legend. 

Have you tried Avene? Or do you have any other recommendations for dry/sensitive skin? Let me know :)

Natasha x 

Thoughts on the Colourpop x Zoella Brunch Date collection

When Zoella announced that she was collaborating with Colourpop cosmetics, AND that it was coming out two days after our birthday, we decided that there was no better excuse to order the whole collection and give colourpop a try for the first time as a bithday gift from us to us. Completely rational of course, since we definitely need more nude matte lips and neutral shadows...haha. 

As colourpop is an American brand, the shipping does take a little longer. For some perspective, we ordered on the 27th Feb, it was dispatched on the 8th March and then it arrived to us on 13th March. To make sure that we didn't receive a customs charge colourpop also adds 20% onto the total and, since we spent over $50, shipping was free, so overall it wasn't too bad as the makeup is affordable anyway. The full PR kit costs $89 and we ended up paying $100.80 (£75.83) after the 20% customs charge, which isn't bad as you do get a lot of products which I know I will use to death. 

The Brunch Date palette - $18 or £13.55

Swatch of 'Brunch Club' 
Swatches from left to right - Sundae Funday, Mimosa, Skinny Latte. 

This palette comes with 5 mattes and 7 shimmers (if I can count), which have INCREDIBLE pigmentation and blend gorgeously. I know that some reviews have slated it for not having a very adventurous colour range, which I do understand, but I actually love the range of neutrals that are really wearable, with the pop of colour in the shade 'brunch club'. I can imagine this looking gorgeous underneath the eye with some of the golds on the lid, for example. Especially in summer. 

Look using 'Brunch Club' with 'Mimosa' and 'French Toast' in the crease. I also added 'Hello' from the James x Morphe palette on top to add shimmer. ft. unruly brows

Supernova liquid shadows in 'OG' and 'Bellini' (can be bought together in the group hug set here) - $7 each or £5.27.

Left - OG, Right - Bellini 

Being big lovers of the Stila Magnificent Metals I was really looking forward to trying these, and let me say that, for $7, I was SHOOK. Both are really glittery and easy to use, either being great for a night look or a day look, just using less and blending out with your finger. Honestly, these probably will be replacing my Stila ones, and, given that they cost me £23 EACH, that is a revelation. These look absolutely gorge over the top of a neutral smoky brown look, and are a really easy way to create a cut crease. 

Creme Gel Liners - Sincerely Yours and XOXO: $5 each or £3.77

XOXO - Black  // Sincerely yours - Brown 

I'm not generally an eye liner wearer and I generally blame it on me 'having the wrong shaped eyes', yet I'm certain that it's probably just my bad skills. I either end up looking like an Amy Winehouse tribute or Superluv Shane Dawson, so generally give it a miss. (No offense to those two legends of course). These two liners perform really nicely though, and are a great consistency to smoke out. 

Lip kits in 'My day ones' and 'Give us the goss' - $11.50 or £8.66. 

 'My day ones' 
'Give us the goss'

These lip kits come with a lip liner and a liquid lip, as the original Kylie ones did that kicked off the lip kit craze. Both perform amazingly, and are really lightweight and non drying, so are comfortable. Honestly, this is probably the best liquid lip formula I have EVER used, up there with the Jeffree Star liquid lips, so I will definitely order some more shades off colourpop. They are so nice that it is worth paying a bit more to get them over here, trust me. 

Though we ordered the full PR kit, which also comes with the highlighter, blush and another lip kit, we decided not to swatch these as the colours didn't look like something we would like. This way, we were able to pass these on to someone brand new and that is why they didn't feature in this post. <3. 

Have you tried colourpop? Do you like the look of the Brunch Date collection? Let us know x 

Natasha & Emily x