October Birchbox Product Reviews 2018

If you are new here, then you may not know that every month we like to do a review of the previous month's Birchbox, after having tried and tested all of the products. This month it is a tad late though (I mean, so late that we have already receieved November's subscription haha), but we still really wanted to make sure we got it up as we think the products were too lovely not to share! When we recieved October's Birchbox, I was honestly so excited - I think the packaging is the best yet and the products are all brands that are completely new to me. Last months box contained 6 products all for £12.95 - a complete bargain if you ask me!

October's box contained the Amika soulfood nourishing hair maskWinky Lux strobing balm in 'Radiant Pink', a Calvin Klein 'Women Eau de Parfum' sample, the Doucce luscious lip stain in 'Amber Rose', a Multi-functional charcoal soap sponge by Daily Concepts, and finally a Thermotherapy warming silver foil mask by BeautyPro, which comes in at a total of £106.95 for all of the full size products! When you consider that we paid £12.95, that really is amazing, even if some of them are travel size. 

I was really intrigued by this one, since hair masks aren't really something I tend to do very often. However, after using this, I totally loved it! Aiming to 'fight split ends and dryness', this product left my hair feeling soft and light, in a way that no conditioner ever could. My hair is in desperate need of a trim and at the minute it constantly feels horrible, but this helped to fight that feeling. Definitely something I would consider buying again if I wanted to treat myself!

Winky Lux strobing balm in 'Radiant Pink' - £15 full size: 

Personally, this has to be one of my favourite products in the whole box - who doesn't love a good highlight ay!? However, liquid highlighters are not something I would usually go far, as I find them quite hard to work with over the top of foundation. I found this to be perfect though - I just dabbed a bit onto my finger and then onto my cheekbones, and it left the most gorgeous 'wet-looking' highlight. Unlike other highlighters I have tried like this one, it blended like a dream and lasted well. Amazing, and not actually that expensive if you were to buy full size.

This claims to be a 'pigmented liquid formula' that 'applies matte and dries fast', and I can agree with that. It's pigmentation is amazing and it quickly dries down to a matte finish, but for me I just wasn't thrilled with the formula. My lips are naturally quite dry during these winter months, and so I did find it to be uncomfortable and it cracked within a few minutes of wearing it. However, that's not to say it's bad - when my lips are a bit less dry in the spring and summer I'll probably love it - it's just not really my cup of tea for this season. That being said, I'm not mad with this as I think the colour is gorgeous and I got it at a massively discounted price, but it is just something to consider if you also suffer with dry lips in the winter. 

Calvin Klein 'Women Eau de Parfum' sample - £39 full size: 

Again, I was shocked when I saw this in the box, as the brand is considered high end and it is not something I was expecting to find in a box that cost me so little! After trying this, I must admit I do get the hype about the brand now - the scent is unlike anything I have ever smelt before and it actually lasted all day, unlike most other cheaper fragrances I have tried. I won't try and describe the scent as that really isn't my strong point, but it claims to be a 'multi-layered fragrance with fresh eucalyptus' that has notes of 'sparkling orange flower' and a 'seductive cedarwood finish'. Like I said, like nothing I have ever smelt before!

BeautyPro is a brand I have honestly never heard of nor tried before, and so again this really intrigued me as I am a sucker for a good face mask! I must admit, though, I'm not usually a lover of warming face masks as I just think the heat on the face can just be quite uncomfortable, but even so I gave this the benefit of the doubt and gave it a go. When I opened it up I was quite surprised by the look of it - one side was foil and the other was just the standard sheet mask material, but the foil aspect is really unique and something I have never seen in a mask before. I found to really like this - it left my skin feeling amazing afterwards and it didn't actually heat up as much as I expected it to (which is a good thing if you don't really like heating masks, like me, but I guess it's not so great it you had bought it hoping for more). This isn't too out of my price range either, so I would definitely consider buying this one again. 

Daily Concepts Multi-Functional Charcoal Soap Sponge - £6:

This one really confused me, as I have never seen anything like this before. It is essentially a hard cube with exfoliating balls in, that you wet and use in replacement for a soap and sponge. At first, I used this on my face thinking it was a facial cleanser, but after rubbing my face with this I soon realised it must be for the body as the exfoliating aspect practically rubbed off the top layer of my sensitive face haha! Just something to note if you try it - don't put it on your face as it really does hurt haha. That being said though, I do like the concept of this as a body cleanser, as it is really easy and takes the chore out of using a separate soap and sponge. It also left my body feeling really smooth due to the 2 in 1 exfoliating aspect, so overall I would definitely consider using this again.  

Did you have the October  Birchbox? What did you think of the products? I would love to know!

Natasha & Emily xx