Operation Christmas Child Boxes | A way to give a little bit more this Christmas

I know what you're all saying, 'It's only October, why are you mentioning Christmas!?' Well, for starters I believe that it is NEVER too early to think about the best (in my eyes) time of the year, and what I am about to share is definitely something that takes planning ahead. Ever since I was about 12, it has been an annual tradition of ours to put together shoe boxes containing a variety of items which will be sent away to children who are less fortunate than ourselves, of a selected gender and age. Through the 'The Samaritan's Purse', you can send items to a boy or girl of either of the 3 age ranges:  2-4, 5-9 or 10-14. This year we will be doing 3 shoe boxes, one for a boy aged 5-9 (the one that I have photographed for this post), one for a girl aged 5-9 and another for a girl, aged 10-14.  For years I have wanted to blog about this amazing charity, but the early November deadline always creeps up on us and we never get the chance to put the post together before that year's deadline. So without further ado, here is what we are packing in our boxes this year.


I think that toiletries are a vital to include, since a lot of the children will not have access to simple essential items such as soap and toothbrushes. Therefore I like to make sure I include these sorts of things every year. A good tip with this is to buy multipacks and then spread them across the boxes - for example, I bought a 5 pack of Primark toothbrushes for 75p, which I have then distributed across the boxes. It works out so cheap, yet to a child who has the bare minimum it will feel like they have won a small fortune! I also collect the little freebies from hotels that I visit throughout the year too - for example, the two packaged toothbrushes you can see at the top of the picture were from a hotel I visited earlier this year. Again, it will mean the world to these kids and you have literally paid nothing!


Another thing that I always make sure to include is a packet of sweets, as they are the only item of food that they actually allow you to ship away in the boxes. One thing to note though, if you are to do any boxes yourselves, is that the best before date must be at least the March of the following year, just to account for the shipping time. I have also just seen on the website that this is actually the last year of being allowed to send sweets out, so just a warning in case you were hoping to pack a box next year!

School supplies:

I think that school supplies has to be one of the most important things to consider when packing these boxes, because at the end of the day we'd be nothing without education. With this, I again bring out the multipack trick; I will tend to buy a big bag of pens and pencils, and then split them across each child's box. These exercise books were also only about 30p from a local bargain store, and the pencil case also came with some stationery inside it, again for only about 30p! It will make all the difference, and hopefully leave you feeling good, without even slightly breaking the bank. 

Fun stuff:

Amongst all of the essentials, it is also important that you include something the child will really thoroughly enjoy, and so usually I like to make sure I include some crayons and a colouring book. The charity also recommends that each box contains a 'wow' item, which would be anything from a stuffed toy or a barbie doll. This year my Grandma has actually knitted a few items for me to include, including this little snowman, which they will hopefully love.

To pack your own shoe box, all you have to do is simply fill a medium sized shoe box with any of the recommended items (click here to see them), wrap up the box with some Christmas wrapping paper, and then download and print off a label from online (click here) to select the gender and age you wish to send your box to. You can then pay for the shipping online here and print and insert the barcode they supply, and then drop off to your most local drop off station (find your local drop-off here). It really is as simple as that! You will also receive an email at the start of the year informing you about where the box has been sent, which I always find makes me super happy.

I hope you enjoyed this different post today, and I hope to have inspired some of you about how you can make a difference without spending tonnes. Please let us know if you are doing a box this year - I would love to chat to you all! 

Thank you,

Natasha & Emily x  


  1. Oh this is such a beautiful idea!

    x Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    1. I know! It is so heart warming. Thanks for visiting x

  2. what a lovely initiative. The kids will absolutely adore these lovely boxes.


  3. It's Team Hope here in Ireland and my family and I do boxes every year and we love it! I get my nephews and nieces involved too so they are aware that there are people less fortunate than themselves and they love choosing gifts xx


    1. Ah that is so lovely! It is such a nice thing to do isn't it. Every child deserves something at Christmas x

  4. This sounds like such a wonderful thing to do. Thank you for sharing this.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

    1. It is so lovely, and we have so much fun doing it too. Thanks for stopping by x

  5. I do love the idea and the mission behind the child box. It's a nice way to support the one's that live under tougher circumstances than we do.

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

  6. Great ideas!!!! I love the fact that you can give so many without spending much!


  7. This is such a lovely venture! We have some similar things locally where I live and I love putting together the box; although I tend to go a little overboard on the sweets haha :)

    aglassofice.com x

  8. Aww this is such a lovely idea, and what a beautiful gesture! :) I love the box you've put together, so thoughtful and heart-warming! <3 Thank you for sharing this, beaut. xoxo


  9. What an excellent idea! I don't think it's too early to be thinking about Christmas especially when it comes to acts of kindness. Thank you for the inspiration! Have a lovely week!

    -PerlaGiselle | iamperlita.com

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