Boohoo nude lustre lipstick set | Review

Clothing brands releasing makeup is a fairly new but suddenly common concept, with Boohoo being one of many to introduce a highly affordable range on their website. Even Boohoo itself is a new concept to me, as in the past, before their curve range, I haven't had any success with their clothes. Then, when aimlessly scrolling the other day for new autumn clothes, I came across this gorgeous set of 4 nude lipsticks for just six pounds, so they went straight into my bag, especially as they resemble the KKW nude range. Having never tried any boohoo makeup (you know how we are always late on the trends!) I was so excited to see what these were all about. 

The set comes with 4 gorgeous nude lustre lippies, which have beautiful matte nude packaging which makes them look really expensive. Every man and his dog also has a Boohoo discount code too at the moment, so if you want 20% off like we did just head to any love islanders instagram and you'll probably find one. You're welcome. 

 Sorry about my gross nails. 

Although a couple of the shades look the same they all swatch differently, meaning the set provides a lovely range of nude tones. In the picture above, the swatch on the left actually really reminds me of MAC Brave, one of my fave lipsticks, so the set is definitely worth the money.

The only  thing I will mention is that these don't have shade names, which makes  it impossible to know which one you are picking up, with all packaging looking the same. Besides that, these are gorgeous and for the bargain price tag, I cannot complain! 

We also thought that you would appreciate us sharing these pics of our needy pup interfering when we were getting pictures, haha! She's always wanting to steal the show! I think the lipsticks have her approval too ;)

Have you tried any Boohoo makeup? Or any other makeup from clothing brands? Let us know. 

Natasha & Emily x 


  1. Love the sound of this set! Every clothing site seems to be stocking beauty recently! Your dog is so cute haha!x

    Lily Loves |

  2. Oh wow - loving the look of this set and oh my gosh, how cute!!! I love seeing people's pets - they're so, so cute!! :)

    Layla x

  3. How cute the packaging and also the shades :)

    - Lily Kanaya -

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