Our nightmare holiday experience | Malaga 2018

I generally pride myself in the fact that I think I am quite a nice, understanding person, but, when someone angers me, I can truly be a really sassy little bitch. Which is the side of me you're going to see today. 

On Sunday we, meaning both me and Emily, my parents, and two children which we foster, had a flight booked at 6 am from Liverpool, intending to fly to Malaga in Spain. Malaga is a frequently visited area in Europe for us, and we have been enjoying holidays there since about 2007, so, after not going for a couple of years, this really was a holiday that we were looking forward to, especially as we had family members waiting there for us that we don't see very often. As you can imagine, this was a much anticipated and exciting trip for us all, especially the kids who had never traveled on a plane before. 

However, when we arrived at the airport after driving for 2 hours, since Liverpool airport is quite far from where we live, we were informed that our flight, which, by the way, was through EasyJet, had been cancelled. So, off we went to the customer service desk, where they re-booked us on a flight departing from Manchester on the Tuesday morning at 6:20am. Here we received no apology from customer service staff members, despite being forced to miss two days of our 7 day holiday, but, as they managed to rearrange, we pushed this aside and understood the situation. At the end of the day, these things happen and there was nothing we could do.

That was until we arrived at Manchester, ready to catch the rescheduled flight on Tuesday. Again, we were told that the flight had been cancelled, which they blamed on "adverse weather conditions in Europe". I don't know about you, but as far as I am aware the majority of Europe is currently experiencing a heatwave, with Spain and Portugal reaching 48 celsius, so I am well aware that this is just a bullshit story to cover their backs. At this point, again after driving a long way to get the the airport, the customer service staff (which this time were actually a bit more helpful and understanding at least; credit where it is due) informed us that the next flight was Wednesday at 4pm from Gatwick, meaning we would arrive at Malaga for 6pm and have only a Thursday-Saturday holiday. I don't know about you, but that doesn't quite seem worth it in my books. 

A picture from my holiday in May with an airline that can actually show up; thanks Jet2, you got our backs. 

As far as expenses are concerned, we have filed a claim and obviously hope for a refund, but, looking at twitter, this doesn't seem hopeful. I even saw one tweet of a lady who had a flight cancelled through EasyJet on the 6th April who still hadn't been refunded, which is quite frankly appalling. 

Sorry this post has been a little different and a bit depressing, but I just wanted to warn you to avoid this airline. A lot of their flights are being cancelled at the moment and their 
customer services seems to be failing us all. Of course, we understand that there are worse things that could happen and that this isn't the end of the world, but are of course disappointed, especially after travelling for a total of about 8 hours on the road at 1 am for no reason.

So, thanks to EasyJet cancelling both flights, our holiday is no longer going ahead and I am sat here, writing this post with a load of Euros I can't spend and a new GoPro with no snorkeling pictures, trying to avoid all social medias so that I don't see all my friends having fun on their abroad holidays, which their clearly better airlines managed to get them too.

Do you have any flying horror stories? Feel free to share them with us to make us feel better :)


  1. I have had a bad experience with Easyjet so I don't take em any more to be honest. Poor you! They better refund you the money. Smh!


    1. Ah bless you. We've never had a bad experience before so went with them but at least we know now! X

  2. My biggest fear.... A holiday flight getting cancelled, ugh! Haven't experienced that yet luckily but I am dreading the day it does happen. Sorry this happened to you. :( <3 xoxo


    1. Ah bless you, thank you. It's never happened to us before and we have flown loads. I hope you never experience it x

  3. That's too bad, Sorry to hear about your experience. I have had only one bad experience whilst travelling and I do it a lot for work but recently my brother and sis-in law had a terrible time in Costa Rica with their airport attendents, flights cancelled etc.

    1. Ah bless them! I am glad that you have always travelled okay though x