Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection

Usually we are really bad at jumping onto trends as they are happening, and end up reviewing products months after the hype is over with; but, loving Morphe as a brand, this collection did not seem like one we wanted to miss. After receiving our A-Level results on Thursday we decided that we were allowed to treat ourselves too, and so ordered two of the new Jaclyn Hill Morphe palettes, in 'Ring the Alarm' and 'Bling Boss'. (We also "used code JAMES for 10% off", making them only £13.50 each - thanks James Charles for that sister saving.) Morphe now also have a UK website, making it easier for us to get our hands on these as we don't have to wait for BeautyBay to release them. 

Ring the Alarm: £15
Typically for us, we just had to order the palette with the warm toned colour scheme. Reds and golds are our absolute favourite shades, as they can be worn causally or when going out, making them so versatile. This palette from the vault contains 5 mattes and 5 shimmers which are GORGEOUS, and as always for morphe, are really easily blendable and really pigmented. I can definitely see me wearing this everyday in the autumn. Emily didn't even want to wipe the swatches off because they are just TOO BEAUTIFUL. 

Left to right - Lolly, Rush, On Camera, Boom, Alert, Bomb Ass, Siren, Mugshot, Framed, Secret.

Bling boss: £15
I won't lie, this is definitely a more different choice for us, but one that we will still definitely use loads. What I love about this one is that there is a range of warm and cool toned shades, which also compliment those in 'Ring the Alarm' really well. This one has 6 shimmers and 4 mattes, which are again ultra pigmented and blendable. Again, we are really happy with this purchase.

Left to right - Bling Bling, Hush Hush, Gem, Pizzazz, Mystic, Sparks, Glitz & Glam, Rockstar, Blassy, Berry Treasure.

The packaging of the vault is also so stunning, and I love that each palette has the general colour scheme embossed on the front with the silver, meaning that you know which one you are picking up easily. I know that sounds really lazy, but it is definitely a clever idea that I haven't seen anyone else mention! Of course, the addition of a mirror is also great, as morphe palettes typically don't have one and for me having one is essential, especially for travel. 

Overall, these palettes are incredible, and Jaclyn has done an amazing job! I also love that they are so affordable; of course, there are cheaper on the market and I would personally class these as mid range, but for the quality you cannot fault it. Especially as buying the whole vault is only £49 pounds for 4 palettes, giving an £11 saving. The only reason we didn't get the whole vault is because we felt we probably wouldn't use the shades of the other two very often, but if you are into those shades I can definitely recommend them! I think they would especially be amazing on green eyes.

Overall, we are really pleased with our purchase and can't wait to start playing with these more. 

Have you tried these yet? Or have you got any other amazing Morphe palettes? Let us know! 

Natasha & Emily x 


  1. These palettes look so pretty! I'm thinking about buying "Bling Boss" - that bright purple shade is calling my name! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I haven't tried anything from this collection but all shades are amazing!! And beautiful packaging! x


  3. I haven't tried anything from Morphe yet. Loved the eyeshadow palette, these are beautiful shades.

    Nina's Style Blog

    1. They're so lovely. You should definitely try Morphe, it is an amazing brand x

  4. The first palette looks stunning ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭*

    Blog de la Licorne

  5. Wow these colors really are "too beautiful"!

  6. Congrats on your A Level results, lovelies! :) And a treat is always a great way to celebrate. These palettes look absolutely stunning, you can see just how pigmented they are in the swatches! I think the first one is especially up my alley, I love warm colours and I think these would be absolutely wonderful for the upcoming (yay!) autumn. Thanks for sharing, beauts xoxo


    1. Ah thank you so much, what a nice comment. I’m so excited for autumn too, so I think the first one is definitely my favourite ! X

  7. Amazing post, dear! A big hello from Germany!
    Hugs ♥

  8. I was considering whether I should of bought bling boss too. Those purple shades are gorgeous. Great review and congrats on your results guys xo

  9. Those colors are sooo pretty! Need to try the palette. Have a lovely day. xx


  10. I cannot wait to make a massive Morphe order! These are the two palettes from the vault I definitely need to get and despite all the drama I still want to get them and a bunch of other morphe palettes.