July Birchbox Product Reviews 2018

I am fairly certain that every blogger in history has a Birchbox subscription and I see so many unboxing posts crop up on our Bloglovin, so, having never subscribed to this before, we decided to do so this month. If you haven't heard of the brand, Birchbox is a subscription based company that charge you ten pounds a month to send out a variation of products at a cheaper price to try, often from less well known brand to test them and see if you like them. An amazing idea, if you ask me! As we ordered our box mid July we didn't feel that it was appropriate to post an unboxing, since everyone had already done one, so instead we decided to give the products all a go individually and then review them once we had given them a fair testing. I think this will probably become a regular thing for us too...testing the products every month and letting you know our thoughts and if we would repurchase. That way, I feel that we will have given the products a fair test and that it is the best way to share smaller brands. 

This month, we received the Balance Me Congested Skin Serum, the What's in it for me shower scrub, the Klorane dry shampoo with oat milk, the Joliderm nose patches and the Manna Kadar Long-Wear Powder in Trifecta. Other than Balance Me, I hadn't heard of any of these brands before, so the box really is a perfect opportunity to discover new brands. 

This product claims to diminish blemishes and calm inflammation, and is a gel serum that you apply directly onto spots or blemishes to reduce the appearance of them. Fortunately, neither of us are really very spotty, of course other than occasional breakouts, so, to give this a test, we applied some onto our Mum who had a few blemishes at the time. Genuinely, the product really did reduce the appearance of the blemishes and you could definitely tell that she had used a product on them. She was really impressed, which takes a lot as she isn't really a skin care person at all. The only thing I would say is that I didn't love the smell as it is quite medicinal, but this doesn't ruin the product at all, especially since all the ingredients are natural and therefore no manufactured, dangerous products are being applied to the skin. Overall, I would purchase this again if I was going through a particularly spotty period, especially as it is quite affordable for an effective spot treatment. Even though full size is only 15ml, you use such a small amount on your blemishes too that it would last you a while, so it is worth investing! 

This contains 'Walnut shell to naturally exfoliate, sweet almond oil to rejuvenate the skin, plus orange and jasmine flower extracts for an uplifting floral fragrance', and is a typical shower gel style scrub. When using this, I really was pleasantly surprised as it did lather like a shower gel; often, scrubs have the intent of purely smoothing the skin and can be quite rough, yet this also felt like it was making me clean too, and almost felt like a two in one scrub and shower gel, which I love. My skin definitely did feel really smooth and conditioned after too, probably because of the almond oil which is a nice touch. Emily even said that she noticed the dead skin come off when she dried herself, meaning that it actually worked (sorry if TMI). Again, I loved this and probably would repurchase! It was the first thing to go into my holiday travel toiletry bag as it is a perfect travel size too. 

Klorane is a French brand that I'd never heard of before, so was excited to try. As I hate greasy hair and literally wash my hair everyday due to having an oily scalp, a dry shampoo is definitely a staple for me. I honestly have 4 bottles on the go at a time haha. I must say, this didn't disappoint. The product didn't give me any of that dreaded white residue and even made my hair feel really soft, which I didn't expect from a dry shampoo but I actually really loved. Again, loved this. 

The back of this product suggests that it is 3-in-1 and that it can be used on the brows, eyes, and cheeks, which is great for travel and lazy people like me. I must say though, I have used on both the eyes and cheeks but personally wouldn't use on the brows as it is too warm toned for me. However, as a bronzer and crease colour I did really like this, and I will definitely take away with me along with the scrub. In all honestly though, I probably wouldn't have purchased this alone had it not been in the box. It is a great product, but isn't anything I couldn't find from more affordable brands; in other words, I do think that fifteen pounds is a lot for what it is. I am glad that I have tried it and that it was in the box though, and this doesn't put me off trying other Manna Kada products as I am intrigued to find out more about the brand. 

In all honesty, we haven't tried these yet as we are not really suffering from black heads currently, and would rather save it for when one of us is. With this in mind, it obviously wouldn't be fair to give thoughts on this, but the product does definitely sound interesting and will be incredible if they work out!

Are you subscribed to Birchbox or any other boxes? Have you tried any of these? Let us know! 

Natasha & Emily x


  1. Cute set of products. I think I'm the only one who isn't subscribed to anything LOL!


    1. Haha, I was until I subscribed to this. I think glossy box has to be our next subscription...I'm getting addicted!x

  2. I need to start checking out boxes like this because the products you got seem like such a steal. Thanks for sharing this!!!

    Danielle | FollowMyGut.com <3

  3. I've never been to subscribed to any of these beauty boxes, as I know I wouldn't use all of the products that came in them! Always love having a nosey of the products though! This seems like a good box, I like the look of three in one thing, but not enough to actually go out and buy it on its own- it seems like the type of shade that would do better in a palette. Great post!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. I agree, it seems a lot of money for what it is too! I am still glad I got to try it though x

  4. Awesome reviews.

  5. I haven't used a beauty box in a while but great to see that they're still going. One of the things which I really like about them is that you can find some real gems - products that you may not have used or come across so I do like them for that! :)

    Hope you're having a lovely start to the week!

    Layla x


  6. Such a great beauty box!
    xx- Nina


  7. The serum sounds incredible, I need to resubscribe to a beauty box! x

  8. A cute set I have never used through these products, maybe I will try them soon. Thank you for the review


  9. I love monthly beauty boxes...
    Thanks for sharing.