Collaboration with Believe In Bumble || 10 Ways I Cheer Myself Up

Hey everyone! 
Those of you that follow us on Twitter  may have seen us tweet a couple of weeks ago asking for new bloggers to collaborate with as part of a new monthly series of collab posts we are doing on our blog. This entails us writing for a blogger and them writing for us, sharing new bloggers with each of our audiences and giving us new suggestions of blogs to follow. This month we have collaborated with the wonderful Emma from Believe In Bumble, and her post for us follows. Hope you enjoy and chose to check our Emma's wonderful blog
Natasha&Emily x 

I'm Emma from the blog Believe in Bumble. I am a 22-year-old from London who blogs about days out, book reviews, product reviews, advice and whatever else takes my fancy! My aim is to have a blog filled with what makes me happy both the small and the big things. Not only to remind me to appreciate the positives in life but hopefully, put a smile on the faces of those who read my blog. I hope you will come over and visit.

As we all do I have great days and sometimes rough days. To help you to get through the rough days here are my top 10 ways I cheer myself up. Think of these tips as plasters helping to protect a healing cut. What I mean by that is they are a short-term fix, they make me feel better, so I can keep going when I have plans for the day. The best way to make yourself feel better in the long term is to talk to somebody about how you are feeling, whether that is a friend, family or counsellor.

Here we go 10 simple ways I cheer myself up;

1.Listen to funny podcasts. (See my post discussing my favourite podcasts here)

2.Watch stand-up comedy (I would recommend: Nanette by Hannah Gadsby (on Netflix) or Thoroughly Millican by Sarah Millican)

3.Write down how you are feeling. I find just getting the feelings and thoughts out of my head can be a huge release. Sometimes I read it and it is almost like reading someone else's thoughts, which allows me to be more rational. 

4.Focus on what you are grateful for. Whether that's a cup of tea or a recent holiday. For me, I remind myself that going to work is a privilege. I get to go to work rather than I must go to work.

5.Give yourself something to look forward to that day no matter how small. For me, that's usually a yummy meal or for a really bad day a tub of ice cream!

6.Make the effort to chat to people. It is easy, at least for me, to retreat into myself but chatting with people even just small talk does help. It prevents me from feeling like I'm trapped in a bubble and allows me to connect to the "real" world.

7.Watch my favourite YouTubers. (I would recommend Louise Pentland, Emily Norris, Melanie Murphy and Jessie B.). There is something so refreshing about seeing people live their everyday lives, discussing a topic that is important to them or simply just showing their latest shopping haul. It feels closer to reality than what you see on TV.

8.Wear something that makes you feel nice. Whether that a dress or tracksuit, whatever makes you feel your best you. For me, taking pride in my appearance allows me to put my best foot forward for the rest of the day.

9.Set yourself small goals for the day. This could be as small as tidy my wardrobe or go out for a walk, or on a really bad day just getting out of bed. Setting and accomplishing a goal feels great and often snowballs into achieving more!

10.Get an early night and remember that tomorrow is a new day and so approach it as a clean slate.

I hope this was helpful for you. How do you cheer yourself up? Leave your suggestions in the comment section below.

Thank you, Natasha and Emily, for letting me publish a guest post on your beautiful blog. Don’t forget to check out their blog post on Augusts Birchbox over on my blog [LINK].

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  1. What a cool series idea, lady! I love that Emily focuses on what she's grateful for- this is such great advice. I think we can all easily get caught up in what's coming next, what we need, what we *think* we need, etc.- and to just stop and take stock and be grateful is so key!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  2. These are some great tips that Emma shared. I liked the part to write down how we feel and then read it again. We need to take care of ourselves too. :-)Lovely post.

    Via |

  3. Needed some of these things as a reminder for me, especially to appreciate what I'm grateful for.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  4. I like the idea of collaborating with other bloggers. This is really good!
    I love to go out dancing! Always makes me super happy!

    1. Ah that is amazing! Keep doing what makes you happy <3