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Last month was a bit of a crazy one for us; after coming home from Gran Canaria at the start of the month we were thrown straight into our A-Level exams which have to be the hardest things we've ever done. Thankfully these are now done though, and we have a three month break a head of us before heading to University in September (hopefully, if we get the grades haha). I suppose this explains the lack of blog posts for two years...looking back after our previous post on the Soph Extra spice palette you'll notice that we haven't posted since 2016, which makes us poor excuses of 'bloggers'. The truth is, during our GCSE summer break we were free and highly blog motivated, producing posts and really managing to build an audience. This all changed when our A-Levels started, as of course the work load from this took over the blogging work load, and eventually our blog posts just diminished. But, alas, here we are trying again, attempting to be less of a pair of blogging embarrassments! With a fresh blogging start we have revamped our site's design, making it more professional and sophisticated than it was before. We now love our new design, and hope you do to! 

Of course, now we have finished our A-Levels we have a lot of time on our hands, and so we thought it would be nice to share with you today a few of the things that we are doing to make the most of it.

The sixth form ball
To celebrate the end of an era the wonderful head girl at our sixth form put together the sixth form ball in a stunning venue, which was a time for us to bid a farewell to all our teachers and fellow students so that we can all go our separate ways. This genuinely was an incredible night, as well as a perfect excuse to be fully extra with our makeup and outfits. 

Before our break started I was under the illusion that I would be grabbing LOADS of extra shifts at work, rolling in the dollar, where as actually all I am doing is going out, spending the dollar. Typical me hehe. But I have managed to pick up some beautiful pieces including.... 
Wilko's have just bought out another stationery range, and every time I think it is the best yet, they throw another beautiful line our way. So far I've purchased the stationery set, which costs £1.50 for cute miniatures that will be perfect for my uni bag, as well as a gorge pencil case and daily planner. Turns out I couldn't even go a week from sixth form without stationery.

Even though I already have one of these cute stationery sets from a previous Wilko range, I bought another...justified by the idea of "Oh, I can have one in my bag and one in my room".. Logical? Maybe not. 

Links: Pencil pouch - £3 , Stationery set - £1.50 , Daily planner - £3

I've also bought two tops in the past couple of weeks, using the excuse of my holidays approaching. 

Primark crop top - £5 

Floral tied crop top from George Asda - £6 in the sale

Oh my goodness, being able to read something that isn't a text book or revision guide is such a novelty! Being such eager book worms one of the things I've missed not doing the most is grabbing a good book to read, but since finished we are flying through them. Of course, the warm weather helps; a YA novel and sun...yes please! My favourite of the month has to be either 'Everything, Everything' by Nicola Yoon or 'Holding up The Universe' by Jennifer Niven, author of 'All the Bright Places'. Both are touching love stories (I mean, what else would I be reading?) which had me hooked and I finished in just days. Emily has also enjoyed 'Apple & Rain' by Sarah Crossan, though 'Everything, Everything' was definitely a stand out to her too. We've also loved 'Noah Can't Even' by Simon James Green, which is a cute, hilarious easy read.

And of course, we've been spending lots of time with our beautiful doggos which we love dearly. <3

Poppy proud to make her feature

If you're at school or college, when is your summer break and how are you spending it? Also, do you like these types of posts or would you prefer us to stick to the makeup posts? Let us know, we'd love to have a chat. 

Thanks for reading,
Natasha & Emily xx


  1. I like your top. Happy time dear

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun! Your dogs are so cute!

  3. They're so cute! Thanks for visiting x

  4. I don't know how you blog and study---it's hard enough doing one thing!!
    But I love the new clothing, and your pup is adorable!!

  5. Love everything you shopped after completion of you A-Levels.. Congrats..That cute little stapler remind me my student life when I used to have one little stapler like this and used to love that... love that white top.. can't believe its not an expensive one..❤️

    1. Thanks, I love it too and wear it all the time now x

  6. What a wonderful things show here. Keep blogging.
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  7. Enjoy this summer before uni! That crop top from Asda is a bargain and so beautiful, perfect for summer!

    Kate xx

    1. Lovely isn't it? I think people often overlook supermarket clothing but it can be fab x

  8. I love the new design it looks so professional! I watched the ‘Everything Everything’ movie do I’m sure the books just as great!

    Lily Loves |

  9. Those books look great! Thanks for sharing =)