Drugstore vs High end Eye Glitters | Stila & Barry M

My absolute go to eye an the moment consists of a glitter, which, until recently, was the Stila Magnificent Metals in 'Bronzed Bell'. When these were released they sent the beauty side of the internet crazy, which is what made me actually spend the money and splurge on it, as this isn't something I do often as poor student. The Stila product comes in at £23, which I appreciate isn't a crazy amount of money and isn't the most high end product out there, but to me it certainly is a little steep. Therefore, when I was watching This Morning the other day and saw the makeup artist on there use the Barry M glitter bomb as an alternative, I had to grab one and test the difference. If I can find a Stila alternative for £18 less I am SOLD.

The Barry M version has a typical doe foot applicator, yet Stila's is more flat on both sides. The difference here doesn't bother me though, since I just tap the product onto my eye lid and blend with my fingers anyway. 

(Excuse my left lazy eye...I don't even notice I have it until the camera comes out and voila, it is noticeable. For this reason, it is usually Emily in eye pictures haha. I don't know how we can have the same genes and such different eyes...I guess I was just struck with the bad luck lol.)

On the eyes the two products look so insanely similar, other than the Stila version being noticeably more sparkly than the Barry M one. We actually posted a poll on instagram with swatches of the two recently and the majority correctly guessed, presumably because the Stila product is more glittery. In my opinion though, this does actually make the Barry M option a better everyday alternative, as, even though I love all the sparkle, it is sometimes too much. 

To make the pictures fair, both eyes have the same products aside from the glitters themselves. On each eye I have used the Urban Decay Naked Heat for the crease and base, with the Soph x Makeup Revolution highlighter palette as inner corner highlight. The lashes are Benefit Bad Gal Bang and the brows are the E.L.F eye brow kit in 'medium', featuring my unplucked monobrow. 

The shades I used were 'Low Blow', 'Cayenne' and 'Scorched'. 
Regards to how the two products last, they, in my opinion are both as long lasting as each other and last me a full sweaty 8 hour day at work, which says something. The only reason I would purchase the Stila product instead of the Barry M is for the more blinding glitter aspect, meaning that it is better for special occasions. Of course, I am glad that I did buy the Stila as it is my go to makeup baby, but from an outside perspective the difference isn't really worth the extra £18. 

Have you tried the Stila or Barry M glitters? Let me know your thoughts x

Natasha & Emily x


  1. I have a few of the Stila ones but obviously they're pretty expensive! I am definitely up for trying out the Barry M - how didn't I know these existed?!

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  2. wow look how this is popping.. i want
    I enjoyed reading.
    Its a nice post
    Wishing you a lovely weekend
    New post

  3. My gosh the price difference, but honestly I love the Barry M one <3 it looks amazing :) Love the post & love the eye look girlie the colour is amazing

    Serene XO


  4. It's always nice to find a great option that isn't as expensive!!

  5. I haven't use none of these before, but I don't see the difference. An alternative is always better. Ha!


  6. great side by side review! yeah its hard to tell when the shadow is on which one is which! so pretty!


  7. I like Barry M, and have not used this sparkled one. I also agree with you, the applicator difference doesn't bother me either. I think for me it would be for a night out with the girls, or date night. It's definitely special. <3/Madison

  8. Honestly I can't see the difference between these two products when on the eyes so I will buy the Barry M eye glitters for saving money haha! Thanks for sharing!

    Kelly | https://lizado.com/

  9. Oh I have been debating if I need a pricey Stilla eye glitter. Thank you for sharing this comparison, I am gonna check out Barry M ones!
    Wishing you have an amazing weekend!
    Ankita | Real Girl Talks

    1. Thanks! Definitely check out Barry M, it is such a massive saving x

  10. Loved how you've applied both glitters, I think I'll get the Stila one. Love how sparkly it is! <3


  11. I totally understand you when you say the stila ones are too expensive - I have 2 and, trust me, they needed saving up for - I cannot spend that kind of money all at once for two tubes of liquid glitter eyeshadow! Barry M's products are up and down (most of their eyeshadow palettes come with a pan of eye primer and, I can tell you, it is the WORST primer still to this day I've ever used) but they tend to get sparkle and shimmer correct - their liquid highlighter drops are TOP NOTCH. May I say, you have the most stunning eyes as well - so jealous! Wonderful post! x
    Marina Rosie x

    1. I've never tried the Highlighter drops actually, but I have heard a lot of people compare them to the iconic london ones? I might have to pick one up. Thank you so much for such a lovely comment x


  12. They look amazing! I never use Barry M.'s products but I try them in the future


  13. They looks really good and cool.Hope it will so comfortable.

  14. Such a great review! I agree, they do look quite similar, though the Stila does pop more, so I'd purchase that one instead as well. Thanks for sharing and have a great week ahead!



    1. Yeah I agree, it definitely does show up more as a glitter. It all depends on what you are after. Thanks for visiting Jalisa x

  15. Wow this is so pretty!!
    xx- Nina


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