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Hello my lovelies!
Firstly can we just apologise for how utterly shit we have been recently, pardon the language. Yep, we have swore already, onto a good start. Our life has just seemed to be hectic; we have only today finished our five week period of exams (please pull out the party poppers and party hats on our behalves), so of course, our lives have been pretty much focused on revision. Blah blah blah we will stop now, you've read it all before. You don't need to get the violins out just yet. Anyways, we're here now, with a post that we have being planning for a while: this being BOOKS. 
After the launch of Zoella's book club with WHSmith, and after now being able to read something other than a CGP revision guide (you know the ones with the silly puns that make you want to cringe - yeah, them) we decided that now, with a grand total of 11 weeks off *breaks into high school musical chimes*, we shall be reading more than ever, so why not share? From this point onwards we shall do a review type post every time we finish a book, without being too serious and literate, to share our book choices, loves and despises. Certainly one for the old bookworms, like ourselves.

First up is a book we actually read last summer but has been a firm love ever since - 'Eleanor and Park' by Rainbow Rowell. If you're into cringy teenage heartthrobs like we are, this book is perfect for you. With the stereotypical 'boy meets girl' at school, and with only a few short pages per chapter, this book is an easy read; I'm fairly sure we got through this in week between us! Each chapter is made up of alternating points of view (one Eleanor, one Park...) so rather than how we would only usually hear the voice of the protagonist, we now hear the voice of two protagonists, which is nice as it paints a better insight as to what each person thinks. It really helps you connect with them, to the point where you will feel as though you are actually like their best friends at points. Exploring important issues from living on the brink of destitute, with 'unruly red hair', to first loves and the coming of age, Eleanor and Park is a firm must read to any one of any age, especially teens to young adults.
Next up is 'If I stay' by Gayle Forman. This book is actually really quite different to 'Eleanor and Park'; it explores more serious issues after the crash of Mia's parents car and the tragedy of her resulting coma. This book is therefore sure likely to tug at your heart strings, but at the same time, you will feel so engrossed it will simply not be possible to put down, like a drug to the old eye ballies. Certainly one to read if you fancy a good sob!

The final book I want to mention is 'Will Greyson, Will Greyson' by John Green and David Levithan. After previously being truly engrossed in other John Green books (you must have heard of them - the likes of 'Looking for Alaska', 'Paper towns' and 'The Fault in Our Stars'? Yeah, course you have) I was really expecting amazing things from this book, and sure, I think if you are prepared to read this in a short time scale then you'll love this book. But I decided to read this book during my exams, so obviously got little reading time; I think this actually took at least a month and a half to complete. Therefore, for slower readers who get little time to read, I wouldn't really recommend this; I did find myself a little confused at points. I'm probably just being stupid but I found it really hard to follow. With two 'Will Greyson's' who both end up in each other's lives, I did find myself getting a little perplexed about which Will was which but I certainly don't think this would have been a huge issue if I'd have read this all at once. So yeah, I guess this book was okay as a whole, if you know you have a few free days where you can read this through. What I did get from it though, was that this book focuses on homosexuality and general teenage love, so I would say it is definitely worth a try if you are again into teenage love stories, and have a few free days on your hands.
So, after selecting just a snippet of the books we have read recently, I do hope you have enjoyed this post. I certainty understand that after so long of being inactive we are likely to have lost quite a few of the ol' followers, so if you're still here, I congratulate you. No, seriously though, thank you so much it means such a lot. Love yous,


  1. I have not read a book in ages! These ones are right up my street and I really want to read at least one this summer :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  2. Will Grayson Will Grayson is one of my favourite books, I love it so much! If I stay is a great book, if you've watched the film I feel the book portrays everything so much better and in more detail!
    Charlotte // www.charlottespicks.com

    1. There's a film for 'If I stay?!' I did not know this! Wow, I'm totally going to look into buying that, thank you so much!<3

  3. Saw the movie for If I stay but was unsure if the book is worth reading as well.

    Thanks for the recommendation.

    Great post indeed!
    I've spend a little time browsing your blog, and I find it so lovely! Really looking forward to reading future content.

    Much love xx