Collective haul - Superdrug, Boots...♥

So after weeks of spending money here and there, and finally noticing only a few weeks later that I am now left with hardly any money to my name, I have recently been going a little crazy in the shops. With my sisters wedding being only a few weeks ago, with a holiday following, and with my year eleven prom only round the corner, my love for buying makeup, clothes and shoes has only blossomed even more, and so, to make me feel better, I am here now sharing this with you, with the hope that you too will join me in my shopping obsession. Of course, no one needs this amount of things in their life, but even still, the look of these things staring at me in the face was too much not to resist adding to that shopping cart! So, with that in mind, get ready, as you're in for one long ass post!


Of course, what would a haul be without makeup, eh? With my prom rapidly approaching, and with recently having the true honour of being a bridesmaid, I knew I had to get my palms on some new products fast. I mainly focused my spending around the eyebrow area, as the whole idea of filling in my already rather bushy eyebrows felt too daunting to approach in the past. But, with eyebrow filling being increasingly all over the internet at the moment, I went on the hunt for the perfect eyebrow products that I could use to enhance my brows, but at the same still keep them looking quite natural. First, after recommendations from a friend and basically all YouTube channels on the internet, I invested in the Soap & Glory Brow Archery Tint And Pencil, for £10 (it is currently on sale for £8 so grab it fast if you fancy giving it a go!), and oh me oh my I love this! With a subtle pencil on one end that helps you softly fill between your brow hairs, and a more defining felt tip style pen on the other end, you can use a mixture of both ends of this product at different points in your brow to really create that perfect, natural brow. I know the words felt tip and eyebrow may sound a little daunting (trust me, I too thought this before giving this a go), but honestly, this felt tip gives a delicate touch to the brows that I wasn't at all expecting from a felt tip brow product; definitely one for the makeup collection! 
To set my brows in place, I also invested in the  Collection Colour Lash Clear Mascara, for £1.99. Being on the cheaper end of the drugstore scale, I really wasn't expecting too much from this product, but this certainly does the trick. With just a little of this product, I found I was able to perfectly set my brow hairs in shape, holding them in place thoughout the whole day. Definitely one to try!

Finally on the eyebrow scale was something that I actually received as a free gift in Elle magazine whilst on my holidays. If I'm honest, I bought the magazine purely for the gift; at £4 I felt a free tester of the newly released Benefit Goof Proof eyebrow pencil was too much to resist! After spending at least a quarter of an hour scavenging through each Elle magazine and doing my best to peek through the packaging, I settled for shade two, as the only two shades I could see were in the magazines was 2 or 6. I would say if I was actually buying this I would maybe go a shade darker for my brunette hair, but to get such an amazing product sampled in a magazine really surprised me. With a unique shape, this product has one side to define and one to fill, helping you to create that perfect yet really subtle eyebrow that I love. I will definitely consider re-purchasing this once I have run out!

Finally, that isn't actually related to brows, I bought the Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 3 for just £4. Previously I had tried the Iconic 2 and adored this, but with it coming into the summer season I felt something a little more pink toned would be a little more appropriate. All of the Makeup Revolution Iconic collection are perfect dupes for the Urban Decay Naked collection; I am fairly sure they have pretty much identical dupes for all of the Naked palettes, so they are definitely worth a try, at around a tenth of the price! I find, for my own needs, a cheap dupe for the Naked palettes are perfect for me - they last all day, they give an amazing, pigmented finish and they're easily blended. What's not to love?!

Skin care
After the stress of the exams, I can safely say that my skin is in need of a little tender loving care! After hearing amazing reviews about the Superdrug skincare range from the YouTube channel 'MissBudgetBeauty' (go check her out, I love her!) I decided I would give it a go; with it being so cheap it would be more than wrong to say no! I bought the B. Pure Sensitive Micellar Cleansing Wipes, for £1, the Superdrug Vitamin E Leave On Mask, for £2.99, and the Superdrug Vitamin E Dual Phase Cleansing Oil, again for £2.99, and oh my, I'm in love! After having horrible experiences with face wipes in the past, I usually try and steer clear - most face wipes irritate my sensitive skin and give me an awful red and blotchy rash - but oh no, not these ones! Having just been on holiday I found these so handy for the days where I wore just mascara, as just one face wipe removed my mascara like a dream! I also find it really handy to just have a pack of face wipes in your bag for when you're swatching in the shops too, so definitely some nice cheap ones that would do this trick for this also!
In terms of the other two products, I am equally in adoration - I was, before this, a face oil virgin, but this has completely converted me! This oil not only moisturises my dry, irritable skin, but also cleanses my pores at the same time. And, not only this, but the way you have to use this is so cool; it is made up of a half water, half oil formulation, and so before applying you must shake the bottle to mix the two formulations together. How cool is that!? Totally worth the money just for the fun of shaking the bottle! 

Finally is the face mask. Again, I do love this facemask; it leaves my skin feeling soft and cleansed. However, this facemask isn't one that actually sets for your to peel off, so it can get a little messy if you don't keep your hair tied back tightly! But totally worth every penny.


Again, I'm not really a true lover for painting my nails. When I'm not at school, I do like to keep my nails painted, but I've never actually been one to go out and buy a good polish; I just go with whatever is in my draw at that time. But, with a long summer ahead of me, I felt it would only be right to invest in some new polishes whilst I had the freedom of wearing whatever I wanted on my nails. After hearing nothing but good reviews on the Barry M nail polishes, I decided to purchase the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine polishes in the shades Greenberry and Sky Blue (I can't find this shade online for some reason!)  - the perfect summer colours that I felt would easily go with anything. I have been wearing the shade Greenberry for four days, and only today has this chipped - for such a cheap drugstore polish this is truly amazing in my eyes! Definitely give these a go if you're after a few new summer shades.

Bath and shower 

I'm sure you true, hard core Zoella fans will agree that the release of her new 'Sweet Inspirations' range made you scream with excitement, right? Yep, me too. So, of course, what else to do than to go out and get my hands on it myself!? I bought the Bath Latte for £5 as I find a multi use products like this really handy for me. No exaggeration, the scent of this product will honestly entice you; smelling like a dainty French patisserie, this scent will remind you of all things nice and will transport you to heaven! I say this every time, but this has to be Zoe's best range yet! Will totally have to go out and grab a few more of the Sweet Inspirations range when I can bring myself to spend anymore money!

Blimey, I have just noticed how bloomin' long this post is! Told ya it'd be a long one! If you're still here and didn't click off down to true bordem half way though, thank you for reading. I do hope I have given you a few good recommendations, even if it does leave your purse as empty as mine! Love yas,


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    1. Thank you so much! I'll check your blog out now <3

  2. Love the color of the nail polishes!

  3. I am so interested in the new Sweet Inspirations range! I will definitely try the Bath Latte, the packagig is soooo cute!

  4. I really love your blog! Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog . . . love the post

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  5. I always need help picking out nail polish colors. For some reason I struggle with choosing colors lol. I need to see what others have chosen then I know what I like. Thanks for sharing!

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  6. Great haul dear! I love the products!
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  7. I really wish I could smell everything from Zoella's new line. I love the packaging. :]

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  8. I've been doing some shopping myself lately. I like to think of it as investments =o) Great post and looks like you have great next few weeks ahead

  9. Great haul!! Love these products!
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