The £8 palette that recently hit our drugstores♥

With 32 professional shadows for only £8.00 the Freedom Makeup London innocent palette was too irresistible to leave on the shelves. I'm sure we've all been there; buying a makeup product that is cheap and well raved about and then later having regrets or doubts about where the heck that money has just gone, yet fear not, as that is what us bloggers are for. Telling you what is total utter crap and what is worth the impulse buy that you will love, even if your purse doesn't all that much. But for just only 8 measly bob, your bank account hopefully won't suffer too much (well, that is just what I tell myself).

Freedom Makeup London is a relatively new makeup brand to hit our Superdrug shelves in the UK, and so was down for discovery. Marketing their brand as 'professional', Freedom sure have covered the  ultimate makeup basis for all tastes and styles. The innocent palette that we are today reviewing is one of which covers the general nudes and neutrals that any girl could ever need, including a plethora of mattes and shimmers to suit whatever occasion you could ever experience. 

Coming a professional box and with a cover including shade names, this palette sure looks as good as one you would spend more money on at first glance; it's appearance is undisputedly incredible. However, I can't help but think that, with a few of these shades, you do get what you're paying for - the mattes, especially, are hugely lacking in pigment. Although the shimmers are pigmented to the max, the fall out is pretty damn huge, but for only £8 your bank will not be broken and for the amount of perfect shades in this palette I really don't think £10 is much, especially when you can pay as much as £13 for one Mac eyeshadow. And besides, this issue can soon be fixed by a little bit of eye primer. Just make sure that you do your eyes before your skin so any fall out can be concealed with your foundation. Another thing that this is lacking too is a matte black shade, but if you do require one of these you could always use a different one or the matt grey that it holds, called disguise, which is gorgeous.

Overall, this palette is definitely one of which I would recommend to friends or fellow bloggers looking for a cheaper alternative that won't leave you too disappointed. If you would like to purchase this, you can do so here