Benefit Dew the Hoola || Free with Elle Magazine

Everyone loves benefit's hoola bronzer, that's a fact. And so the thought of the same product in a liquid form with an ever so sweet pun name ('dew' and 'do'...get it?) excited me greatly. Especially when I noticed that I could pick one up for free in the September Elle magazine that costed me £4.10 for 370 pages of high end fashion adverts that none of us can afford. But hey, it's the product we want here, right? Not Cara Delevigne looking gorgeous and telling me to buy expensive perfumes and clothing. 
 (I apologize about the horrendous lighting here; I just couldn't seem to get it right today. One of those bad camera days huh? The pictures seem a little blurred which is so annoying)

The product itself came in a cute, metallic box and is disposed via a small pump. Looks all good so far. 
Being a liquid product, I find it best applied and distributed on a damp beauty blender or complexion sponge with dabbing motions over swipes.
Then it came to the swatch. The excitement was obviously an anti climax, it seemed. Personally, I found dew the hoola to be extremely orange in colour, rather than a pretty. glowing bronze. It made me look more 'only way is Essex' than 'I've been to Hawaii and topped up the tan'. Whether that's because I am quite light or what, I haven't enjoyed this as much as I expected, which is such a shame.
I also felt it sort of blended into a nothing ness on my face due to the fact that it is largely water based - something else which I disliked. I'm glad this was a sample rather than a full priced product; my purse would be extremely sad as it would be £22.50 short. 

Overall, I am generally not impressed. I do think I should probably try using this in a different way though. Maybe mix into some of my lighter foundations when I am more tanned to give a better match? I feel that would be more suited the to product. 

Have you tried Benefit's new twist Hoola? Were you more impressed than I was? Let me know. 

Natasha x

Mac Lipstick Collection 2016 || FloralsAndCoralsx

You've gotta love Mac for their wide range of lippy shades, right? There's just something about their quality formulation and sleek packaging that really makes my mind scream 'BUY IT' every time I enter a Mac store - hence the reason why I am now left with £77.50 worth of lippies (*silently cries*) although technically two of these were kindly gifted to us by our bae (love ya). Some may say this collection is tiny - I've seen ridiculously huge collections consisting of double figures - yet to me I think the £15 mark for a lipstick is pretty cray cray and slightly over that budget.
Mac Lipsticks
My collection:
- 'Ruby Woo': A gorgeous blue-toned red with a matte formulation, perfect for the Christmas season and super long wearing! I'm genuinely already excited for Christmas just because I'll get to wear this more.
- 'Vegas volt': An amazing amplified creme formulation and coraly orange in colour - beautiful for the summer months.
- 'Velvet Teddy': Typical 'Kylie Jenner' style lippie, with it's beautiful matte consistency and browny nude shade.
- 'Please me': A magnificent matte, that is a muted pink in colour. I find this a perfect subtle shade for school and work!
- 'Brave': A sleek satin that is pink-nude in shade, and again ideal for work or school!

Mac lipstick swatches
Kind of a colour trend, isn't there? Yep, I love a good nude me. But my fave of them all? I think that would have to be 'Brave' or 'Velvet Teddy' - these shades are so super wearable and really suit my strict 'no makeup' policies at school. 

Do you have any Mac lipsticks? Which is your fave? Comment below and let me know! 

Emily x

Studio 10 Beauty || FloralsAndCoralsx

Studio 10 Beauty is a brand that until recently we hadn't heard of before or looked into, yet upon finding some of their products floating around other beauty blogs we were absolutely sold. Their chic matte black packaging and gorgeous products are an absolute steal, so we contacted them right away, and they extremely kindly agreed to send us some products to show you all. What lovely people. 
Can we firstly point out the super cute tissue paper that this package arrived in? It'll for sure be one of those things that I never throw away because it's too cute - attachment issues right there. Sorry, we are obsessed with sweet things like that, they just make the heart bleed. 

Studio 10 Lip Perfecting Plumping Lip Gloss - 01 rose. 
This was the first thing that our eyes were drawn to when we opened up the package, you know, being lip product obsessives and all. Enriched with Omega-3 rich plankton extract, the idea behind this beauty is to protect the lips from fine lines and add gorgeous lip shape, plump and contour, whilst moisturising the lips due to emollient oils that help the skin hold onto water for longer. Some impressive science if you ask me. 
Application of this is super, super simple, with a traditional doe-foot applicator that you cannot go wrong with. And, regarding the colour, it shows up as gorgeously glossy but just 'my lips but better', so great for an every day use (awesome when school and work policies are as strict as ours). I adore the shape it gives the lips and the shine that it beholds. And of course, as advertised, I found this to be super plumping. Win win win.

A mascara that can do 6 things all at once? Nourish, condition, define, lengthen, thicken AND volumise? Sounds like a winner.
With horrendous lashes ourselves the benefits to this are simply the best. Better than all the rest. Whilst lengthening and volumising the lashes, it also supposedly helps them to grow stronger and longer, whilst resotring elasticity and shine. The idea that my lashes can be treated and look great at the same time is certainly fantastic in my book. 

Oh, and it is double ended! Yes mate.

 The first end to this has a traditionally bristled wand that gives the lashes volume and length.
The other, not such a traditional wand. This sort of wand is one that I prefer to use on the bottom lashes, or second to separate any clumps.
A great mascara with some great benefits that I will be waiting to notice soon; definitely worth a go. 

We are not overly enthusiastic about filling in brows as I find it so bloomin' difficult to get them looking natural and not drawn on, so I was skeptical at the look of a pencil at first. But that, my friend, was before I tried this beauty! Double ended. with one highlight end and one brow end, this babe has it all covered. I now find filling in my brows so much easier, as this pencil isn't too waxy with too much colour pay-off but gives just the right amount of pigment to make my brows look natural. Perfect!
Highlighter end, which is generally best used on the brow bone or to clean up around the brow.
Brow end, which can be used with fine strokes to neatly imitate natural brow hairs.
I love a good primer, don't you? And the idea of a 'miracle effect priming serum' particularly melts my heart. Claiming to reduce spots, wrinkles, enlarged pores and hydrate the skin this again sounds as though it will be a product to protect the skin and make your makeup look on point. We only received a sachet of this to give a go, so of course benefits are barely noticeable, but I will be sure looking into this further. Sounds like a beauty. 

Have you tried Studio 10 Beauty? What did you think?

Natasha & Emily x

Benefit Gimme Brow Shade 5 || What I think

These magazines are so on point with their free samples just recently, specifically after the launch of the new benefit brow range; every time I pop into a good ol' supermarket and take a browse at the magazines I can see benefit staring me in the face. "You do need me. I'm free!". 
For only £2.00, August's glamour magazine offers you a free gimme brow (sample sized of course), so how could one say no? One cannot. You also get free Garnier ultimate blends hair balm sachet to try too so it's win win. Even if it is just making you spend more in boots when you decide you like the product too much to leave alone.
Prior to this cutesy sample I've never tried gimme brow - I'm one of those people who refuses to pay a lot of money for products that they could easily find at the drugstore for cheaper prices, no matter what the raves on other blogs are like. (Although it is very difficult to resist, believe me). 
Upon opening the gimme brow for the first time I was really surprised at how super teeny tiny the applicator is, which is perfect, allowing you to shape your brows neatly and concisely. Grabbing every last stray hair and lasting a long time, gimme brow allows you to have 'on fleek' yet 'non caterpillar' eyebrows that look super natural - just what I'm all about. I'm not about the insta brows, even though they are gorgeous. (To be honest they just don't look quite right on my face, but I severely wish they did).

Since the revamped packaging, I'm not sure if the formula has changed or not, as this was a thing before the new range. Let me know if you know, I'd love to find out. 
Of course, the only down side to magazine samples are colour ranges. The actual benefit brow products come in 6 shades, from 1-6, 1 being the lightest and 6 the darkest. Pretty self explanatory really.  In the store I was at there was only two options, 2 or 5, and as I am brunette 5 was the one that scored. I would say that perhaps a 4 may be better for me, but non the less, I can still get away with this and I just REALLY needed to try the formula. (Which is fabulous).

Have you tried the Benefit Gimme Brow? How did you like it? 

Natasha x

July Faves || FloralsAndCoralsx

Another month of all of our lives is again officially over, which actually seems quite depressing, but let's lighten that up with a favourites shall we? You know, those notorious posts that every blogger gets excited to tap away on the 30th/31st? Yeah them. 

This month is less about that makeup and beauty and more about those TV shows and lifestyle choices, which is quite refreshing to say really, even if that is just because I've been too bankrupt to splurge in boots as I would on a more frequent basis. *cries*

There may not be many beauty faves this month, but let's kick this off with showing you three faves anyways, shall we? For months on end now I have been searching for that wallet friendly eye blender that doesn't just either shed bristles over your face or turn all scratchy after one wash (you know the feeling gals?), without spending £20 on 4 real techniques ones when really I only want one in the set - and I think I've found the one. At only £1 this Primark eye blender is honestly one of the best out there that I have so far tried - from Makeup Revolution eye brushes to my ever so loved No7 eye contour brush, this has it all covered. With soft, lightweight bristles it helps to blend your shadow seamlessly, and I have washed this and it's so far holding up. What a great find!
We all know this palette has been cropping up all over beauty bloggers sites recently, and if you haven't seen this before, where on earth have you been!? This palette is honestly THE BEST highlighter kit I have tried, ever, and I've used some pretty damn fleeky highlighters in my time. And for £9.99 you seriously cannot complain, with one captivating cream shade and three thrilling powders. If you want to read more we dedicated a whole post to this (yep, the product is that great) and you can read this here.
Who doesn't love a stunning golden cream shadow on a lazy day, huh? Again retailing at a cheap £4.99 this maybelline range includes honestly one of the nicest cream shadows in the drugstore, yet still one of the cheapest. Again, we have spoken more about this over on this post so you're welcome to find out more there. What I will say though is that the pigment in this is very subtle compared to the intensity of the glitter, so if you're less about the glitter and more about the pigment I would stay clear. But for me, this is a hit which is so gonna be repurchased! Goes perfectly with the solstice palette too; that golden, highlighted look is what I'm all about right naaa. 

Boredom busters:
(yes, okay that title does sound like an action packed film from last century..)
With us now being in the deepest depths of the Summer holidays, what we're not blind to is days in where the outdoors is gloomy and there is nothing left for us to do other than lie miserable all day. And that, my friends, is where baking comes in (so much so I'm actually becoming quite concerned about my health from all of the yummy treats. High blood sugar and cholesterol is never something to desire.) But Tanya's smarties flapjacks from Tanya Bakes are just far too much to resist! They are honestly the tastiest flapjacks I have ever tasted and are so easy to make!
This is a tad random, but it makes me feels so great to rummage through my clothes and say goodbye to my oldies, you know? Especially when it is peeing it down outside... it's so therapeutic! There's truly nothing like that satisfaction of knowing my old clothes will one day be bought in a charity shop and the money will go towards helping others. So kids, go and through your clothes... and be brutal! That 19th century scarf that you haven't worn since the 1900's isn't something you need, is it? 

TV shows:
Who doesn't love a good bit of science, huh? (Well most people don't, but whatevs). It's not often I actually watch TV - I'm more a Netflix/PLL (okay, just PLL) gal - but when I saw that Brian Cox had a new documentary on BBC1 I could not contain my excitement. There's just something about sitting cosy one night with the fam and learning something new that gives me feels. With four fantastic episodes you have the pleasure of four fantastic hours of science; what's not to love ay? You can watch this here on BBC iPlayer if you missed it.
Again, finding out this was back was another 'cannot contain my excitement' moment for me. I was a MASSIVE FANGIRL over the other series and I have to be honest, this series isn't an exception. Watching a family sitting over 'Friday night dinner' (that's legit what it is) is so relatable and therefore really comforting to watch. The idea of it coming back made me think 'SHIT ON IT' better put that in the diary (only watchers will get that reference).  If you missed the first episode you can watch it on All 4 here, but otherwise it is on Channel 4 every Friday at 10pm. 

Very hefty post, but we hope you've enjoyed noising through our faves of the month as much as we've loved sharing them!

What have you loved this month? Do you love any of these things? Let us know! 

Natasha & Emily x

How Can Healthy Bedtime Routine and Good Night’s Sleep Benefit Your Skin || Collaboration with highstylife

This post is a guest post, written by Zara Lewis, a contributor, from "highstylife". Although we have previously written all content ourselves, upon contacting us Zara was passionate about several topics, this being one that us also are interested in, yet are pretty clueless about. (This situation is one like where teachers play youtube clips as they are not by any means knowledgeable themselves; a healthy sleep routine is so important, and something we want you to know about, yet cannot actually discuss due to such unawareness from us! We are certainly no Caroline Hirons.) We sincerely hope you enjoy, and get in touch with Zara if you like her style of writing. We certainly do! Farewell. 

How Can Healthy Bedtime Routine and Good Night’s Sleep Benefit Your Skin

Even though everyone knows that removing makeup and washing one’s face is an absolute must before bedtime, the truth is that many women skip these steps. They may be exhausted after a hard day at work, or maybe just too lazy to do it, but none of those reasons are good enough to justify that. A healthy bedtime routine and a good night’s sleep can truly benefit your skin, and if you want to know how, stay with us. Here are five useful tips on how to accomplish that.

Facial steam to the rescue
Since you probably don’t have the time to get a regular facial once a month, there’s a great option that will also do wonders for your skin. A simple facial steam at your home can be as efficient as the one done at a beauty salon – plus the fact you’ll save some precious dollars, too! It will open up your pores and help you get rid of excess oil, which is one of the best ways to prevent some serious breakouts. A hot shower before sleep can be a true life-saver for your face – just make sure not to put your skin directly in contact with the water, since it can scald it very badly.

Cleanse your way to luminous skin
We know that sometimes, it may get very hard for you to remove makeup and clean away all the dirt from your face, but this simply needs to be done before bedtime. Make sure that you’re using alcohol-free product, such as Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser, since it won’t change the pH of your skin. Gently massage it into your skin and wash your face and neck thoroughly with lukewarm water. Just don’t forget to rinse the entire residue thoroughly away!
Slough away dead skin
Getting rid of those dead skin cells that have been piling up for weeks (or even months, who knows?) is an absolute must, since these make your skin look lifeless and flaky. This step is essential since a gentle product such as Acure Brightening Facial Scrub, will slough away that dry upper layer of your skin and uncover the rejuvenated one below. This product includes French green clay that will pull out impurities, which makes it even more efficient. 

Don’t forget to moisturize
Once your skin is smooth and refreshed again, it’s about time you applied your moisturizer! Make sure that you have picked the one that’s appropriate for your skin type, since the wrong one can do more harm than good. You can always kill two birds with one stone and get a moisturizer with anti-ageing properties – Thalgo collagen cream may be just the perfect thing for you. It will nourish your skin to the max while fighting against the first signs of aging – fine lines and wrinkles. You won’t make a mistake with this one!

Sleep like a baby
A good night’s sleep benefits your skin in more ways you can possibly imagine – it boosts your blood flow to the skin, which makes it look much healthier. We all know that sleep deprivation results in puffiness and those dreadful dark circles under the eyes, which is exactly why getting enough sleep should be your top priority. Apart from that, a good night’s sleep may improve your existing skin condition, such as psoriasis or eczema. So, sleep like a baby and stay healthy!

Taking care of your skin before bedtime is essential for your overall well-being, especially in the long-run. A combination of products that are appropriate for your skin type is crucial, as well as good night’s sleep which makes everything better. Make sure that you’re following all the aforementioned tips and you’ll see an immediate improvement!

Zara Lewis, highstylife.

A Treat For You o2 Phone Customers || Free Boots Botanics Cleansing Water With o2 Priority

Us brits don't half love a freebie; if I can claim something for free, even if that is the most pointless item that I'm never going to use, imma gonna do it. So upon o2 prioirty teaming up with boots to give us customers a free boots botanics micellar water, I sped to town as fast as my legs could carry me to grab one off the shelves.
If you've read our battle of the micellars post you will know how much we are currently micellar crazy, with these waters being a quick and easy makeup wipe alternative. This specific one isn't one i've ever tried either, so I was even more of a keen bee to claim this beauty.
With only picking this up today, we can't tell you the true benefits and downfalls of this product, but I have used it once, and it seems to remove makeup beautifully. Look out for it in the August faves, as I'm sure it will be a hit!
If you are an o2 customer, grab one fast; the offer expires on the 3rd August. All you have to do is download the o2 priority app and claim the code - although quick tip, don't claim the code until you are paying. The codes are only valid for 5 minutes until they expire and then you can't get another one. Cheeky devils.
If you are an o2 virgin I'm very sorry, yet these are half price at the moment anyway so you can't go wrong. 
Enjoy grabbing your freebies loves! There is a new freebie with o2 priority and boots every fortnight until the end of the year so you may see similar posts from us soon. Keep yas eyes peeled. 
Have you tried this? Will you be picking up your free one?
Natasha & Emily x

Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette || Review

Right now the blogging world is all about that highlight, specifically after the previous release of this beauty from sleek. If the magnetically shutting lid and gold packaging doesn't already sell it to you (which it did for me - just imagine how gorgeous it looks on the makeup shelf!) then the range of all four colours, including 3 powders and one cream, will do it. "That's going straight in maaa baaaasket". (Although grammatically speaking it 'went', but hey).

As a palette that claims to give a beautiful sheen all over the body as well as the face, expectations were high. Especially after the numerous blogger girlies of whom I know LOVE it, due to great reviews scattered in every internet crevice. I am NOT disappointed! It's easy to get over excited and show too much enthusiasm really quickly with these new, intriguing releases, only to get home to be majorly disappointed and have the world's biggest 'bag on', but this time was not one of them. (If you don't know the term 'bag on', then i'm sorry, I must remember to stop using my bizarre jargon).

On ze face
As par the instructions on the reverse of the ever so beautiful, 'could be high high high end', matte finished box (I get carried away by boxes okay), my cheek bones here are 'Hemisphere' - a lilac toned high light. I've never used a highlight of this tone before, and I did expect to look purple, like barney bear, but it's actually beauts! *drools*
The brow bone here is 'Ecliptic', the only cream of the lot. I did go slightly over board - the rush of adrenaline when my eyes clocked it got the better of me, sorry - yet it is of a beautiful consistency and pigment. 
The other two shades, 'subsolar' and 'equinox', can supposedly be used for the bridge of the nose, cupids bow, and shoulders. If you buy this yourself, check out the instructions on the back of the box for which shade is designed to go where; I do feel that they've got it right, down to the exact point.

Le swatchlings
Left to right - Ecliptic, Hemisphere, Subsolar, Equinox.
Ecliptic is a cream, the rest powders. 

Beautifully pigmented, long lasting (I even showered and could still see the glow - don't worry though, I did remove before bed, I'm not that naughty), and surprisingly low on the price spectrum. C'est belle. 

Even though I haven't tested the hourglass highlighters, I have seen them in action, and I do genuinely believe that these are just as fabulous - for a fraction of the price (don't ask me what fraction though, I canny do maths. There goes the jargon again!)

If you wanna look beautifully glowing this summer, without looking like a sweaty rag, this is the one to pick up for sure!

Have you tried this? How did you find it? 

N&E x

Battle of the nude lip - high end vs drugstore || MAC Velvet Teddy Dupe

We are all in that trap of wanting Kylie Jenner lips right now - don't lie - I know you are. I mean, they are gorge. Several brands are bringing out a myriad of versions, all with their special twists on the trend, so what better time to put two to the test. 

I think it's fairly obvious just from the swatch picture just how insanely similar these two products are in terms of shade; I literally cannot tell the difference. Just to prove how identical these are on the lips, I wore each lipstick on half of my lips, and this was how it looked. I think I could wear this out and no one would tell I was wearing two; there is seriously no need to spend £15 on Mac when Maybelline is only £5! Better save those pennies. 

Left side = Maybelline
Right side = MAC

The only noticable difference between these is, of course, the finish. As advertised, the Mac is matte lip and this is very much true to the name, but I personally feel the Maybelline gives much more of a glossy finish, quite similar to that of the 'cremesheen' Mac lippies. So I guess if you're set on having a matte finish, then I would opt for Velvet Teddy, but otherwise these two are proven identical! I have also worn both of these for a day and in my opinion they had fairly similar qualities in terms of lasting power, too. 

What's your favourite Mac or drugstore lippy? Would love to find some new ones to try out!

Maybelline vivid matte liquid - 05 Nude Flush || Review

The Maybelline vivid matte liquids. Are they matte? Or are they just falsely marketed? We have loved this product for quite a while, yet when a reader commented on our lip collection & swatches post, saying that they were disappointed about this not being as 'matte' as they expected, it got us thinking: are they matte or are they not? Following on from this, I've used this product all week to get a definite feel of it's potential consistency to share with y'all (because you're worth it).

When you think matte, you think drying, uncomfortable and clingy. This product though, is not that. (Not #spon, promise). Your lips won't end up like a camels foot, do not fear. Therefore, I can see how some may see this as not actually being what it says, but we've come to the conclusion that it actually is. Just a creamy matte, more like the NYX Soft Matte lip creme rather than a MAC Ruby Woo. 

Even though previously commenting on this as being completely contrary, we've changed our mind, you just need to stick with it. Originally, I can totally see this as coming across as a gloss rather than a matte, as you can see on the picture on the left. Yet once dried, and left to alter to your lips, it feels more like a light and smooth liquid lipstick; it is by no means an ULTRA MATTE, heavy formula. It does not look like a gloss, but it does give sort of a satiny feeling on the lips, if that makes sense? 

Lasts for hours, feels beautiful, and is a gorgeous colour. Definitely one to give a go.

Have you tried these? What did you think about how mattifying they are?

N&E x

A battle of the micellar waters - Nivea or Garnier? | FloralsAndCoralsx

With intriguing Micellular technology, these waters are all the current rage for removing tough, hard to remove, makeup. Not only is it quick and easy, but it is effective and kind to the skin also. 
After the recent beauty blogger hype, we decided to put two drugstore versions of these to the test, and show you the results so you know which one to buy, and to make you more confident that are not throwing your money down the drain.
For this experiment we used exactly the same makeup on each eye (Makeup revolution double flick liner and Rimmel wake me up wonder-full mascara), using only one cotton pad for each.  
Experiments and skin care in one post? Life made.
Micellar Waters Garnier Nivea
'Nivea Sensitive Skin 3 in 1 Micellar Water'
Nivea Sensitive Caring Micellar Water
Those 'one sweep' adverts on the television that Nivea have broadcast portray this as an extremely simple product to use, that is greatly effective. 
We put this to the test, and here are our results...
Before removal:
Winged eye makeup
After removal: 
Removal With Nivea
As you can see here, there is still slight residue on the top lashes and water line. This is to be expected though; we purposely only used one cotton pad to fully put the two to the test! With one more, and a smidge more effort, the makeup will be a goner. 
'Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water'
Garnier Micellar Water
Being our mostly used Micellar, this bad boy had to be a contender. With a 4.5 star rating on boots, this guy gives you high hopes! This is what we found..
Before removal:
Everyday winged liner
After Removal:
Removal with garnier micellar water
Again, we still can see some residue here, yet it is considerably less and it is in a smaller area; this micellar has not spread the makeup around the eye like the nivea did. At a usual RRP (without sale prices) this micellar is approximately £3.00 more anyway, so a better performance is expected completely.

Sounded more like a science assessment than a blog post, but I do hope this was helpful to you. 
Do you like Micellar waters on lazy, 'no cleanse please' days? Which is your favourite? Let us know!
N&E x

(We are considering making these 'battle' posts into a regular series. Would that interest you guys? What else would you like to see be put to the test? Let us know in the comments! 
They're so fun to write!)

Maybelline 24hr colour tattoo reviews and swatches | FloralsAndCoralsx

I do love a good cream eyeshadow base, don't you? The feeling of being able to whip out that creamy base from the makeup bag in the morning when you've slept in is something we all need in our lives; they are so quick and easy - I don't know what on earth I would so without them! Over the years, I have tried a multitude of cream bases, but I ALWAYS find myself reaching back for my trusty Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo's; being so cheap and with such a beautiful colour range, you really cannot go wrong! So, what better to do then share my five favourite shades with you guys?!
Maybelline 24 hour colour tattoos
Maybelline 24 hour colour tattoos
Maybelline colour tattoo swatches eternal gold on and on bronze permanent taupe pink gold metallic pomegranate
Left to right - Eternal Gold, On and On Bronze, Permanent Taupe, Rose gold, Metallic Pomegranate. 
35-On and on Bronze 
Maybelline colour tattoo on and on bronze
Who doesn't love this eyeshadow, aye? Everywhere I look online these days raves about this; it is just the most perfect bronzy shade to wear all across the lid on those days where you fancy quite minimal makeup, but it is equally as beautiful to wear as part of a bronzy smokey eye. Imagine a goldy Greek goddesses eye makeup, and this is what you'll see. Completely versatile, yet so cheap and easy! Can't go wrong, can you?

05-Eternal Gold

Maybelline colour tattoo eternal gold
Again, this is just the most beautiful natural colour for daily wear. Similar to On and on Bronze, but a little more golden rather than bronzy, you may choose to wear this alone or as a base with golden tones (I love to use this with Tanya Burr's Hollywood eye palette - this shade is so similar to 'Gold Coin'). I actually only bought this a few days ago but it has been a firm staple since, as the shade is not only so natural but also makes my blue eyes pop! 

70-Metallic Pomegranate
Maybelline colour tattoo metallic pomegranate
This shade is very much one for the autumn time, although it does look perfect paired with other looks for other times of the year. Shade wise, I would describe this as a browny burgundy colour, with hints of gold shimmer. I wouldn't wear this on it's own as I'm not a fan of dark colours singularly, but with other bronze shades, this is just perfect!

65-Pink Gold 

Maybelline colour tattoo pink gold
I would say this shade is definitely one everyone needs in their Spring makeup collection! This shade is basically what it says in the name - I would describe this as a light pink with hints of gold shimmer running through it. Truly gorgeous, and beautiful to wear with the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette as this shade very much pairs with the pinky tones from this. My favourite way to wear this is all over the lid, with a little of 'Metallic Pomegrante' in the outer corners to darken it up a bit. It takes literally less than five minutes, but gives the impression that you've actually made an effort at life. Amazing!

40-Permanent taupe

Maybelline colour tattoo permanent taupe
This shade is completety unlike all the others I have mentioned.Fully matte and taupey grey in colour, this one again isn't one I would personally wear alone - this is, in my opinion, definitley the kind of thing you want for a smokey eye base.Saying that, this shade is still absoluetly perfect, and makes your eyeshadow last hours on end! Wearing this with a smokey eye really helps bring out the grey tones too, because of it's own grey tones within it. I wore this for my school prom a few days ago, beneath a smokey eye, and it allowed my eyeshadow to last all night long. A must have for all you smokey eye wearers out there!

What's your favourite cream eyeshadow? Let us know in the comments!

N&E x