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Last night Tanya Burr posted a video sharing the idea of #TBGlobalGoals, a project of which invites viewers to join with Tanya to express their most important world goal out of the 17 given. On the 25th of September 2015 at the United Nations, 193 of our world leaders will take on the global goals in the hope that they will be achieved by 2030. All 17 goals relate to helping the world's poverty, hunger, and other issues in some way, shape, or form. The idea of Tanya's campaign in particular was to get us viewers posting pictures or videos of our chosen goal in creative ways, to then be put into a montage from Tanya, sharing everyone's thoughts.

The goals are : 
1- No Poverty
2- Zero Hunger
3- Good Health And Well-Being
4- Quality Education
5- Gender Equality
6- Clean Water And Sanitation
7- Affordable And Clean Energy
8- Decent Work And Economic Growth
9- Industry, Innovation And Infrastructure 
10- Reduced Inequalities 
11- Sustainable Cities And Communities
12- Responsible Consumption And Production
13- Climate Action
14- Life Below Water
15- Life On Land
16- Peace And Justice Strong Institutions 
17- Partnership For The Goals

Here are some ways in which we managed to express our goal number:

And of course just writing this post and spreading the word to others also.

All of the 17 goals seemed just as important as each other, and so to narrow it down to one was very difficult. In the end, we chose Goal 4, the goal for a quality education to be received by all. With a good education comes more opportunities for that country in particular, helping out with most of the other issues in most ways anyway, in our opinion incorporating them all. Many children and teenagers in the worlds that we are familiar with do get to go to school, and so why shouldn't everyone else too.

We would love for you to get involved too, either by using the hashtag #TBGlobalGoals via twitter or instagram, or emailing videos to tanya.globalgoals@yahoo.com . If you do choose to take part, be sure to tag us too so we can find out your views. This really is an important topic that should not be ignored, so get your thinking caps on, and get creating!

You can watch Tanya's video here for more information or go to the global goals website here.

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  1. I hadn't heard of this before but it's such a good idea to raise awareness of important issues! I would say education is one of the key ones too because it gives kids an opportunity to change their lives :)

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    1. I agree, it's such an important factor to life x

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