Life with a sprinkle of glitter♥

Hello everyone!

Or should I say 'Aloha'?

As I am very sure that the majority of you hardcore 'sprinklearinos' out there already know, Louise released a book not so long ago. After a week of abroad holiday, and therefore of course flights, it's gripping advice and funny tales that Louise shared screamed 'DO NOT PUT ME DOWN' every time I opened up the book. Yep, it's really that good. Spread across four sections with their own chapters, Louise covers all there is to know about glitz, creating, love, and general life, leaving you feeling all fresh and well educated in the world.

One thing I do love about this is Louise's honesty. Her anti-baking chapter in particular, along with her bullying chapter. Taking small insights into her life, she shares never heard before stories that will for sure put a smile on your face. Well, they did mine anyway.

After Louise's body confidence section, I have realised that there is more to life than appearance, and everyone should just "love your body. and remind yourself how gorgeous you are" and soon your confidence will be through the roof. So, thank you Louise, thank you very much. Just because you look different to your friends or other people, why should that make you any worse off? Just 'flaunt it'.

I also think that this would make a great coffee table book too, don't you think? The cover is so pretty and just warms my heart. My mum also said the other day 'oh you can't help but feel that glitter can you?' And I totally understand what she means - the cover has a pot of glitter that is actually glitter and it's the kind of thing that you have to feel every time you see it! 

So that's what I think of Louise's new book, 'Life with a sprinkleofglitter'. This is sort of a different post to what I would usually do but I am one for books so I might do book reviews more often. You can find Louise on YoutubeTwitterBlogger and Instagram. You can also buy the book here here  or here

Thanks so much for reading! 


  1. This is such a lovely review! I really want to get her book as it sounds amazing and I love her videos :)

    Sarah |

  2. This book sounded really good from the way you described it! I'll definitely be purchasing this sometime soon! Xx