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Hello everyone!

W7 very kindly sent us some products to review for you guys, and, even though these only arrived yesterday morning, we are already head over heels in love. In our little bundle, we have been given their 'candy blush' in the shade 'galactic', their 'absolute lashes' mascara, and finally two of their mattenificent lipsticks, in the shades 'Jemima' and 'Teddy Bear'. Both of the lipsticks are so beautifully matte and I just love love love. W7's products are so cheap, which is great for the quality. You really can get a great amount of products without burning a whole in your pocket. 

W7 'absolute lashes'

No Mascara 
Two layers of absolute lashes

I think this mascara has to be my favourite of the whole bundle. Looking at the packaging, I believe that it is meant to be a 'Benefit they're real' dupe, yet only costs £6.95, compared to the benefit price of £19.50. However, I haven't actually tried the benefit one so, in terms of the quality, I can't give a comprison but the packaging is very similar to it which is great as it looks just as high end as the benefit one. The wand on this is amazing, with many, many bristles, ensuring that all of the lashes are covered evenly. If you are looking for a separating, lengthening mascara, then this is definitely the one, but, if you want volume, it probably isn't. I wore this all day yesterday, and it stayed put, so, for the price, go for it! I am so pleased with this mascara and I think it will be my new everyday eye staple.
Buy yours here for £6.95.

W7 Mattenificent  Lipsticks in 'Jemima' and 'Teddy Bear'


These lipsticks are definitely  going to be my go to Autumn staples! On the swatches picture, the closest one is 'Jemima' and the second is 'Teddy Bear'. I think that 'Teddy Bear' is the most perfect dark red for Autumn and 'Jemima' is a beautiful mauve pink that's great for everyday wear. Both with small flecks of glitter and a matte consistency, they stay on the lips for a long while without budging which is just amazing. I think out of the two, 'Teddy Bear' has to be my favourite because I was on the search for a colour like this for Autumn, however I think there will definitely be a lot of every day wear from 'Jemima'! Unlike a lot of matte lipsticks, you can easily apply these straight from the bullet without worrying about a brush which just makes them so easy to apply, especially in a rush in a morning (which tends to be quite a frequent occurance for me!)
Buy your mattenificent lipsticks here for £4.95 each.

W7 candy blush in the shade 'galactic' 

Oh boy isn't this just amazing?! This blush is a beautiful girly pink colour with slight flecks of glitter through it, which really helps to subtly highlight yet add colour to your cheeks at the same time, giving you a really healthy glow. Personally, I find this works great on the apples of your cheeks and I apply this with a stippling brush to make it look as light and natural as possible. For me, this is defiantly more of a Summer/Spring staple rather than an Autumn/Winter one because of the glow it gives, so I will certainly be getting a lot of wear out of it whilst the last signs of Summer disappear. Another thing I adore about this is the fact that it has a mirror as you could easily chuck this into your makeup bag and use the mirror on the go. In terms of the colour pay off, this blush leaves your cheeks perfectly blushed and although it's a powder blusher, it has a creamy consistency makes really easy application.
Buy your candy blush here for £4.95.

So that's everything that W7 sent to us! We would just like to thank them for sending us these amazing products - they are going to some all time favourites! And as always, thanks ever so much for reading every body.


  1. lovely shades of lipstick xo

    Emily | emsalice.com

  2. W7's Absolute Lashes looks really pretty but I think Teddy Bear is my favourite! I don't know why, I guess I'm just a sucker for dark reds.

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'

    1. Oooh haha there is nothing like a dark red lip ;)

  3. That blush is such a gorgeous colour, i love it! :) and that mascara looks amazing too your eyes look a lot bigger whilst wearing it :) x x


  4. Great review! These products sound amazing, especially the blush! :)
    Urban Obsessions // Vegan Food, Beauty & Lifestyle