The best cheap hair curlers out there♥

Hello everyone!

As I was just sat curling my hair for the hell of it (my new very sad hobby...) I thought to myself "yeah, I love these curlers, I'm going to blog about them" so, here I am. I have always loved the way that curled hair looks, but before I invested in these I found it a chore to do. Although the GHD straighteners that I used to use did give a beautiful, beachy, effortless curl, it took for ever, and, as I have long hair, the curls dropped really quickly and therefore the hour spent curling it was useless. But, with these, the "BaByliss 2330GU Curl & Press" curlers, the hair lasts days with the curl and it only takes a maximum of only 15 minutes to achieve. I don't think these are a new release for babyliss, but even so, they are great. 

If you do choose to buy these, do beware that at first you are likely to look like someone from the Victorian times as the curl it gives is very tight, but with a quick brush over they turn big and bouncy and great (unless Victorian is the look you are after of course...).

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  1. I have a very similar looking one from VS Sassoon. It's the only curler that's ever worked well on my long hair (still takes hours though). Great post! :)