August favourites 2015♥

Hello everyone!

As another months flies by, so does my money, whilst finding more and more products on those shelves that screamed "TAAAAKE MEEE". I literally have 90p to in my purse...Yep... 90p... Thanks MAC...

So, for saying we have loved a lot this month, and spent far too much on unnecessary items, we thought it was time for a monthly faves, just so that you can also join the moneyless club. You know how it is...

Mac 'vegas volt' and 'please me'

'Please me' on the left, 'vegas volt' on the right
'Vegas volt' on the left, 'please me' on the right.

So this is going to sound ridiculous but these are the first ever Mac lipsticks I have purchased. Yup, I'm a beauty blogger who has only just bought Mac lipsticks, but I guess I'm just late in the craze. My friends say I'm always behind and I guess I just kinda proved I am. But I can assure you these will not be the last ones I buy! I actually bought these in duty free at Birmingham airport as they were slightly cheaper and were around £12. On the left is the shade 'Please me' which is a matte consistency and is quite a girly pink colour with sort of brown/nude undertones. On the right is 'Vegas Volt' which is an amplified creme. This shade is sort of a corally red and adds a hint of shine to the lips as well as colour, which I especially love at this time of the year because it can help you look a lot more healthy in the sun. Out of the two, I honestly can't choose a favourite, but the one I have worn most has to be Vegas Volt as I find it just great for the summer months. I think when I go back to school I will definitely get more use out of please me though, as its very subtle and long lasting!
You can buy yours here.

Collection 'Work the Colour Matt lip butter' in 'Crimson Velvet'.

So, another lipstick, yep, we have been going lipstick cray cray at the moment! This one is a new release from the brand collection, and is one of their work the colour matt lip butters. So far there are three of these in the range, but I decided to only pick up the shade 'crimson velvet' to see if I liked them. And oh boy I do! These give such a beautiful matt finish at the same time as not drying out the lips, and they last a super long time too. For saying these are only £2.99 from Boots, I would for sure say to try them out for your self. Boots has an offer on at the moment too where you can buy 2 for £5 if you would like to give that a try. Perfect product without burning too much of a whole in your pocket!
You can buy yours here.

Makeup revolution flick thick and thin eyeliner. 

Now this is a must have. After being obsessed with the soap and glory cat eye eyeliner, and running out, we wanted to find something different that did the job just as well. And hey presto, here it is. A big bonus to this also is that it has two sides, one larger and one thinner, depending on how big you want your look to be. It is so easy to apply for beginners, and does last a very long time. At only £3.50 at Superdrug, this is worth giving a go too. 
You can buy one here.

Rimmel Wake me up mascara.

Like the Collection matte lip butters, this is also a relatively new release, this time from Rimmel London. This is part of the 'Wake Me Up' range that they stock, and after loving the foundation and concealer to this, I had to try the mascara also. This is infused with cucumber extracts too, so not only does it smell great, it also does great things towards protecting your eyelashes! I love the wand shape on this, as it gives such great lashes after around two coats. This one was originally £7.99, but at Boots at the moment, there is £2.00 off making it £5.99.
 If you would like to buy one in the offer then you can do so here, because everyone loves a good bit of discount now and again don't they?

New Zoella Beauty 'Tutti Fruity'.

Who doesn't love Zoella Beauty? Last year, when her original range was released, I instantly fell in love with all of the products, and quite quickly gathered a large collection, so when I heard that she was to release another range called 'Tutti Fruity', I was over the moon and simply could not wait to try them for myself. In fact, now that I have tried the second collection, I think I love the smell even more than I loved the first one! Out of Zoe's new collection, I have so far gathered 'Candy Cream' (which has to be my favourite, due to the bursting beads with Acai and blueberry), the 'Foam sweet foam shower gel', the 'Scrubbing me softly body scrub' and finally the 'kissy missy lip balm' (which is so beautifully pigmented that you could use it even instead of a lipstick). We did actually do a separate post on these products a few weeks ago so feel free to check that out here if your interested, although it doesn't involve scrubbing me softly - at the time we didn't have it.
See Zoe's range on Superdrug here.

Malibu Suncream.

This kinda seems like a weird thing to put in a monthly favourites but I have been using sun cream so much recently as I have been on two holidays abroad. I just think it is the number one essential to have in the sun. The one I was using on my holidays was the Malibu medium protection spf 15 sun lotion. I find this great because it is not only water proof but doesn't have too much of a high factor, so you will still tan without burning. I find higher factors will just act as a complete sun block and you will go home  without a tan, hence I use lower factors. I wouldn't say this is the best sun cream I have tried as I don't really have a preference - as long as it does the trick that's all that matters for me - but this was the one I used on holiday and found it worked great. Absolute must have for the summer season!
You can buy one here.

Cathrine Alliott books.

Reading is most probably one of my favourite things to do in my spare time. Losing yourself in a book is just great, don't you think? This month I discovered a new author of whom I have never read before, and she is Cathrine Alliott. Oh my oh my these books are incredible. They are light hearted and easy to read, which I think is my favourite thing about them if I'm honest. So far I have read 'Going too far', 'Olivia's Luck', 'The Real Thing', 'The Old Girl Network' and 'A crowded Marriage' and all of them have been amazing. In fact, I have ordered some more so hopefully they will arrive soon. I just love, love, love.
Find out more information on Catherine here.

So there are all the things I have been enjoying this month. I absolutely love writing these favourites posts because I can just write about everything I love and share it with all of you guys all in one place. Hope you enjoyed, and just remember that some times you gotta treat yourself, even if it does leave you with 90p in your purse...

As usual, thanks ever so much for reading everyone! Big loves...


  1. I would really like to try products from Zoella Beauty range. I love to read too. Never heard about these books before. Amazing post. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

    1. Go for it! They're amazing products. You should also give Catherine Alliott a try too if your into books. And thank you x