Zoella beauty tutti fruity range - 'Kissy missy', 'Candy cream' and 'Foam sweet foam' reviews♥

Hello everyone!

After being a true lover of Zoella's existing floral scented products I was absolutely ecstatic to hear that Zoe was bringing out a new scent to her beauty line, and so of course went straight into ordering on Superdrug as soon as I possibly could! To begin with I have just bought the 'kissy missy' lip balm, 'candy cream' body lotion and 'foam sweet foam' shower gel so that I could smell the products to see how I liked them, but I can honestly say that the tutti fruity scent is my new favourite smell and I will without a doubt be purchasing all her other tutti fruity products some time soon.

Kissy Missy lip balm:

The Kissy Missy lip balm is, like all other products in this collection, a fruity scented product. The scent is hard to describe and the only word I can really think of to describe it is 'fruity', but it is definitely a scent like no other and is completely unique to this range. When you apply this product, it gives a highly pigmented pink finish which I really like about it, as it looks like you've spent time on your lipstick when really all you're wearing is lip balm. I find this amazingly moisturing too and I think it would be perfect for those days where you have a little less time to spend on getting ready. It would also make a great hand bag lip product as it is very quick and easy to apply and is small enough to carry about. In terms of the packaging of this product, it is just a small plastic tub with a screw on lid displaying the products name, which I think is great as it can be very easily stored. The name tag is also really cute and suits the scent well. Kissy Missy is only £3.00 in Superdrug stores or online  which in my option is amazing value for what is essentially a two in one lip product; it adds colour to your lips but also moisturises. I would without a doubt recommend this to anyone. When I applied this earlier, I checked a couple of hours later only to notice that the colour was still on my lips, and for a £3.00 product, I just think that's amazing as it will last a long time.

Foam sweet foam cleansing shower gel:

Again, this of course follows the same scent as the rest of the line - a sweet fruity scent that is in my option totally unique to this collection. With extracts to blueberry and acai this shower gel is specially designed to leave your skin feeling super soft and smelling great at the same time, which I honestly do completely agree with. After using this for the fist time today I came out of the shower feeling super soft and the whole bathroom just smelt fruity and delicious. I also found that this really lathers too so I know that it is doing the job well, and I just find the pearly pink colour of it so cute. The packaging of this is just a long plastic bottle with a baby blue lid, and a sticker that wraps around the center of the bottle, which I find really cute and easy to use in the shower. Again, this is, in my option, great value for money at only £3.50 in some Superdrug stores and on their website. Definite thumbs up for me!

Candy Cream softening body lotion:

Now I must say out of the three products I have reviewed in this post today I have saved the best til last! Again, with extracts of blueberry and acai this lotion works to really soften your skin, but what does it for me is that this little fello has bursting beads that really help to maximize the moisture it gives. Again this just smells like all the rest of the products I have reviewed in this post. I find this cream has a really great thick consistency but still manages to sink into the sink well too, and after being on holiday last week and getting a bit of  a tan I have been using this to try and help keep my tan for as long as possible by keeping my skin as healthy as it can be. I think it is also a great one to apply in the morning too, because the scent is so long lasting and will work for you as a perfume throughout the day. Packaging wise the shape of it is fairly similar to her original line, but this time the packaging is transparent which I love because I can see how much is left and when it's time to stock up! Like all the other products, this just has the tutti fruity logo on and pastel yellow coloured dots which I find really cute and it suits the scent well. This one is slightly more expensive than the other ones I've reviewed and is £5.00, but this is still 100% worthy of the money. You can buy this here or in some Superdrug stores.

Thanks so much for reading!


  1. I've been dyin to try zoe products but hav;nt but one day i will i love her so much ♥

    Nique || www.2nbeauty.blogspot.com

  2. I bought the new zoella products when they first came out but have been saving them for my holiday next week. Can't wait to start using them! They smell amazing :)

    1. They do don't they! I think I even prefer this range to her old one, and I loved that too!x♥

  3. I would love to try the lip balm! Great post!