What's in my travel makeup bag? & Tips for packing makeup!♥

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So as it is finally getting warmer here and the holiday season begins to roll in, I thought what better than to do a travel post, so today I thought I would share with you the kind of things I take away with me, whether that being if your going abroad or just in your own country! I absolutely love seeing other peoples insight into what are the bare necessity makeup products are for their holidays, and so today I hope that you will also love to see what I would usually take too! Some people will probably think that I take far too much, which in all fairness, I do, but I just I am very much an over packer when it comes to this sort of thing! And can we also just apologize for the lack of posts we've been doing recently - we have had so much work to do and have been so busy these past few months that our blog has just been neglected a little, but we promise to try and be a bit more consistent from now on! Sooo enough of the rambling, lets get to it!

The makeup bag I am choosing to use this summer is just an old revlon one that was bought for me as a birthday present a few years ago. After trying out my zoella beauty bags and a range of other ones, this was just the biggest that fit my huge masses of unnecessary makeup products in so I will be using this one this time!

So the first thing I always think about before packing holiday makeup is what I would usually wear on a daily basis. I like to start by thinking about my face makeup; what base do I use, what powder do I like and so on. This time I thought that the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation was the best option for me as I have just been adoring this for at least a year now and it is my number one staple, so I knew for sure that I couldn't go wrong! It also has an sun protection factor of 15 and tiny flecks of shimmer which is great for that summery glow but also with that bonus added protection, which is especially important if your going to a hot country. Once you have thought about what you are wanting to take as a starting point for the face, it's a good idea to think about how you are going to get that to the place you are going in the most efficient way possible without it breaking or leaking. I recommend buying small testers of the desired product online, on websites such as Ebay, so then it will last you perfectly for the trip and won't be too heavy either! This is especially good if you are going abroad due to suitcase weight limits. If you are struggling to find testers online or think that that wouldn't be a good way for you, then another good tip is to buy small containers to put some of your product into. This will also just help to keep the weight as minimal as it possibly can be. You can buy these in any local bargain shop or failing that you can click here to see some on Ebay. You can purchase the one I bought here. There're just too cute to resist...right?

For powder I obviously like to take the Rimmel Stay Matte powder in the shade transparent because since day one this has just been my absolute favourite and it's so great for the money! A powder is definitely a must have on holiday because you just need something to set your makeup so that it doesn't run when your all sweaty and hot. You could also just use this on your face if your not over keen on thick makeup layers, which I tend to do quite often if I'm in hot temperatures because you don't always want to have heavy makeup when your warm. I think it can just make you feel a bit dirty and, in general, really not very nice.

A really important thing to remember when on holiday is keeping your skin protected in the heat, as the harmful sun rays can do all sorts of damage. Some people would just use a sun cream for this, but for me, I really dislike doing that. The consistency seems all too thick and greasy, and it takes far too long to sink in. However, this ultra sun face moisturizer with added SPF of 50 is perfect. It works exactly like a normal under the makeup cream would do, but at the same time adds all day long skin protection. Definitely a step that you shouldn't skip! Mine is also only 30ml, so is great for the baggage limits.

For eyebrows, I am literally only taking one product, and that is the trusty Maybelline brow drama in medium brown. It is great for the warm weather, as I can trust that it will for sure stay put. I am not one for liking harsh brows, so this brow mascara that only adds a little hint of shade is great. Definitely go for this if you prefer a lighter eyebrow.

When going on holiday, you are gonna sweat. Not a pleasant thought, but it is one that shouldn't be ignored when packing that bag. Obviously, with sweat, comes fallen eye makeup, and that is just the worst possible outcome. One of the best products that I have found cheaply to prevent this is the essence I <3 stage eyeshadow base. I will just warn you though, you literally only do need the tiny weeniest dot of this, as they only sell one shade, and it is rather orange toned! Apart from that, I love love love this.

The final thing that I want to talk about is the Maybelline baby skin primer. I mean, we have a lorra lorra lot more products in that bag, but they are just our everyday basics that we have already bored you enough with over the past, like the Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palette and the Maybelline color tattoo in 'on and on bronze' that we use every day. Primer is very important when going on holiday, because, again, you do not want anything at all to slip. I will be applying this just after the Ultra sun cream when on holiday, to ensure the best finish possible, all day long. At the moment, Superdrug have a buy one get second one half price offer on all Maybelline products, so that's for sure worth looking into. 

So, are you going away this year? If so, where?

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