Lush bath bomb, twilight♥

Hello everyone!

Can I just start by apologizing about how long it has been since we last posted, we have been really busy so we are really sorry!
Anyway, here we are, yet again, for a Lush review! If you have read our blog before, you will know how much we love Lush, and our last review from there was soooo long ago now, so we thought we would share a different product with you today. 
The bath bomb that we would like to talk about today is 'twilight', a very simple yet amazingly smelling bomb that claims to 'help you get ready for a good night's rest', with it's combination of lavender and ylang ylang oils. 

(My nail polish is rimmel's 60 second drying varnish in 'mary mary quite contrary')

(We like to combine twilight with the Zoella beauty 'soak opera' for a bit of bubbly fun)

Twilight is one of those bath bombs from Lush that we have always heard good things about, but for some reason have never picked up. I feel like, on the outside, it doesn't look as amazing and colorful as some of the other products in there, but, once on the bath, the pink color gradually changes into darker colors, slowly turning blue. Light pink and light blue are my ultimate favorite colors, so I think that draws me into it a lot. 
When we use Lush products, we almost always chop them in half, other wise you only get one bath out of them. 

The smell of this product is one that you really should experience, and I find it really softening to the skin and, as it claims, it is great for stress. There is also a slight hint of glitter, that makes you feel really happy. 

If you haven't ever tried Twilight, I really recommend that you do, as it is now my new favorite. You can buy yours here or in any Lush store. 

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  1. I like to half mine too so they last longer! I'm so tempted to go and do a lush shopping spree haha. Thanks for stoping by on :) x

    1. Oooh it's great to treat yourself to a Lush spree every now and then although it seems to be a lot more frequent than just now and then for me, haha ooops ;)

  2. That sounds amazing! I been wanting to try a new lush product and I think i'm going to out to get Twilight now! I also love the Zoella 'soak opera' too! xx