Lush bath bomb, twilight♥

Hello everyone!

Can I just start by apologizing about how long it has been since we last posted, we have been really busy so we are really sorry!
Anyway, here we are, yet again, for a Lush review! If you have read our blog before, you will know how much we love Lush, and our last review from there was soooo long ago now, so we thought we would share a different product with you today. 
The bath bomb that we would like to talk about today is 'twilight', a very simple yet amazingly smelling bomb that claims to 'help you get ready for a good night's rest', with it's combination of lavender and ylang ylang oils. 

(My nail polish is rimmel's 60 second drying varnish in 'mary mary quite contrary')

(We like to combine twilight with the Zoella beauty 'soak opera' for a bit of bubbly fun)

Twilight is one of those bath bombs from Lush that we have always heard good things about, but for some reason have never picked up. I feel like, on the outside, it doesn't look as amazing and colorful as some of the other products in there, but, once on the bath, the pink color gradually changes into darker colors, slowly turning blue. Light pink and light blue are my ultimate favorite colors, so I think that draws me into it a lot. 
When we use Lush products, we almost always chop them in half, other wise you only get one bath out of them. 

The smell of this product is one that you really should experience, and I find it really softening to the skin and, as it claims, it is great for stress. There is also a slight hint of glitter, that makes you feel really happy. 

If you haven't ever tried Twilight, I really recommend that you do, as it is now my new favorite. You can buy yours here or in any Lush store. 

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MUA Lash boom volume and Length mascara♥

Hello everyone!

I have loved Makeup Academy products for a very long time, but until recently, have been yet to try any mascaras. So, today we have review of one for you. This time, we are going to talk about the MUA lash boom volume and length mascara, that is so very cheap, at only £3.00 from Superdrug. 

The title, and bottle, of this product claims to give your lashes added volume and length all together, but, after my personal experience using it, I have to say that it very successfully gives length, but I haven't really noticed volume (unless applying several layers). 

The shape of the applicator wand of this mascara is something that I haven't seen before, and I do really like. The larger side at the end ensures that every individual lash gets a coating of product, avoiding clumps and ensuring your lashes look a lot fuller than some mascaras would give. The larger end is created to give the volume, and the thinner end is designed to create the length, but as I said before, the volume end is not really very successful. 

Overall, I would say that if you are looking for something to make your eye lashes voluminous, then I wouldn't go for this, but, to be honest, for the price, you can't really expect much. It gives a very long wear throughout the day, which is good if you are going for a day to night look. 

If you would like to buy one of these you can do so here from Superdrug. They currently have an offer on where you can receive a free MUA eyeshadow when you spend £8.00 or more on MUA products, so I would go for that! I do love MUA eyeshadows!

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Fragrance Direct Haul♥

Hello everyone!

There is just one online shop right now that we cannot get enough of, its virtually impossible to be drawn away because of how cheap all of the highest brands are! This website is FragranceDirect, and today we have a haul from there for you. Over the last couple of weeks we have expanded our collection from here A LOT and so why not share that with you lovely lot? 

Lipglosses - 

Firstly, we have yet again more lipglosses from Tanya Burr's range. You guys know how much we love Tan and her products, so for us to see fragrance direct selling her lipglosses at only £1.99 made us splurge into buying five! Tanya's glosses are normally £6.99, and that is not expensive for how great they are, so for them to be more than half the price it is just AMAZING! We ordered the shades I found nemo, Sparkling dewdrops, Daydream, Just peachy and lunch date. Tanya's products are just so amazingly named according to the shades, so well done Tan!

From left to right ~ Daydream, just peachy, lunch date, sparkling dewdrops and I found nemo.
You can buy Tanya's lipglosses form Fragrance Direct here.

Eyes - 

Next, we bought some cream eye products. Firstly, we have one from Calvin Klein, the tempting glitter cream eyeshadow called 'Retro Silver'. This was extraordinarily cheap at only £3.49. Being honest, we weren't too impressed with this as the pigment hardly shows up, it just comes up as a little glitter, but it is nice on top of smoky eyes.
Now, they only have the shade Retro Bronze left, but you can buy it here on ebay. 
The final eye product that we bought was the Collection 2000 Lasting color gel eyeliner in the shade 'Gold'. We had to try this as it was only 49p, but, again, we were not too impressed and found out that it was nothing special. We prefer to use it as a cream eyeshadow base rather than an eyeliner, but we aren't that disappointed because what can you expect for 49p?! It also comes with a little gel eyeliner brush to apply it with. 
You can buy it here from fragrance direct.

Lipsticks - 

Now, we have the Fashionista double take longwear lipsticks in 'coral' and 'atomic tangerine'. We bought these at 99p, but they are now only 50p which is absolutely and unmissable bargain! We love these to pieces and they are for sure going to be our summer staples. As some of you may know form our twitter, we are actually looking after Lana Sultana's blog for her this May whilst she is away doing uni work, so for a more detailed review you can go over there to read ours. 
You can buy yours here from Fragrance Direct.
Read our full review here.

Nails - 

Last, but by no means least, we have nail products. We bought Essie's Mademoiselle, Boujois' Vernis a Ongles in the shade blue and Rimmel's lycra nail pro nail polish duo in peppermint. All of these were very cheap, and very good. I don't think that you can buy these from drugstores, as they are discontinued, hence the cheapness!
The rimmel duo came with a lycra pro nail polish in 'Peppermint', a gorgeous mint green for spring, along with a strengthening base coat, so for two nail products, it is very cheap.

As you can tell, we have ordered a lot form Fragrance direct, and love it so much! We think you should check it out too!

Thanks for reading, 

Revision/Study tips♥

Hello everyone!

I am sure that, if you live in the UK, you are aware that exam season is all too quickly approaching us, giving us almost zero leisure time and too much revision! All of this week, we have basically been studying and hardly anything else, but it is all worth it in the end!
We are currently only sitting our mock GCSE exams (or PPE's), so they do not count towards anything, but it is still important to do well. 
Over the past few weeks, we have picked up on some great tips to revising from trial and error and finding out what works for us and what doesn't. Of course, these tips are only purely opinion based and they may not work for the type of learner that you are. 

Our first tip may sound really silly but motivates me so so much! That is, just to buy some pretty felt tips that will persuade you to actually take notes. I don't know about you, but nothing excites me more than new pens to write with, they make me all too happy! All different colours can coordinate your notes so that when you are in the exam you can remember the colour and hopefully picture your note page and the notes that were on it. You don't even have to spend a lot of money, ours were only 99p from a bargain shop near to us and are absolutely perfect. 

Another tip is revision guides! I think that the CGP guides are better than all the other ones that we have tried as they manage to make learning more fun, with quirky jokes. 
At the bottom of each page, there are a couple of questions on that topic that you can try and answer, and then, by looking at the answers at the back of the book, you can check whether you were right or not. That way, you are able to learn from your mistakes made.

On your mobile phones or iPads/tablets, I think that it is really useful to make a folder of school apps. These are a few that I have downloaded, but if your would like specific names, then please ask us in the comments. 

Useful websites, resources and apps ~
BBC bitesize , this website is literally a savior! It has all the resources from ks2 all the way up to GCSE and has all of the courses you will ever need! It's also in such great small notes that are so easy to understand. 
myGCSEscience on youtube If you are taking the science core course at your school this genius man will definitely be able to help you! We have watched most of his videos and have learned so much. They are explained so well, and what normally would take a whole hour in lesson he manages to squeeze into a 10-15 minutes video.

myGCSEscience website This is owned by the same person who owns the youtube channel, but here he charges for additional videos. All of the core course is free to watch on youtube, but, if you are willing to pay a bit more towards your education, this is also an option. This is only required for double and triple science takers as the website includes b2, b3, c2, c3, p2 and p3 courses.
Paper by 53 app This app is basically amazing! We have this downloaded onto our iPads and it ensures you can make your own journals and write notes in them electronically. It is such a good way to learn as you can flick through your journal pages in no time at all. It's also 100% free!

Quizlet app this app allows you too make your own flashcards to share with other users and also look at other people cards. It is so handy, and, with it also being free, you can't go wrong!

Getting good grades ~ 
Honestly, don't worry too much. I know teachers are constantly pushing you more and more to get those A - A* grades, but worrying too much can just be too stressful. That doesn't go to say don't work, just be careful with timing when you do. I think that working for twenty minutes, then having a five minute break is the best way to take things in. If you are too stressed out when studying you are doing for no reason as nothing is going to go in. This week I have found that really, you just need to give yourself a break every now and then. 

If you are going to take your exams soon, then we wish you luck! And, if you have already taken them, good luck for when you get your results back. 

I hope these few tips have helped you out a bit, and please share your tips and tricks in the comments. It is always great to see what works for other people and give it a go yourself!

Thank you for reading,