Makeup revolution redemption palette iconic 2 review♥

Hello everyone!

A few weeks ago we ordered the 'Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 2' from Superdrug, and we have not stopped using it! There is a range of twelve beautiful pearly, matte and shimmer shades that can create such lovely day to day or night time eye looks. 
If you read our March Favourites, this palette was mentioned, and I said that I would review it soon, sooooooo today we thought we would share with you some swatches and an overall review of the product, as we have loved it! It reminds us a lot of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes, yet it is just a fraction of the price.

First Six Shades - 

The second shade is by far my favourite of the whole palette. As I have blue eyes, the goldy, orangey tones really make them stand out, and I think that the second colour is a really nice base for this, with the fourth colour blended over the top. 

Last six shades - 

The last colour in this palette is a matte black, that looks fabulous blended in the crease over some of the golds, and under your eye when going for a heavier look. Also, the third ninth shade is a great highlighter for your eye corner and brow bones.

Packaging - 
This palette comes in a black, plastic casing with the Makeup Revolution logo on. As the lid opens, it is really sturdy and strong, and it seems as though it would be hard to break, which is always good!

Price and Quality -
There is no doubt that, for a price of only £4.00, the eye shadows are fabulous! You could easily pay a lot more for a palette like this and still be satisfied. The colours last all day on your eyes too, and, due to the great pigment, not much is required, so the palette will last a long time, so we will for sure be trying the other iconic palettes that Makeup Revolution do too. 

Brush - 
The brush that comes with this is just a normal eye shadow brush with a spongy tip that you would expect to come with a palette. Personally, we don't use these very often, we use the eye shadow blenders that you buy separately, but they are good to evenly add the base shade across your eye lid.

Overall, we adore this palette so much and it is one of the many amazing makeup revolution creations! We use this pretty much everyday when we are not at school, and will continue to for a long time before we find anything better, if ever possible!
You can purchase one of these for yourself here, at Superdrug (they are currently on 3 for 2 with a free makeup bag!) or here, on the Makeup Revolution website.
Thank you very much for reading, 


  1. This looks amazing. I heard about this brand so many times but still haven't bought anything. This palette is amazing as I also have blue eyes. Great review.


    1. Thanks so much:) Would defiantly recommend that you try it♥