No7 Stay Perfect Mascara review♥

Hello everyone!

Today we have a review for you. At the moment we have been on the search for the perfect highstreet/drugstore mascara, so you might be seeing a lot of these mascara reviews within the next few weeks. Not so long ago, we stumbled across the No7 Stay Perfect Mascara in the colour brown/black (you can buy it here on offer for £12.95 down from £18.50), and we have been loving using it since. You can watch a video on the application of this here to get a better look on what this product is like before buying.

Sorry the packaging is a bit ruined!

The applicator is soft and plastic and helps to add both volume and length evenly across the lashes.

As we mentioned, this is in the colour Brown/black, which is a shade I wouldn't usually try for my lashes, although the brown in this helps to make my lashes look a lot more natural, so I will for sure start buying brown more in the future, and see what comes of it. 

Not only is this mascara gorgeous on you lashes but I also love the packaging. It is simply gold with its name across it in black, and although it can seem quite standard, I think it just makes it look a lot more sophisticated and like it cost a lot more than it did.

I would for sure recommend this to anyone who is looking for a fabulous mascara, although it is slightly more on the pricey side for a drugstore product.

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Bargain spring nail colours♥

Hello everyone!

Today we thought we would do a post that we wouldn't usually do, and this is a nails post! We adore that art of being able add colour to our nails, and so why not share with you today our favourites at the moment?

As spring approaches, I become more and more drawn to the pastels and the pinks, as I think these are just great for this time of the year and really express the girly element to spring. Today we have a range of pastels and brighter colours from many different brands to show you that we have been obsessed with so far this spring. Here goes!

First of all is one of my favourites of the whole post, and this is the Essie nail polish in the colour Mademoiselle. This is a very pale pink colour that is perfect for day-to-day wear when your not wanting too much colour. Although the colour of this is amazing, you do need quite a few coats before it shows up as it is that pale it's almost transparent. I got mine for an amazing £2.50 down from £7.99 on frangrance direct, and the offer is still on so you can buy it here. They also have more colours to choose from. 

Secondly is the Makeup Revolution nail polish in the colour True Blue. This is a bright light blue colour that I think is amazing for those days where you want a bit more brightness. Again, this is amazingly cheap for what is is and is only £1 in highstreet/drugstores. You can buy this here on superdrug or here on the Makeup Revolution website (it is currently on offer here for 50p down from £1.00!) 

Next is a PS Love nail polish from the Primark makeup range. This doesn't have a specific name but is a coral colour with bits of gold shimmer. We picked this up for an amazing 80p down from £1 in our local Primark a few weeks ago, and we have loved it since. Unfortunately we can't provide you with a link because Primark doesn't have a website, but you should be able to buy it in any store along with another range of colours. However, it does chip quite easily but for the price you can't go wrong!  

Now comes my all time favourite nail polish brand, and this is the Tanya Burr cosmetics range! This is in the colour Peaches and Cream and I think the name describes the shade well; this is a pale pink/peachy colour. We bought ours from Superdrug for £5.99, but today we have found the range on fragrance direct for only £1.15, so obviously we have made an order and ordered way too many lipglosses from Tanya's range, ahah (we will do a Frangrance Direct haul soon.) 
With our last order that we made we were given a 10% off code, that is valid for all of April 2015, the code is APRIL10 so if any of you would like to make an order then you can try to put this in at the checkout. We have already used this code and we are not sure if it can be used more than once, but it is there if you want to give it a go. 

Next is the Rimmel London 60 seconds nail polish in the shade 621 Mary Mary quite contrary. Not only is the colour gorgeous and the name amazing, but this really does dry quickly as advertised. Unfortunately, I think this is discontinued, but you can buy it here on Ebay for £1.99. We found ours in the pound shop so of course we were amazed and had to try this out! It comes out paler than it looks, but with a few coats you can easily build up the pigment. As you can see, this is a lilac/gray/light blue colour all in one and looks great on a day to day Spring basis.

Finally is the Barry M Nail Paint in the colour 308 Berry ice cream. We bought ours a couple of years ago now and have had A LOT of use out of it (hence the kind of ruined bottle ahah.) This is only £2.99 on Superdrug which we think is a bargain for a such good quality polish. It comes out very strongly so only one coat is needed, allowing it to not only last a long time but also take so much less time to apply, dry and remove. As you can tell, this is a pastel lilac shade that is perfect for this time of the year.

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Sunny dog walks, Easter chicks and beautiful blossom!♥

Today we have more of a lifestyle post for you. Here in the UK it has been so sunny recently (spring has sprung!) and today it has reached as high as 20 Celcuis, which sounds like nothing but for here this is a rarity! So today we decided to take out one of our four dogs on a long walk down our local canal and took some lovely photos along the way which we thought we could share today. Ohhhh how we do love Spring.

Sorry for all the photos, we just get over excited like little kids at on Christmas day ahah. I can honestly say that Spring is my favourite season and blossom and baby chicks will never fail to excite me. 

Thanks so much for reading

Makeup revolution redemption palette iconic 2 review♥

Hello everyone!

A few weeks ago we ordered the 'Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 2' from Superdrug, and we have not stopped using it! There is a range of twelve beautiful pearly, matte and shimmer shades that can create such lovely day to day or night time eye looks. 
If you read our March Favourites, this palette was mentioned, and I said that I would review it soon, sooooooo today we thought we would share with you some swatches and an overall review of the product, as we have loved it! It reminds us a lot of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes, yet it is just a fraction of the price.

First Six Shades - 

The second shade is by far my favourite of the whole palette. As I have blue eyes, the goldy, orangey tones really make them stand out, and I think that the second colour is a really nice base for this, with the fourth colour blended over the top. 

Last six shades - 

The last colour in this palette is a matte black, that looks fabulous blended in the crease over some of the golds, and under your eye when going for a heavier look. Also, the third ninth shade is a great highlighter for your eye corner and brow bones.

Packaging - 
This palette comes in a black, plastic casing with the Makeup Revolution logo on. As the lid opens, it is really sturdy and strong, and it seems as though it would be hard to break, which is always good!

Price and Quality -
There is no doubt that, for a price of only £4.00, the eye shadows are fabulous! You could easily pay a lot more for a palette like this and still be satisfied. The colours last all day on your eyes too, and, due to the great pigment, not much is required, so the palette will last a long time, so we will for sure be trying the other iconic palettes that Makeup Revolution do too. 

Brush - 
The brush that comes with this is just a normal eye shadow brush with a spongy tip that you would expect to come with a palette. Personally, we don't use these very often, we use the eye shadow blenders that you buy separately, but they are good to evenly add the base shade across your eye lid.

Overall, we adore this palette so much and it is one of the many amazing makeup revolution creations! We use this pretty much everyday when we are not at school, and will continue to for a long time before we find anything better, if ever possible!
You can purchase one of these for yourself here, at Superdrug (they are currently on 3 for 2 with a free makeup bag!) or here, on the Makeup Revolution website.
Thank you very much for reading, 

Baking ~ Double Chocolate Loaf Cake♥

Hello everyone!

With it being the Easter school holidays over where we live, today we decided to bake. Baking is one of our favorite things to do in spare time, I love to see the outcomes and even when it doesn't go to plan, I love learning from the mistakes that we previously made when trying again. 
After browsing the internet for a nice, quick and easy recipe, we stumbled across this one, a double chocolate loaf recipe, that truly looked scrummy!

Ingredients ~
To make your own double chocolate loaf cake you will need - 
175g of soft butter
175g of caster sugar
3 eggs
140g of self raising flour
100ml of milk
4 table spoons of coco powder
50g of chocolate chips or chunks 
Extra chocolate for decorating. 
(The recipe does also say to include 85g of ground almonds and half a teaspoon of baking powder, however we don't like almonds and didn't have any baking powder in so did it without and the outcome was fine. If you do chose to make this and would like to add the almonds and baking powder then feel free to do so, you can adapt the recipe however you like to suit you.)

Method ~
As with most recipes, the first step is to preheat the oven and to line your tin. For this, you will need a loaf tin, and for fan ovens, like ours, you need to set it to 140 degrees Celsius. If your oven is gas, then it is gas mark 3, and if it is electric then it is 160 degrees Celsius. 

Then, add your 175g of butter and sugar into a mixing bowl, before mixing with a electric whisk (a hand whisk will do if you don't own an electric one) until all mixed together and it is light and fluffy.

Next, crack in your three eggs, add your self raising flour, add your coco powder and pour in the milk before whisking again. 

(All mixed together, mmmmmmmm)

The last step before putting them in the oven is adding your 50g of chocolate. With it being Easter on Sunday, we had eggs that our family and friends have kindly gifted to us, so we used these. 

Then, pour into your lined and greased tin and cook for 45-50 minutes!
For some reason, ours took around one hour and twenty minutes before it was done, but the recipe we used said 45-50 minutes so I would say if you are going to make it then go with that and if it still isn't finished then leave it for a little longer. You can tell if it is done by putting a cocktail stick or skewer into the middle and seeing if it is dirty or not. If it comes out dirty then it isn't done yet. 

Once out of the oven, leave to cool then cover in melted chocolate. 

This recipe is truly scrumptious and very easy to do. We found this on bbc good food, and you can take a look at the original here.
If you decide to make one of these then please tweet us @floralandcoral or tag us on instagram @livelaughlovee_x , we would love to see your recreations!
We hope that you have had a truly amazing Easter if you celebrate it.
Thank you for reading,