Evening Routine♥

Hello everyone!
After a long day at school, or a lazy day at home, I love to have a proper relaxing evening. Winter is quickly creeping away from us, opening the curtains to a whole knew season, spring. I do love the warmer weather, although I very much will be missing the darker evenings and the cozy nights, the reason why I am making the most of them now. 
On a usual evening off all things pamper, we will first start by getting off that uncomfortable school uniform and getting on our fluffy onesies, with bunny ear hoods up and all. We will then wipe away that horrible feeling of the days dirty air and makeup, using the one and only Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish hot cloth cleanser. We have heard so many fellow bloggers, and Youtubers like Gabby and Zoe, talk about this product, but we have never ventured into buying as it is indeed classed as high end. Being young teens, still in education, higher end products are normally something that we avoid, however, for what this product does, it is soooooo worth it! One pump of this heavenly product provides all skin types with the moisture and cleanliness that it needs to look and feel as healthy as it should do. Honestly, even if you are like we were and you prefer to keep on the cheaper side of things, just try this, you will never go back! The muslin cloths that these come with are soft, yet nice enough to polish your skin perfectly. After using this I have seen a dramatic difference in how my skin looks, and the amount of makeup that I know wear is minimal compared to before. 
After this, I would normally apply the Liz Earle Instant boost skin tonic, a lovely toner containing aloe vera, cucumber, and natural vitamin e sources to provide your skin with everything it could ever need. This is to be applied with either cotton wool, or a cotton wool pad, over your skin and your will ultimately feel more refreshed and awake for doing it. 
Then, a great thing that we like to do is, of course, face masks! For our birthday we received these superdrug ones, of which we have never tried before, but we love them! I am currently wearing mine as I am writing this, and I can feel it working away, refreshing my skin. The one that I am wearing is the yoghurt smoothie mask, for normal to dry skin. Its cocoa butter, vanilla and honey extracts join together to make an amazing smell, and moisturizes your skin so nicely! Being around the same price as the more well  known Montagne Jeunesse masks, I honestly prefer these! To take off the masks, use cold water because it opens up the pores, allowing the bathroom steam to really deeply cleanse those pores!

And of course, the lush bath! As I'm sure you know, we are obsessive over lush but I am really not ashamed to admit it! I chose to use the Heart Throb Bubbleroon today, and as this was part of the lush valentines range we unfortunately can't link it as it's no longer avaliable:( However any bomb or bubblebar would do, it's just a matter of what you fancy on the night! This particular one was made up of two hearts joined together with a glitterly filling, kind of like a macaroon, hence the 'Bubbleroon'. In the pictures is just one of the joined hearts as I have used the other in the past. Once crumbled under running water, it forms a beautiful red bubble bath with little gold sparkles, leaving you looking sparkly and smelling amazing afterwards! Cute!

In the bath, my favourite thing to do it either read or watch Pretty Little Liars. We are only 2 episodes away from catching up with Pretty Little Liars and are hoping to do this tonight, before another episode is released onto netflix tomorrow! Without ruining too much for you all, the show starts with five girls, who are best friends, sharing each others secrets and looking out for each other. Then their ringleader, Alison Dilaurentis, disappears, the birth of the girls stalker '-A'.  We are honestly addicted to this show and you should all definitely watch it if you haven't already. Because of how close we are to finish, I watched this in the bath tonight. To those who do watch it, who do you think 'A' is? Would love to hear any theories you guys have in the comments:)
My favourite shower gel and cream to use at the moment is The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit shower gel and the same in the body cream. This scent is just, in my opinion, honestly the most gorgeous scent to go into spring with and smells just like tasty summer fruits! It also makes my skin feel amazing. Definitely give this a go if you love more of a fruity smell! 
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  1. I love watching PLL's. Great post and I really like the products you showed.


    1. Aw ahaha me too! It's amazing! And thank you <3xx