Puppies, puppies and more puppies!♥

Hello everyone!

So, a couple of weeks ago one of our doggies had puppies! It was such an amazing thing to witness, and is something that our family enjoys; this will be the sixth litter we have experienced and the second that this dog has had (we have 4 dogs). 

Our dogs are Cocker Spaniels, and this particular litter produced 2 blue roan males, 1 black male, 2 blue roan females and 1 black female. They are now six weeks old and are beginning to walk and are currently being weaned, eating mashed weetabix and goats milk (dogs are allergic to cows milk) for supper and pedigree puppy meat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Very messy, might I add, but very cute! Their eyes are now open to see the world, and they have little baby teeth coming through, even their little yelps are developing quickly into barks. Mummy of the litter, is Poppy, our four year old Blue Roan bitch, who is as crazy as anything, and Daddy, is Jim, seven year old Black and Tan boy who is the softest dog you will ever come across. Both are just the sweetest doggies ever and always manage to produce the cutest little dots fathomable.  

Blue roan boys

The three boys


 Black boy.
Poppy (Mummy) feeding her babies!

As always, witnessing such nature is absolutely amazing and to watch families come and choose their pet is so heart warming, even if it means us leaving them haha. I hope you enjoyed this as I know it was very different to the usual kind of post, but I thought it would be nice to document this so we have memories for the future!
Thanks for reading!