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Ok, first of all can I just say that this post is gonna be a biggun'. We just have so much to say and I hope you don't mind! This post is one we've wanted to do for ages, but have kept resisting the urge until our collection grew larger, however, last Saturday we bought the last product left to try from this range (other than the beauty bags) and so we can finally do one for you! Hopefully I will soon be getting the 'Just say yes bag' because I'm IN LOVEEEEE!!!!!!!

Can we just start by saying that Zoe is an absolute inspiration to us and has been for at least a year, and not only that but her products are simply the best! Our first product we purchased was the Body mist, and undoubtedly this has to be a favourite! Then we bought the rest of the products, the Soak Opera, Moisturiser, Candle and fizz bar. Today we wanted to give you a little review on each as we have ADORED them all! Well done Zoe!

 Like we mentioned earlier, this was our first purchase and we love it so so so so much! All her products have the same kind of floral scent and kind of reminds me of Marc Jacobs Daisy (I haven't tried this enough to certainly clarify this but from the testers I've sniffed this is an amazing cheap dupe!).

This was only £8 from Superdrug but is also available on feelunique, as are most of her products, which I think is a bargain. We particularly love the packaging too, good job, Zoe!:)

2. Zoella Beauty Let's Glow Candle.
Unfortunately we cannot link this one for you  because it is out of stock at the moment, but it cost £5.00 and again this was from either superdrug or feelunique. I absolutely adore candles whilst watching TV (Pretty Little Liars is our favourite at the minute!) at night or whilst in a lovely bath, so this one suited me well!  Again, the packaging of this is so pretty!<3

It has the same gorgeous, girly floral scent as all the other products have and is perfect! I would for sure recommend this if you are a candle person like us! We're due to buy another one of these as, as you can see, there is probably only another 1 or 2 uses out of this which makes us super sad but it has been used well!

3.Zoella Beauty Fizz Bar.

 The fizz bar is a more recent purchase for us,and was only bought last weekend. We got ours from Superdrug for only £4 instead of £5 (the offer is still on if you want to check it out!) and haven't yet used it. Although, from the images I have seen, this is made up of 8 squares that you break off. Zoe once said in one of her videos that this was like a chocolate bar, and i guess in many aspects it is.

Again, the packaging is so so pretty and I just LOVE the way it is overall presented and laid out. The idea that you can just break off as many cubes as you feel need is perfect also, as you may not always want a massive bath all of the time. Amazing product!

4. Zoella Beauty Creamy Madly Dreamy Body Lotion

This body lotion is yet again another
one of Zoe's amazing inventions 
that everyone should give a try.
I prefer to used this on my body
in the morning rather than a night
because the gorgeous scent lasts and 
can be smelt on your skin all day

The rose gold title on the packet really looks so pretty and makes it look like a high end product, when really it only costs £5.00! All I have left to say about this is that it is perfect!

Our final product is the Soak Opera. 
When this arrived we were so impressed 
by how much actually came in the bottle and the colour of the actual shower gel/bubble bath is a really pretty baby pink. This lathers really well as a shower gel so only a small amount in needed to cover the whole body, making it last a long long time.

Overall, I bloomin' LOVE the Zoella Beauty range and you all need to try them out if you haven't already. Well done Zoe, we are so proud!
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  1. Lovely review! I love your photos ^-^
    - Sarah | Sarahanne14

    1. Sorry about commenting again but I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out the rules on my blog here

      -Sarah | Sarahanne14/

    2. Ah thank you so much. We are working on our Liebster award post now <3

  2. Great blog post :)

    Lovely blog :)

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  3. I love the body lotion and the body mist too!


  4. Nice and thank you so much for your support!! I deeply appreciate it ;)
    My Lyfe ; My Story

  5. Oh my flipping flip!! I completely love and hate Zoella beauty posts because here in South Africa we can NOT get her products at all and they are absolutely gorgeous. I swear they are pretty enough to not ever use :P
    I may have to place a very expensive order with a British courier service thanks to your post :P...



    1. Haha they are very pretty! You should for sure try them out even if it does mean paying a little more for postage<3 feelunqiue.com does worldwide shipping if it helps :)

  6. It's so gorgeous!! I can't buy because I'm from Brazil and doesn't have her products :( but okay, I really love it!!


    1. Aw, feelunique.com does worlwide shipping and they sell her products! Although I think postage would cost a lot. <3