Top Drugstore Autumn Skin Picks♥

Oh I love Autumn, don't you? The weather starts to turns, the leaves fall, Christmas is just round the corner and best of all, makeup choices change to those beautiful, dewy, looks that you can only get away with in Autumn. So, to celebrate the arrival of Autumn, although a little late, I am going to share my top skin autumnal makeup picks from the drugstore. Enjoy!

I love a cream blush in the Autumn as it can help to give much more of a dewy look, as if you are flushing from the brisk cold weather, and I like that. The way I tend to apply this is just by dabbing a really small amount into my skin with my ring finger, and then blending with the foundation brush I used if necessary. Using the used foundation brush will help to make it look slightly more natural as it will blend it in more with your skin tone. This one is only £2 - an absolute bargain in my books!

Again, this is another cream product. I find that this bronzing stick is great as it does have shimmer and it also blends so well, helping to highlight but also contour your cheek bones, however if you were to use this, just note that only a small amount is necessary as you could end up looking like a glitter ball at an 80's disco. I like to either use a real techniques expert face brush or a real techniques contour brush to blend this product depending on how heavy I want it. You could even use this as a beautiful bronze cream eye shadow, and so for just £4, this product is an all round holy grail for me!

I just had to include this product in this post because this is basically my must have when it comes to contour! With a highlight and contouring powder, this kit is perfect for adding a bit of colour to your face, which is certainly something I do not have in the cold Autumn time! The subtle highlight can also add radiance to your face when needed, which again is also something I definitely lack in the Autumn months! At first glance I would also class this as a high end product as the packaging is stable and secure and the product blends amazingly well; total must have for me! I've even hit pan on both sides, and that hardly happens because I love trying new things so often, so it obviously must be well loved!

For me, Autumn is for sure the time when my skin needs the most coverage. The cold seems to make my skin so red and blotchy, and so a foundation is definitely a must have for me. At the moment, the Rimmel lasting finish foundation is the one I am using as I am going through quite an oily stage, but if your skin is more dry then I wouldn't say this would be the best foundation to use as it is quite thick and does cling to dry areas. Otherwise, for any other skin type I think this foundation would do the job nicely as it gives quite a high coverage but is still subtle enough to get away with for daily wear. Its also really cheap, too! If you have a body care store near you, have a look in there as I have found that this product can actually be considerably cheaper from there.

What have you been loving on your skin this Autumn? 

Top 3 Autumn Drugstore Eye Picks♥

Autumn really is the time that your eyeshadow can get creative. Gold bases with plum crease colors, even the a classic grey smokey eye, I feel like it really is the time to go different to that everyday bore that I tend to stick to. Since Autumn began a couple of months ago, I have been loving a fair few different eye products from the drugstore. I do feel that it is very easy to get stuck into using the products on the pricier side, when in actual fact there really are some great bargains out on the high street that need more recognition.

Tanya Burr's new collection went down like a storm with the beauty lovers recently and this Hollywood eye shadow palette that was released includes the perfect Autumn goldy/browny colours. The palette enables you to achieve a beautiful gold smoky eye to pair with a bold berry lip at this time of the year.
We reviewed this fully over on our blog here.

This has been a favourite of mine for months any way, and so when Autumn begins to arrive, I cannot wait to put it back into my everyday routine. It's beautifully shimmery golden colour is perfect underneath a gold smoky eye, and it blends amazingly. For only £4.99, you cannot go wrong. Mine is very nearly all gone and so a trip to Boots calls I think!

The combination of the twelve shades in this palette are just Autumn all over, including some muted tones, some golds, some plums and some beautiful browns. If you think about it, all in all, if shadows of a similar colour were to be bought from MAC, singularly, it would come to around £136, yet this palette is only £4.00, and of a very close quality! Buying higher priced products is some times necessary, but, at times, I love to experiment with those on the cheaper side.

What have you been loving for your eyes this Autumn? 

Pumpkin Carving Antics♥

Halloween. The one time that it actually seems enjoyable to get your hands sticky and covered in pumpkin guts, getting over excited like a child. Pumpkin carving is so creative and it is a task of which I enjoy every time the end of October comes around. I especially love the finished pumpkins with tealights lighting up various rooms in the house, hopefully looking vaguely scary, but most of the time not actually doing so (in my case, anyway...). Not so long ago, we carved our pumpkins to decorate our home and thought we would share our designs with you today.

When carving pumpkins, we cut a hole from the bottom rather than the top. This is a different technique to what I have usually done with my family in the past, but it so much easier! You no longer have that worry that the lid won't fit back into it's original hole, and the bottom can just be discarded, leaving the tealight on the surface you are putting your pumpkin on, rather than the pumpkin flesh itself. (Mmmm...pumpkin flesh...tasty).

The particular pumpkins that we used were from Morrisons for only 50p, which I thought was a bargain. So much fun for 50p, eh? 

This year, I decided to go for a less traditional pumpkin, one of which was not a scary face, but instead an attempted crescent moon with bats.

And my sister, the other owner of this blog, did a more original pumpkin. A scary Halloween face that looks awesome in the dark.

How have you carved your pumpkins this year? Send us photos on twitter, @floralandcoral , we'd love to see your creative ideas!

Top Autumn Drugstore Lip Picks♥

Lipsticks are definitely my favorite ever makeup products created, and always have been, so narrowing my autumnal shades down to a top five was not something of which I found easy to do. (I do now feel terrible for the ones that I have left behind, but that's life, we just gotta roll with it). I just live for bold lips and so when the leaves begin to yellow even the tiniest bit I dig out my collection and go cray cray for them, fitting as many different ones in as I possibly can in one day. The deep reds, deep purples, plums and even darker nudes I adore endlessly but when October arrives I finally have a reasonable excuse to dig them out. 

From left to right - W7 Teddy Bear, Natural Collection Raspberry, Rimmel Kate Moss 107, Soap and Glory Nudist.

Oh me oh my, this lipstick is amazing, although highly cliche, sorry guys. I am sure you have heard so many other people talking about this product at the moment as it is, for many people, THE autumn lipstick. It's beautiful matte finish helps it's staying power to be phenomenal and it's wine pigment is gorgeous for this season. Cant go wrong for just £5.49!

This lipsticks literally costs only £1.99 and lasts hours upon hours. It is a beautiful muted pinky red that goes perfect with a gold/brown smoky eye and a blushed, contoured cheek. It is like nothing I have seen before and so for that, I love it! It is not a berry tone, not a nude tone, but not a pink tone, it is all three in one. Love, love, love.

This shade is actually really similar to the Rimmel one, except that it does contain some shimmer and is slightly more red toned. But, apart from that, it is practically identical. Again, it has a gorgeous matte consistency that helps it to stay put for hours. It is also a little cheaper and so if you are looking for a less expensive option that won't burn a hole in your 
pocket, this one would probably be better for you.

I do love this all year round, but Autumn is the perfect time to put it in use. Recently, Soap And Glory have released a new packaging and reduced the price. The new packaging is smaller and more compact than this one, and so would be more useful for handbag use. The consistency of this is gorgeous and it sits so beautifully, giving a good, not over the top, amount of gloss. The colour is very 'my lips but better' and so therefore is very natural indeed, a great option for everyday if you are a little more cautious of the bold, berry tones.

What are your current lip obsessions? Let us know!

Autumn Sundays♥

That time of year has arrived again when the trees begin to take on their vibrant yellows, reds and oranges whilst we all cuddle up at home with candles, netflix and blankets. It is my all time favorite time of the year and so this fine Sunday afternoon we decided to hop off out at make the most of it, taking cameras, scarves and welly boots with us a long the way. So, why not share our day to you on our little place on the internet for you to enjoy (hopefully...) just as much as we did..Warning, there are a lorra lorra photos to come!

 We found a lil' froggy along the way.

What do you like to do around this time of the year? Let us know, we do love to chat!

Beauty UK haul♥

On my latest Superdrug trip, I stumbled upon the Beauty UK rack of which was absolutely covered with £1.00 sale stickers. Being a student myself of whom doesn't work, this certainly made my eyes light up and my basket fill. Whether they are cheap because they are closing down or whether there is just a general sale, I do not know (such a good beauty blogger...), but it was definitely worth buying as much as I possibly could to try out. I think I may even give some of these as presents! So, without further a do, let's show you everything that dropped into my basket. 


From the range, the two products that I decided to pick up were lips and nails. For nails, I went for two gorgeous autumnal shades, a blue shade, a blue/pink glitter and a top coat.

Beauty UK's Gel Posh Polish  in 'Blue Himalayan'.

This beautiful blue caught my eye almost instantly and I knew that it would not be one to leave lonely on the shelf. It's gel formula will hopefully amount to a long lasting shine on the nails that will not chip easily. For £1.000, there was absolutely no reason why not. (Apart from the fact that I already have enough nail polishes and that I am a complete hoarder, but we will forget that shall we?)

Beauty UK's Posh Polish in 'Pinkabloo'.

I bought this glitter solely as I thought it would be lovely to layer over the top of 'blue Himalayan' as the two go so gorgeously together. The little hint of pink in here add something a little different to just all blue, but is subtle enough. Even though it is only September, I am secretly looking towards Christmas and this would be so beautiful for a Christmas/New year party. Or even bonfire night would be great, as these colours do remind me of fireworks. Ahhh. 

Beauty UK nail polish in 'red royale'.

Oh me oh my! I love this shade! It has a slight hint of gold shimmer that catches in the light, and will for sure be my Christmas day shade. I could pretend that I haven't already thought about that, but I have so...yeah...

Beauty UK nail polish in 'Cherry bomb'.

If you have read this blog for a while, you will know how much of a sucker I am for Autumn. The crispy leaves, plum colored lips and nails and layering of clothes just gets to me. This colour is PERFECT for that. I am in love with this so very much, and will for sure be a staple this fall.

Beauty UK 'Ultra gloss top coat'.

Finally for nails I bought this top coat. Not much to say really as I haven't tried it out yet, all I know is that I needed a new top coat and this was very cheap indeed.


Moving on, we have lip colours. I only opted for three of which are all sort of the same tones, but never the less, I was not by any stretch of the imagination going to leave them out. That would be cruel, right?

Beauty UK's lip lush in the shade 'kiss me'.

Lets be real here, the only reason I picked this up was because of it's applicator. It has a sponge on the end of the tube that is so unique and different to anything else that I have seen. This is one of the only things I have already tried; I must say I am not impressed. The colour hardly pays off at all, but for £1.00 I don't know what I was expecting. Never mind eh? 

Beauty UK's posh pout in 'Sugar Plum Fairy'.

As I previously mentioned, I am for sure terrible when it comes to Autumn, hence this purchase. The shade and name of this just screamed at me at first sight, and so it would be wrong for me to have not picked one up. 

Beauty UK's posh pout in 'Power to the purple'.

So, last but by no means least is another posh pout. This one is 'power to the purple' and I must say is very similar to 'sugar plum fairy', but cashing in at only £2.00 for both why not get two similar shades for no reason but for loving them?

Overall, I am really pleased for what I managed to get for the money, and do very much hope that Beauty UK aren't  closing down...If you are a better beauty blogger than I am, and know these things, then please enlighten me. Nothing like a good bargain is there?

#TBGlobalGoals , our goal and sharing awareness♥

Hello everyone,

Last night Tanya Burr posted a video sharing the idea of #TBGlobalGoals, a project of which invites viewers to join with Tanya to express their most important world goal out of the 17 given. On the 25th of September 2015 at the United Nations, 193 of our world leaders will take on the global goals in the hope that they will be achieved by 2030. All 17 goals relate to helping the world's poverty, hunger, and other issues in some way, shape, or form. The idea of Tanya's campaign in particular was to get us viewers posting pictures or videos of our chosen goal in creative ways, to then be put into a montage from Tanya, sharing everyone's thoughts.

The goals are : 
1- No Poverty
2- Zero Hunger
3- Good Health And Well-Being
4- Quality Education
5- Gender Equality
6- Clean Water And Sanitation
7- Affordable And Clean Energy
8- Decent Work And Economic Growth
9- Industry, Innovation And Infrastructure 
10- Reduced Inequalities 
11- Sustainable Cities And Communities
12- Responsible Consumption And Production
13- Climate Action
14- Life Below Water
15- Life On Land
16- Peace And Justice Strong Institutions 
17- Partnership For The Goals

Here are some ways in which we managed to express our goal number:

And of course just writing this post and spreading the word to others also.

All of the 17 goals seemed just as important as each other, and so to narrow it down to one was very difficult. In the end, we chose Goal 4, the goal for a quality education to be received by all. With a good education comes more opportunities for that country in particular, helping out with most of the other issues in most ways anyway, in our opinion incorporating them all. Many children and teenagers in the worlds that we are familiar with do get to go to school, and so why shouldn't everyone else too.

We would love for you to get involved too, either by using the hashtag #TBGlobalGoals via twitter or instagram, or emailing videos to . If you do choose to take part, be sure to tag us too so we can find out your views. This really is an important topic that should not be ignored, so get your thinking caps on, and get creating!

You can watch Tanya's video here for more information or go to the global goals website here.

Thanks for reading,