Nikon Coolpix l830 ~ What we got for Christmas 2014 #1. ♥

Hello everyone!

Firstly, we would like to apologise because haven't blogged since the start of December, so we are really sorry! We have plans to do a post everyday until the new year to make up for it and try to get back into the spirit. Thank you for your patience!

These blogs that we plan to do until January (approximately the 4th) will be posts of 'what we got for christmas 2014', and each one will include an individual item that we got this year that we particularly love. We are in no way bragging about our gifts, we are extremely grateful for everything we get and we feel extremely privileged. We just know that we are nosey when it comes to things like this and absolutely love knowing what everyone else got, so i hope you guys do too. Also, just because we only get chance to show you a few, that does not mean we do not love them all a lot! Thanks everyone who bought for us this year.

Today we have decided to show you our main present, our Nikon coolpix l830 that we were aware that we were getting and were so excited for! All blog pictures will now be taken on here rather than our iPad so hopefully picture quality will improve for you! Woo hoo!
(A couple of example pictures we have taken today to show the quality)

This camera is a nice one for beginners who like taking a few photos in their spare time, as it is not too much to understand but is absolutely amazing quality in the photos.

My parents bought this from argos in the sale, but I'm sure it will be available in a lot of places.

It has a 34x optical zoom and a flip out camera screen for easier access to awkward, hard to reach areas! It takes 4x AA batteries rather than a chargeable cable, and it comes with four initially to start with. It also comes with a strap and a lens cover, with a USB cable also. The flash is flip up.

We are so pleased with this present so thank you very very very much to our lovely Mum and Dad who bought us one each.

Comment below what you received this Christmas, as we said, we love to be nosey at other peoples presents for inspiration! Oh, and MERRY CHRISTMAAAAS!

Thanks for reading,

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