Christmas is coming!

Hello everyone!
So, now that it is officially December, it is safe to say that it is nearly Christmas! WOOO! I CANNOT CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT. On Sunday, we decided to decorate our house as a family for Christmas, including buying our tree from Morrisons. We always choose a real tree, they smell so so lovely and christmassy, ahhhh. Ours is 6ft and cost £45.00, we love it! It's the best one yet!
We have taken a few pictures to share with you of what some areas of our house now look. Enjoy!
This noel plaque we have hung onto our tree, and is so gorgeous and glittery. 
What would Christmas decorations be without a candle cottage?
This cute little nativity set we bought from avon a couple of years ago, and we always put it up even though we are not really religious. You can buy similar ones on ebay and if you are interested click here.
Of course, you have to listen to Christmas songs through Decemeber! Band aid 30 is our favourite at the moment. 
A nice little jar of candy canes is a great idea for guests to just take one whenever they like during the festive period. 

We hope you have liked looking a little bit into how we have decorated our house this year for Christmas, only 22 days now! WOOHOO!
Are you decorations up yet?

Thank you for reading, 


  1. Nice pictures girls! You're so lucky you can buy a real tree, it's too hot in Australia so all of ours are artificial. I love Christmas! :) xo
    -Lana (

    1. Thank you! I feel sorry for you, real trees are the best <3x

  2. Beautiful pictures. I'm SO excited for Christmas!

  3. Oh my gosh. This looks amazing! I love Christmas and I love the candy canes. Mind if I borrow the idea? xx

  4. Lovely post! c: x

  5. love all the pretty! yay for Christmas :) enter my giveaway! :)

  6. lovely blog Thanks for visiting following back

  7. Lovely post- really festive pictures xx