Bath items ~ What we got for Christmas 2014 #3. ♥

Hello everyone!

Today's 'what we got for Christmas' is all about bath items. We thought it would be best to do these together because there was A LOT. People know us well and know what to buy aha! This is going to be a loooooong post, prepare yourselves!

Not in all cases did we get one of these items each, some are one of ours and some are the other, but we thought for the sake of the post we would put them together. After all, it is a shared blog. 

First is of course Lush. Our big sister bought us both a 'Santa Claus' each (we think that is his name anyway) and luck has it that it is a Christmas item we haven't tried but really wanted to! Unfortunately we can't link this for you as because it is part of the Christmas range they are all gone, but he smells gorgeous and I cannot wait to try him. We might have an almighty Lush haul coming soon as they had a boxing day sale on, and we kinda went mad. 

Next is all items from part of the 'I love...♥' range. This range can generally be bought anywhere but mostly at Superdrug. We got the mini shower gels in a set with a variety of scents, some shown in the photos, and they all smell beautiful and cost only £4.00. (One blog owner bought this for the other so that's how we know the price). It is the perfect gift for someone who loves baths. 

(Raspberry and Blackberry is our favourite!)

We also received these exfoliating shower smoothies in three scents, 'Lemon and Lime', 'Blueberry smoothie' and 'Vanilla and ice cream'.  These are also heavily scented and are lovely! I used these tonight on my face and my skin is so soft! The scrub is not too harsh but is enough. 

Some of the range is available here.

Now, we have 'The Body Shop' items. We absolutely love the body shop but don't tend to go in there often, because there is never any body in there in our local store and it feels awkward. Do you get that or is it just us? We feel pressured to buy when alone in a shop, and we have to do the... wait for the Miranda Hart quote... SWEEP BROWSE. Only our best ones and Miranda fans will understand that so if you are not one of them then were sorry! (But watch it! Aha. You will be glued). I am sure not all Body Shop stores are the same, it is just that we live in quite a small town compared to the bigger cities.
It is also quite expensive, so we would only go there if we had Birthday/Christmas money to spend. Luckily, one of our friends and our parents are brave enough to enter the shop so we had some items for Christmas. Yayyy.
(We sound like wimps/crazy psychopaths now...)

We received the body shops 'Body butter' (Chocolate scent), a couple of the shower gels, toners and shampoos, all of which smell lovely! We would for sure recommend all of them! The body butter makes your skin so very soft. All items are available on the body shop  website or in stores. 

Finally, we had a bomb cosmetics set with six little chocolatey scented bath bombs. Our parents bought these so unfortunately don't know where they are from or how much they were, and feel rude asking, but I am sure they will be easy to find if you search on google or like wise. 

They also come in a cute little box with a ribbon so they look like actual chocolates...mmmmm.
I'm afraid we haven't had chance to try these yet to let you know how well they work as a bath bomb, but we can tell you that they smell delicious!

I know we spoke about this before, but just as a disclaimer, we are not bragging, we just love writing about things like this and want to show our appreciation as much as possible. I love to read posts about what people receive as it gives us gift ideas in the future, and I hope you do too!

Hope you liked our day three of 'What we got for Christmas'!

Thanks for reading, 

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