Melting snowman bath melt review♥

Hello everyone!

Today I have another review post for you, and I will be showing you the 'melting snowman' from lush. I used this tonight and when I got out of the bath my skin was so so soft, and the bathroom smelt gorgeous! 

(Apologies for the pink on his head, he doesn't come like that it is just that we have been storing it with other lush products ahaha).

The melting snowman is part of the lush autumn/winter 2014 range and it is so nice! If you prefer to have colourful, fun baths then this probably isn't for you, because it doesn't create a colour or bubbles in your bath, it just makes your skin super soft and it smells so relaxing. 
He is created with almond oils and cocoa butter, the reason he makes you so soft. 
I would definitely recommend buying this for days when you want a nice bath, but nothing over the top. 

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Natural drugstore eye makeup for autumn/winter

Hey everyone! How are you all doing?
Today we are wanting to share with you a makeup look we have been loving so much at the moment, and we just think it is perfect for this time of the year! It is a natural shimmery eye look, that I personally think would suit any skin type. We posted photos of this on our Instagram agesssss ago, so sorry if you are having to see them again! All the items listed below will be linked.

The products you will need are:
- A darker gold toned eyeshadow for the crease to middle of the eye, we used one from our sunkissed palette but I'm afraid I can't tell you the name because it doesn't say! I will find one online and link this to it, otherwise our sunkissed was from bodycare for £1.50, or you could even use the bronzer from the sleek contour palette. Sorryyyyy....

And this is your finished look! I love how the gold contrasts with my eye colour, so Christmassy and perfect! Of corse feel free to change around the products, I would love to hear any dupes if you any!
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Things we've been loving | Tanya Burr Nail Polish Riding Hood.

Hello everyone! 

A few minutes ago a blogging thought sprung to my mind, and that was that, every so often, we wrote a post on something we have been loving, sort of like a monthly favourites but instead not monthly, just whenever we feel there is something worth sharing with you. These posts will mainly be relatively short too. Ideally, we will probably just see how it goes and if you guys enjoy them we will continue with it!

Today we thought we would write a little to you about the 'Tanya Burr cosmetics Riding Hood' nail colour quickly, as it is too good not to show.

By the way, sorry about the picture qualities at the moment, we have been using just our phones and iPads, but we are getting a Nikon camera for Christmas which we are super excited about, so the quality will improve shortly. 

Just recently I have been glued to this nail varnish, it is just such a beautiful autumnal colour and lasts so well once on your nails. We bought ours from Superdrug for £5.99, slightly pricey for a drugstore nail paint but well worth it. 

You can also buy them from

The nail paint is so easy to apply with the cubed lid and has such a nice consistency to it, it's just PERFECT! It dries so quickly too, so if you are one of them people who is very impatient when it comes to letting your nail varnish dry, like I am, then this one is for certain for you!

Thank you for reading, 

Mini haul | Lush, Superdrug and Boots.

Hey everyone! 
Today we went to town and bought a few little things to get us in the christmas spirit, so we thought we would share them with you today. You probably know by now that we just love lush so much and I swear we need to go to some kind of lush rehab haha, so a lot of the things will be from there. I understand that some things can be a bit expensive, but never the less they are too good to walk away from.
Firstly is the luxury lush pud from lush. This was £3.50 and it just smells like christmas! When you drop this into the bath and watch it fizz into many different pastel colours, it gives out a lovely relaxing lavender scent. This one shares it's scent with the twilight bath bomb, which I personally haven't tried, but if it smells as good as this then it's definitely next on the agenda!
You can buy the 'Luxury Lush Pud' here and in Lush stores. 
Next, we have the Melting Snowman. He costs £2.25 from lush and is a beautiful Christmas bath melt. Inside is cocoa butter and almond oil, so he will leave your skin feeling as soft as ever. Besides how amazing he smells, he was just a must have before the Christmas stock goes again....JUST LOOK HOW CUTE! 
You can buy your own 'Melting Snowman' here or in Lush stores. 
The last thing we bought from lush was this candy mountain, and has to be my favourite lush product of all time! It was £2.75 (bargain) and this sweet treat will turn your water a bubbly pink shimmery colour. It smells of the classic christmas snow fairy shower gel. If you read our other Lush haul blog you would have seen that we bought the magic wand a few weeks ago, and this has the exact same scent but in bubble bar form. I have also got the rock star soap, and I think it would be amazing to use that in a bath using candy mountain; the smells are very similar yet the best ever! ("Sniff my candy mountain", if you know where that's from comment below and we will love you for it;P) Crumble under running water and enjoy a bath of  sheer joy! 
You can also buy this here or in Lush stores.
Then we popped into Superdrug, and as some of you may know, Ruth Crilly (A model Recommends on Youtube) has recently bought out a beautiful range of dry shampoo's. We will admit that we haven't really watched Ruth's youtube channel before, but we heard that this is a product that everyone has been adoring recently so had to try it, and we don't regret it! There are five scents altogether in the range, and can be bought in travel size or in large size. We opted for the Paris Floral fragrance in the bigger size, and it works so amazingly well. It cost £2.32 on offer, sooooo cheap for what it is! It smells gorgeous too! We will definitely be repurchasing and subscribing to Ruth to check out her channel!
You can buy any of Ruth's colab range here (Superdrug online) or here ( or in Superdrug stores. There is currently an offer on in Superdrug, so get your hands on them fast! 
Our next Superdrug product we have wanted for so so long now, and it is the Zoella beauty creamy madly dreamy body lotion. We purchased the candle, soak opera, and the body mist a while back, and have loved using them so much! All the products from Zoe's range smell the same, and I have to say, well done to Zoe for picking out such a great, unique scent! It is something I have never really smelt before in any products, and it really does work well! This cream cost us £5.00, and again, worth the money. Zoe has a youtube  channel too (happy #SUGGSUNDAY!) and a blog, both of which we love, and inspire us on this one. 
You can buy this here (Superdrug Online), in superdrug stores or here ( 

Finally, we went to boots. We have had the maybelline 24 hour colour tattoo in the shade 'On-And-On-Bronze' for a while and we love it, so decided to buy a different shade. This is 'Permanent Taupe' and in my opinion, is a perfect autumn shade. It costs £4.99 and is a great drugstore dupe for the mac paint pots. We will be using this more as an eye shadow base, rather than a shadow, because it is really natural looking. It is really high pigmented, meaning that you don't need to use much of it, so will last a long time. 
You can buy your own here or in boots stores.  

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Day 1 | Car journey and arriving in Llandudno.

Hey everyone! 

So, if you follow our Instagram you will know that in the October half term we went on a short holiday to Wales. We thought it might be nice to share a few of the photos from our time there. We were there for three days, so we thought we would split the day up into three separate posts for you. Day two and three will come shortly. 

We have visited Llandudno with our family for so many years now, and I would without a doubt say that it is one of our favourite places to be. 
On the way there, we stopped off at our favourite ice cream parlour in the world, Snugburys! 
We would reccommend all of the toffee ones, they're very nice...hehehe. 


We then stopped off at Colwyn Bay, a nice little beachy area around 10-15 minutes away from where we stay in Llandudno. 

Outfit ~ 
Converse shoes -
Leggings - Matalan
Jumper - Newlook
Top - Stall in Covent Garden, London

We then arrived after a 3 hour car journey, before checking in our hotel. We took a nice little beach walk, as our hotel was right on the sea front.

We collected our stones for our memory jars! We wrote a blog post on them a while ago if your not familiar with what we mean, go check it out!:)

We then went out for dinner at a pub near to the hotel before going back there to sleep. 

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