Autumn Arrival.

Hiya everyone!
Autumn is one of our favorite times of year, it's just so cozy and lovely, and it means Halloween and Christmas are near! Now that it is officially getting colder, and November is near, it is safe to say that it has arrived, whoop whoop! 
Autumn is the perfect time of year to wrap up warm and go on nice walks with your family. We did this last week and took a few pictures to share with you today. 

 Credit to our best friend, Lauren, for taking this picture. 

Stepping in crunchy leaves..ahhhhh. 

Another thing that we love about autumn is the colder, darker nights, lush baths and candles. Just recently, we've been having a lush bath nice and early, and settling down with the chocolate fondue set and marshmallows, with a beautiful candle on. Perrrrfectttt.

Granny takes a dip ~ Lush ~ £3.35.

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Tanya Burr cosmetics~ 3 favourite lips glosses.

Hey everyone! 

Today we have a long over due blog post for you, and we think it is one your going to
love! If you follow our Twitter or Instagram, you will know that we absolutely adore youtubers and they inspire us so much to be where we want to be. When we found out back in January that Tanya Burr was having a beauty range we just couldn't contain our excitement and of course splashed out on some of the must haves that she stocked. Since then, she has recently brought out some eyelashes that, of course, we can't wait to try out either. We just think that all of her products are so amazing yet not over priced, and the packaging is gorgeous! Here I have tested each lipgloss on my hand to show you the kind of colours...
1)Champagne toast.
3)Picnic in the park. 
 So, better late than never, here are our 3 favourite Tanya Burr cosmetics lipgloss! Hope you enjoy...
First, we have picnic in the park. This is a gorgeous pink shade and just adds a bit of glossy colour to your lips. All of Tanya's lip products smell absolutely amazing too, this one I think smells like strawberries and is perfect for the summer months. 
Secondly is chic. This was our first lipgloss purchase and I understand why! This one is a glossy nude colour and I particularly love it for this time of the year. 
Last but not least is champagne toast, again quite a nude, glossy colour, but this time a bit more transparent and even has a slight hint of glittery goodness too. 
All of Tanya's lipglosses are so pigmented and smell so goooooddddd! They last so long and are perfect. Tanya is such and inspiration to us and I am so proud of her for bringing out such amazing products! We also have some of her nail polishes, so if you'd like us to review them, let us know! Tanya, if we're lucky enough for you to see this, we love you lots and we are so proud of you. 
Tanya's links - 
You can purchase Tanya's products on Feel unique and Superdrug
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♥ Autumn/Winter 2014 Lush Favourites. ♥

Hello Everyone!
So, Lush have their Autumn/Winter range out with all the Christmas/Halloween/Bonfire night things, so we had to go in! Here are a few of our favourites from lush that we picked up today, with a few other things that we can't resist showing you. 

Basket ~ £2.00 ~ Tiger.

MUA Cream Blush In Yummy ~ £2.00 ~ Superdrug
 Zoella Beauty Let Glow Candle ~ £5.00 ~ Superdrug
Red Christmas Candle ~ £0.80 ~ Primark. 
 Magic Wand ~ £5.25 ~ Lush
 Dashing Santa ~ £2.95 ~ Lush
 The Christmas hedgehog ~ £3.25 ~ Lush
YogNog soap ~ £3.40 for 100g ~ Lush
Snow angel ~ £3.95 ~ Lush

As we said. we absolutely LOVEEE all the things we bought and can't wait to use them! They all smell amazing but yog nog and the magic wand have to be our favourite scents, especially for this time of the year! The magic wand smells like snow fairy too, but isn't too over powering which we like. 
Thanks for reading guys, hope we gave you a bit of inspiration on what to buy at this time of the year! And thanks to my best friends for an amazing day, love you lots!:)