DIY Memories in a Jar.

Hiya everyone!
We have just got back from a holiday in Wales this week, and had an idea whilst we were there about something we could make as a personal souvenir from the holiday. This was, for every beach we visited, we would collect a stone, to put in a decorated 'Kilner Jar' in our bedrooms, so that we would have some thing from the beach forever as a memory. On the stones we would write the beach it was from, and the date, and store in the jar. Every holiday we go on, we can add to the jar. 
You will need - 
~ A kilner jar, or any other glass jar like it. We got ours from Wilko's for £3.50.
~ Some acrylic paint, to write on the stones. 
~ Some sticky adhesive dots, ours are from 'Craft Central'.
~ Something to decorate your jar with, we bought some small bows, and some butterflies, again from Craft Central, for the rim of the jar, and some craft tags, to write what is inside. 
~ Paint brushes.
~ Stones/Pebbles from your selected beach.
~ And some sand, as decoration around the bottom of the jar. 
The first step we did, was remove the seal and all card/paper from the Kilner Jar, so it is empty, and added sand.
We then needed to paint our stones, with where we collected it from. We used either black or white acrylic, depending on the colour of the stone in the first place.
Whilst these are drying, we decorated the jar with the bows. 

We then wrote on our craft tags. Ours says "A jar of memories♥". 

And you will now have a your "jar of memories!" Can we just give credit to Niomi Smart ( for her "decorating glass jars" video on youtube, as this is where we got our inspiration from:) She decided to display food in her jars as they have recently moved out, but we thought we would change it around a bit and decided on this! Thanks so much for reading, we would love to see yours, tag us on instagram @livelaughlovee_x or twitter @FloralAndCoral if you decide to make this!
Thank you so much for reading, 

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