Lush Favorites.

Hiya Everyone!
So, yesterday we went into Lush and bought some things that we would like to share with you today. Lush is just one of our most favorite shops EVER, and the products are perfect if you want to relax after a long tiring day, or if you just fancy a pamper night with friends. Lush also never uses animal testing on their products, which is important to us.
So, the first product we bought was the charity pot. We picked up the smaller 10g trial pot of this, to see what it was like, and we love it! We are going on holiday soon, so with this being so small, it is a perfect travel size. It is a hand and body lotion, and we use these very often as we get dry skin a lot, and this one really works.100% of the money raised from these go to charities that Lush work with. We will be purchasing the larger version in the future.
Chairty pot ~ Lush
10g trial pot ~ £1.00
95g ~ £6.95
240g ~ £12.95
We also bought the Popcorn lip scrub. This is perfect to moisturise your lips if your prone to chapped lips. Just rub onto your lips and then lick off, as it is edible. You can also buy this in Bubble Gum and Mint Julips flavour.
Popcorn Lip scrub ~ Lush
25g ~ £5.50
Just in case you were wondering, I am wearing "Little Duck" on my nails from the Tanya Burr lips and nails range. You can buy these from Superdrug for £5.99, which is a bargain as it is very long lasting, and a perfect colour for the summer.
"Little Duck" ~ Superdrug
Tanya also writes a blog that we love to read on a daily basis, and has a Youtube channel that we love to watch, so be sure to check them out.
Tanya's Blog ~
Tanya's Youtube ~
Granny Takes a dip is another item we bought. This is a bath bomb, and turns your bath water such a lovely bright colour. It also makes your skin feel so soft. It smells a lovely Lemony/Gingery smell and we will be buying again!
Granny takes a dip ~ Lush
£3.25 each.
The next item probably has to be one of our favourites ever! It is the Comforter, a fruity smelling bubble bar. It can be used several times, and creates bubbles in your bath. Just crumble a small amount of the bubble bar under your running tap to use, and it will give your bath some lovely berry scents.
The comforter ~ Lush
£4.50 each.
This next one also has to be an absolute favorite of ours too. This is the Pop in the bath bubble bar, and costs £2.95, which in my opinion is amazingly cheap for the quality! It gives out a lovely citrus scent, and is amazing when you just want to have a nice relaxing bath after a long day. You can buy these in a variety of different colours, but they all smell the same and I thought this was the nicest! Just the name is even amazing in our opinion;)
Pop in the bath ~ Lush
£2.95 each.
This next one is a vanilla smelling bath bomb, called butterball. This was every cheap and affordable too, at only £2.50 each! The brown bits on this product are tiny little cocoa butter pieces to make your skin look and feel so soft. A customer in the shop actually recommended this to us, and I am so glad I bought this now. I will probably use this tonight as it is so amazing. The little cocoa butter pieces melt in your bath, which we also think will just be amazing to watch;) (I know how childish we are;P)
Butterball ~ Lush
£2.50 each.
Another product we bought was phoenix rising. This one is a bath bomb, that smells slightly like cinnamon. This is the first time we have ever bought this product, so we haven't used it yet, but we wanted to try it out as a lot of people say how good it is. 
Phoenix Rising ~ Lush
£3.25 each.
That's it for today guys, we hope that you have enjoyed this blog post. 
We wish all of you a great summer holiday!
Thank you for reading,

Getting Started.

Hiya Everyone!
We are twins who have been running an Instagram fashion account for about a year now, and have been considering starting a blog for a while. We very much enjoy the art of taking photos and publishing them for you guys to enjoy. On here, we will be posting frequently a variety of different things, from recipes to cute crafty ideas, or even just cute little fashion pics for you to look through. Please feel free to give us ideas of what you would like to see through our email address ~ or our Instagram ~
We really do hope you guys will all love what we post and that you get just as involved as us. We'd love to hear your opinions to help us grow bigger.
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