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Ditch the face wipes with Magnitone London's Wipeout Cloths

Face wipes, and wet wipes in general, have a huge impact on the environment due to being non bio-degradable, so every time you remove your makeup with one, you are adding to the environmental impact that they have. Until we were contacted by PR to explain these Magnitone London Wipeout Cloths and their purpose and function, this was never something that I ever considered, even though it is actually a big problem. 

The Magnitone Wipeout cloths are very similar to the Makeup Eraser, which I believe was the first product of it's kind, and aims to remove makeup with water alone. Other companies which have duped this concept include Makeup Revolution and Primark, though there are now numerous versions of these on the shelves. 

In the box you receive two pink microfibre cloths which have 'grab and hold microfibres' to remove makeup gently and with water alone, avoiding adding to landfill and preventing any nasty chemicals from face wipes getting onto your skin. 

All you need to do is add warm water to the cloth and wipe it over the skin to remove all makeup, and then wash at 30 degrees to not harm the fibres and ensure it can be used again. 

I must admit, I was skeptical about these. I have always been a micellar water lover and really enjoy how easy they are to use, but I genuinely think I have been converted! This removed ALL of my makeup with just water (is this wizardry??) and made my skin feel so incredibly soft to touch. As a wipe replacement, I cannot recommend enough, specifically when taking into account the environmental impact of face wipes. I will admit that I would still cleanse after this, but that isn't because I don't feel clean, just because that is part of my skincare routine anyway. 

As I have mentioned, other brands have released similar products, but I can't comment on the performance of these compared to Magnitone prices etc as I haven't tried them. All that I can say is that I love these to pieces and will for sure be using them on the daily!! Also, you get two cloths here for 15 pounds, the same price as the eraser which only gives you one, and if you consider that you need to wash them you do need two really. If you think how many 1000s of times you can wash this, compared to how much you would spend on face wipes a year, it seems a win win.

Thank you so much to FuelPR for sending us these to try, and for opening us up to the world of water based makeup removal.

Have you tried these or any from other brands? What were your thoughts? Let us know x 

Natasha and Emily x 

The two £4 autumnal steals from Makeup Revolution

After a really long, extended summer in the UK autumn has finally arrived, and I for one couldn't be happier. Autumn is the season for all the warm tones and greens, so when I saw both of these palettes in Superdrug for just £4, from my favourite brand, I was sold. The Makeup Revolution Reloaded palettes in 'Iconic Division' and 'Newtrals 2' are the perfect Autumn pair, and provide all you need for the upcoming season. They are even 3 for 2 in Superdrug at the moment, so you could get three of the Reloaded palettes for just £8!

Iconic Division:
This palette reminds me a lot of the colour scheme of the ABH Subculture palette, with a mixture of mainly yellows and greens, but is a fraction of the price. If I have counted correctly, there are 12 mattes and 3 shimmers that all make up the perfect autumn shades. Khaki and burgundy...yes please. 

Swatches: From left to right is from top to bottom. 

This one contains 4 shimmers and 11 mattes, and is the perfect warm toned palette. There's nothing better than a good red/brown eye in Autumn, is there? 

Swatches: From left to right is from top to bottom. 

Though some of the mattes can be a little chalky to swatch, on the eyes they have incredible pigmentation for a £4 palette as you can see on the eye look from the 'Iconic Division' palette, and the shimmers cannot be faulted. They are so beautifully pigmented and blend so gorgeously. 

Have you tried these? What are your favourite Autumn palettes? Let us know x 

Natasha & Emily x

Making changes

If you are followers of us you will have noticed that yesterday we changed our blog name. Let us explain...

When we were 14 we started this blog, and decided to call it FloralsAndCoralsx, with the URL At this time, we were solely beauty bloggers who shared nothing about ourselves, not even our names, and just wanted to talk about our new Lush bath bomb etc etc...trying to take nice pictures even though even that was questionable! We  found it so important that no body found out about our blog whilst we were at school due to the fear of a lack of acceptance, which is why we kept ourselves so concealed. Of course, to grow as a blogger and maintain a following that actually enjoys your content you need to be more personal, and actually give readers an insight into who you are, other wise it is pointless as people, quite rightly, just don't enjoy that content.

Since then, as we have grown both as bloggers and as people, and have decided that we need to be more personal over here. Therefore, we changed our name to 'Twice the Talk', as we are twins, which is so much better than FloralsAndCoralsx which had no meaning behind it at all. We also plan on showing more of us since leaving school, as hopefully any judgement will now be avoided. Hopefully, outfit pictures and more pictures of our day to day student lives will now begin to be shown. Along with changing the blog name we have also changed our social medias to this name too, and we can now be found as @twicethetalkblog on Instagram and @twicethetalk on Twitter. 

We also purchased a domain name when we changed to 'Twice the Talk', meaning we have ditched the and are now just, which is so much more professional and is definitely a step in the right direction. 

We will still of course post about makeup and reviews etc, we just hope to change how open we are about ourselves. At the end of the day, blogging is a really amazing thing to do and is something that we should be excited about, rather than shy away from.

Thank you so much to anyone who reads our posts and we hope you like our new name! We can't wait for the future! 

Natasha & Emily x 

My new found love for Bilou products

Everytime I see a blogger mention a Bilou product I always comment something along the lines of "oooh I would love to try those, the concept intrigues me" or "these look amazing" etc etc..but until now I haven't purchased any. I'm not quite fully sure why I haven't, but my low maintenance attitude for things like shower gels and creams probably explains it; I usually just buy whatever shower gel is on offer at the time for £1 in the supermarkets. However, August's Birchbox contained a 'Rituals'  shower foam which I fell in love with this month, but with a hefty price tag I decided to look at other cheaper alternatives, such as Bilou, a well loved German brand among the blogger community. 

I ordered the Tasty Donut Creamy shower foam (200ml for £3.99) and the Cotton Candy Gentle Cream foam (150ml for £3.99), so that I had the opportunity to trial both a cream and a shower gel. 

As the names suggest, both leave the aerosol can with a foamy consistency, which can be rubbed into the skin.

I absolutely love both of these, and it is safe to say that I won't be going back to regular products for a while. As it is a foam, the cream literally sinks in immediately and therefore doesn't leave a sticky residue feeling which a lot of other creams leave behind. This is really appealing to me, since I literally avoid moisturizing for that reason! I absolutely hate being sticky from creams haha. It also has a gorgeous scent which can be detected after application, meaning that it leaves you smelling good too. I even asked my Mum to try it and she said "oohh..even I could write a review on that!!" haha, so I think it had her seal of approval too. 

The shower foam is the same, with the smell lingering even after showering which I find to be rare. The foam also means that it leaves you feeling more refreshed than a regular shower gel, and means that it can double up as a shaving foam. Win win.  

Overall, I am over the moon with the performance of both of these and I have no idea why it took me so long to try them. The only dig I have is that there are only two creamy foams available in the UK, Cotton Candy and Fizzy Berry, and my new found obsession means that I would have loved to have tried other scents too. That being said, the ones that are available are divine too so I can't complain too much.

Have you tried any of these? What did you think? Let me know!

Natasha x 

Collaboration with Believe In Bumble || 10 Ways I Cheer Myself Up

Hey everyone! 
Those of you that follow us on Twitter  may have seen us tweet a couple of weeks ago asking for new bloggers to collaborate with as part of a new monthly series of collab posts we are doing on our blog. This entails us writing for a blogger and them writing for us, sharing new bloggers with each of our audiences and giving us new suggestions of blogs to follow. This month we have collaborated with the wonderful Emma from Believe In Bumble, and her post for us follows. Hope you enjoy and chose to check our Emma's wonderful blog
Natasha&Emily x 

I'm Emma from the blog Believe in Bumble. I am a 22-year-old from London who blogs about days out, book reviews, product reviews, advice and whatever else takes my fancy! My aim is to have a blog filled with what makes me happy both the small and the big things. Not only to remind me to appreciate the positives in life but hopefully, put a smile on the faces of those who read my blog. I hope you will come over and visit.

As we all do I have great days and sometimes rough days. To help you to get through the rough days here are my top 10 ways I cheer myself up. Think of these tips as plasters helping to protect a healing cut. What I mean by that is they are a short-term fix, they make me feel better, so I can keep going when I have plans for the day. The best way to make yourself feel better in the long term is to talk to somebody about how you are feeling, whether that is a friend, family or counsellor.

Here we go 10 simple ways I cheer myself up;

1.Listen to funny podcasts. (See my post discussing my favourite podcasts here)

2.Watch stand-up comedy (I would recommend: Nanette by Hannah Gadsby (on Netflix) or Thoroughly Millican by Sarah Millican)

3.Write down how you are feeling. I find just getting the feelings and thoughts out of my head can be a huge release. Sometimes I read it and it is almost like reading someone else's thoughts, which allows me to be more rational. 

4.Focus on what you are grateful for. Whether that's a cup of tea or a recent holiday. For me, I remind myself that going to work is a privilege. I get to go to work rather than I must go to work.

5.Give yourself something to look forward to that day no matter how small. For me, that's usually a yummy meal or for a really bad day a tub of ice cream!

6.Make the effort to chat to people. It is easy, at least for me, to retreat into myself but chatting with people even just small talk does help. It prevents me from feeling like I'm trapped in a bubble and allows me to connect to the "real" world.

7.Watch my favourite YouTubers. (I would recommend Louise Pentland, Emily Norris, Melanie Murphy and Jessie B.). There is something so refreshing about seeing people live their everyday lives, discussing a topic that is important to them or simply just showing their latest shopping haul. It feels closer to reality than what you see on TV.

8.Wear something that makes you feel nice. Whether that a dress or tracksuit, whatever makes you feel your best you. For me, taking pride in my appearance allows me to put my best foot forward for the rest of the day.

9.Set yourself small goals for the day. This could be as small as tidy my wardrobe or go out for a walk, or on a really bad day just getting out of bed. Setting and accomplishing a goal feels great and often snowballs into achieving more!

10.Get an early night and remember that tomorrow is a new day and so approach it as a clean slate.

I hope this was helpful for you. How do you cheer yourself up? Leave your suggestions in the comment section below.

Thank you, Natasha and Emily, for letting me publish a guest post on your beautiful blog. Don’t forget to check out their blog post on Augusts Birchbox over on my blog [LINK].

E. x


One for the Potterheads...Our trip to London for Harry Potter & the Cursed Child

If you are massive Potterheads like us you will probably know that, in 2016, the West End began showing the Cursed Child at the Palace Theatre in London. Ever since we have been SUPER eager to go but getting tickets is like hunting for gold dust, meaning it took two years to finally get there. On Wednesday and Thursday last week us and a friend spent the night in London where we got to see the show, which was definitely one of the best experiences we have had in a while. 

Palace Theatre = AKA actual Hogwarts 

The show is made up of two parts lasting just over 2.5 hours each, meaning that it is pretty long. Before we saw it we were a bit concerned that we would be bored over all that time, but it went so quickly because the story is so amazing and gripping. In fact, it could easily be twice as long and I would still love it haha! Without giving spoilers, the play follows Draco's child, Scorpious Malfoy, Harry & Ginny's child Albus, and Hermione & Ron's child Rose on their Hogwarts journey, of course tackling many obstacles along the way. What was really stricking was the magic that they used...I GENUINELY do not know how half of it was performed, and there was even dementors which looked so realistic and really struck me. This gal was SHOOK. 

All of the actors were incredible too, and credit to them for learning 5 hours worth of lines and not messing up at all. I genuinely do not know how they do it. We also later found our that Tom Felton was there on the same day...low key mad that we didn't see him or have any idea that he was there but ahhhh well. 

We don't look half as excited as we were haha. 

Those eagle eyed among you might have seen this Paperchase card on our Insta story...I do love a pun. 

If you love Harry Potter and you get an opportunity, I would really recommend going. It was such an incredible experience and I would even go again given the chance! 

Have you seen or read the Cursed Child? Would you be interested in going? Let us know x 

Natasha & Emily x 

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection

Usually we are really bad at jumping onto trends as they are happening, and end up reviewing products months after the hype is over with; but, loving Morphe as a brand, this collection did not seem like one we wanted to miss. After receiving our A-Level results on Thursday we decided that we were allowed to treat ourselves too, and so ordered two of the new Jaclyn Hill Morphe palettes, in 'Ring the Alarm' and 'Bling Boss'. (We also "used code JAMES for 10% off", making them only £13.50 each - thanks James Charles for that sister saving.) Morphe now also have a UK website, making it easier for us to get our hands on these as we don't have to wait for BeautyBay to release them. 

Ring the Alarm: £15
Typically for us, we just had to order the palette with the warm toned colour scheme. Reds and golds are our absolute favourite shades, as they can be worn causally or when going out, making them so versatile. This palette from the vault contains 5 mattes and 5 shimmers which are GORGEOUS, and as always for morphe, are really easily blendable and really pigmented. I can definitely see me wearing this everyday in the autumn. Emily didn't even want to wipe the swatches off because they are just TOO BEAUTIFUL. 

Left to right - Lolly, Rush, On Camera, Boom, Alert, Bomb Ass, Siren, Mugshot, Framed, Secret.

Bling boss: £15
I won't lie, this is definitely a more different choice for us, but one that we will still definitely use loads. What I love about this one is that there is a range of warm and cool toned shades, which also compliment those in 'Ring the Alarm' really well. This one has 6 shimmers and 4 mattes, which are again ultra pigmented and blendable. Again, we are really happy with this purchase.

Left to right - Bling Bling, Hush Hush, Gem, Pizzazz, Mystic, Sparks, Glitz & Glam, Rockstar, Blassy, Berry Treasure.

The packaging of the vault is also so stunning, and I love that each palette has the general colour scheme embossed on the front with the silver, meaning that you know which one you are picking up easily. I know that sounds really lazy, but it is definitely a clever idea that I haven't seen anyone else mention! Of course, the addition of a mirror is also great, as morphe palettes typically don't have one and for me having one is essential, especially for travel. 

Overall, these palettes are incredible, and Jaclyn has done an amazing job! I also love that they are so affordable; of course, there are cheaper on the market and I would personally class these as mid range, but for the quality you cannot fault it. Especially as buying the whole vault is only £49 pounds for 4 palettes, giving an £11 saving. The only reason we didn't get the whole vault is because we felt we probably wouldn't use the shades of the other two very often, but if you are into those shades I can definitely recommend them! I think they would especially be amazing on green eyes.

Overall, we are really pleased with our purchase and can't wait to start playing with these more. 

Have you tried these yet? Or have you got any other amazing Morphe palettes? Let us know! 

Natasha & Emily x